The 5 People You’ll Meet at the Casino

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1. Dressed up Disaster

Maybe it’s their first time at the casino. Maybe they hit a jackpot and wanted to make the

moment last. There are plenty of explanations for this casino phenomenon, but when someone

parades around the casino in orange velvet juggling black and purple chips, you never know

whether to be happy or sad for them.

2. Math Head

A calm and clean individual, this person could stand in for a cyborg in a movie or maybe even

voice the directions in a GPS. They may have done well in high school, right up until their 18th

birthday when a more profitable opportunity came around. Though not immune to loss-chasing

or competitive ploys, this is the person to go to for blackjack advice.

3. Good Luck Dealer

Like the designated driver at a rave, this is someone who hangs out with gamblers rather than

doing any of the gambling. They may hang around a gambler, offering free luck in return for

company. Young, attractive women fit the bill perfectly, since casino tradition insists that beauty

and luck walk hand in hand. There is a lot of variety going on behind the scenes. Some are

looking for a date and a place to spend the night. Some are just being friendly. Many, many,

many of them are escorts.

4. Penny-Dropper

Some people watch Netflix all evening until it’s time for bed. Some get a drink with friends.

Some golf. Others take their spending money to the casino. Many go for years satisfied with the

penny slots, spinning their time away. Casual, routine gamblers are some of the nicest, most

even-tempered people you will ever meet.

5. Stool-Squatter

There is law in America that if someone occupies a house for long enough, they become a legal

resident and cannot be kicked out. Some individuals believe the same law goes for slot machines.

People have been harassed, even assaulted, for taking someone else’s spot at a gambling

machine. People have been thrown out and banned for doing it. Don’t be this person.


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4 High-Stakes Casino Bets that May Change Your Life

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Everyone talks about the house edge and safe bets and near-50-50 splits, but is that really what

gambling is all about? Not one lick. These may be risky moves, but the reward is astounding. If

you are ready to dream, take a look at what these choices have to offer.

1. Picking a Number in Roulette

Betting on a single number at the roulette table is called a straight-up, and it is straight-up the

most profitable win in the game. What’s more, there is a miniscule difference between the

chances of winning and the payoff that comes from it. If you placed a $100 chip on the roulette

board and won the very first time, you would walk away with thousands of dollars. Not a

thousand; thousands.

2. Going Joker in Big Six

True, winning is unlikely, but the larger the bet, the larger the prize. The Joker payout is 40 to 1,

making it even more profitable than winning a straight-up in roulette. The odds, on the other

hand, are 54 to 1, meaning your chances of success are going to be higher in roulette even if the

winnings won’t be quite as sweet.

3. Spinning a Slot Machine

Some have a fixed jackpot, others let the money stockpile and stockpile until it explodes with

cash. (Not actually cash, though. Printed vouchers have been standard since the 90s.) Either way,

winning the jackpot means a lot of money. Since the odds of winning each spin never changes,

go for the machine with the biggest payoff. This may work a little differently at online casinos,

so just pick your favorite.

4. Going Big on 50/50

There is a rumor that gets passed around about a man who bet everything and won. This rumor is

true, and his name is Ashley Revell. Playing his part in a reality TV show, he sold everything he

had from his books to his clothes, then put all the money together to come up with $135,300. He

then stepped up to the roulette table and bet on red. Lucky for him, he won. Following in his

footsteps exactly is…a little much, but following the spirit of the story is different.

Does this mean we should make huge, risky bets all the time? Well, no. But does it hurt to make

a bet that’s “wasteful” or “unwise” every now and then? It makes sense to put in a little extra

grease in hopes of real cash.


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3 Gambling Games Where the House Edge can be Defeated

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Believe it or not, despite what everyone says, there are real ways of overcoming the house edge.

It is just a matter of choosing the right game. These are not the typical games that can be found

in the casino, and for good reason. After all, casinos prefer when they can hold a profit. These

games might take a little looking around for, but once that step is over with, it is only a matter of

honing the technique.

1. The Cup Game

A seemingly simple game that used to be common at street fairs, the cup game relies of on the

belief that the body can move faster than the eyes can see. A vendor has three cups and a ball.

They hide the ball under one of the cups then switch the cups around and around, then have the

player guess where the ball ended up. To the naked eye, the cups moving around looks like a

blur, but the technique can be perfected. Additionally, the vendor may use sleight of hand to let

the ball slip between two cups, or between the cup and their own hand. It is best to avoid vendors

capable of this, but even tricks like that can be picked up on and worked around, so long as there

is still a ball under one of the cups when it is time to guess. In other words, so long as the vendor

isn’t outright cheating, this game can be mastered and the house edge overcome.

2. Weight Loss Competitions

This type of gambling game is substantially easier to win, but it may not be viable for everyone.

Looking for a sense of competition to motivate them, numerous individuals and later companies

had the idea to create weight-loss challenges. Numerous people place their bets with the goal of

losing a certain number of pounds, or the most pounds. Then the winners go home with cash and

the losers lose only what they bet. With the right motivation and circumstances, it is possible to

go into these competitions with almost complete certainty of winning. It is a good idea to seek

out competitions that require a certain amount of pounds lost and have multiple winners for the

greatest chance of victory.

3. Making Bets

Everyone has their own skills, and each of these skills can be improved. When you make a bet of

your own, you set the terms of the game. Someone may bet on who can do the most push-ups,

who can hold their breath the longest, or anything else under the sun. It is just a matter of getting

someone else to agree to the bet and then winning.

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iPhone Online Casino Users, it’s Time to Switch to Android

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Everything seemed great for the iPhone just months ago, but its time in the spotlight may be

coming to an end. It may be time to stop investing time and money into iPhone gambling games,

and move on to something more sturdy.

The reason may be hard to believe. Early this September, iPhone users were clambering over

each other to attain the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The brand new iPhone 6S Plus was unveiled

with an unprecedented 5.5″ screen, dimensions unseen in the 21st century.

Cell phones had been shrinking since their creation in 1973. Once phones finally fit comfortably

in the pocket, designers had nowhere to go but up. Now the latest phones are built for purses and

cargo pants. Asus coined the name “FonePad,” which aptly describes their 8″ monstrosities. It

didn’t matter to the public, however. Once the iPhone 6S Plus came out, there was nothing

stopping them from purchasing what was (at the time) the one smart phone with the largest

screen in the world.

An iPhone bent. Possibly only a single iPhone, possibly only once, possibly by no fault of the

manufacturer, an iPhone bent and the internet had a field day. A “bend test” YouTube video

went viral and attracted almost five million viewers in a single day.

When disaster struck, Apple set up a breakability test and found the new 6S Plus was even

sturdier than the 5S. Even Snopes took Apple’s side, but users continued to insist that the phones

were bending in their front pockets due to the phone’s elasticity and enormous size.

In the end, it was the so-called “bendgate” or “bendghazi” that drove once-devoted iPhone users

away. iPhone sales fell 1.5 million units below expectations last quarter, and are expected to

slump in this current quarter. Not only are iPhone sales dropping but Mac and tablet sales are

falling as well. The once beloved iPhone’s image is dwindling, and it is all because the creators

dreamed too big and reached too far.

If you are considering buying a new iPhone or making any large in-app purchases, this may be

the time to consider other options. Luckily, online casinos with an iPhone app almost always

have a matching one on the Android, and the switch will be a smooth if potentially painful one.

Unless Apple truly blows our minds away with the iPhone 7, the corporate giant may be making

room for new phones to step in.

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The Ticket to Winning the Lottery

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Do you think there is no way to improve your chances at winning the lottery? Think again.

Master these five tips and make the most of your Powerball numbers or any other lottery tickets.

This information comes from a self-made lottery expert who went from stumbling around in the

dark to winning seven grand prizes.

1. Don’t rely on quick picks.

Quick picks are numbers generated at random by a computer. Each one has an equal chance of

winning, aka next to none. There is one benefit to quick picks: since the numbers are picked by a

computer, they are more likely to be spread out, making a winning ticket more likely. However,

the same effect can be achieved by purposefully spreading out the numbers.

2. Forget about birthdays.

The problem with focusing on birthdays that it restricts the spread of numbers when the goal is to

spread out the numbers as much as possible. Since there are only 12 months in a year and as

many as 31 days in a month, the numbers cap at 12 and 31, leaving out most of the possibilities.

If the winning number is 81, for example, it will never be guessed through the month or day of

someone’s birthday. Instead, the goal is to spread out the guesses as much as possible using high

and low numbers.

3. Avoid trends.

Another reason to avoid birthdays and other trends: everyone is doing it. That means that if one

person wins with these numbers, someone else will, too. No one wants to share their winnings

with a stranger, so keep the numbers spread out.

4. Spread out the numbers.

It may be true that every number has the same chance of being drawn, but that doesn’t mean

using the same number over and over on a lottery ticket. After all, when is the last time the

winning numbers were 5-5-5-5-5-5-5? You may choose to use the same numbers on different

tickets, but make sure they are in different positions.

5. Keep a budget.

The more tickets you buy, the greater the chance of winning, but don’t count on winning every

time. In a game of chance, winning is never a guarantee, so always, always stay within your

means. In fact, plan to lose everything, and be pleasantly surprised when you win. Isn’t that what

gambling is all about?

Killer Video Poker Strategy

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How to make your video poker gameplay shine. These video poker tips are designed for Jacks or

Better video poker machines which have the most common set of rules. Here is the simplest,

easiest way to win at video poker, with simple rules that are easy to remember and keep track of.

Just in case, there are helpful tips to remember each rule. Use these rules at the online casino or

out in the field.

Keep these:

Royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, three of a kind, two pair.

Always discard the cards you don’t need to complete these combinations, but don’t sacrifice

what you have to get something better. Unlesss…

When you have 4 cards to a royal flush, it is okay to break up a straight or less valuable


Reason: The prize is worth the risk.

How to remember: You only need 4 wheels to have a Ferrari.

When you have four cards to a royal flush or straight flush, it’s okay to break up any pair of

cards, even face cards.

Reason: These combinations are worth much more than the others. Don’t do the same for an

ordinary flush.

How to remember: It’s better to have the complete series than two of the same book.

If you have a low pair and a face card, discard everything but the low pair in hopes of getting a

three of a kind.

Reason: Face cards may be enough to break even, but a 2 pair or 3 of a kind will turn a profit.

How to remember: 2 is better than 1.

If you have 4 to a straight, but the missing card is in the middle, don’t go after the straight.

Instead, focus on other possibilities. The exception is if at least 3 of the cards you have are face


Reason: When all 4 cards are together, drawing one card lower or higher than the others will

result in a straight.

How to remember: Don’t bother mending pants with a hole in the middle. Unless they’re very

nice pants.

See? That’s not so difficult to remember. Once you have the fundamentals down, there is always

room for improvement, but most of it involves looking over a chart that a mathematician made

following their directions. These simple rules are a way to win independently, without consulting

the charts in the middle of a game.


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How to Gamble like an Ancient Roman

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It’s funny how much effect technology has had on the gambling world. No matter how much

wealth and free time a civilization has, it takes more than just that to attain the level of casino

gameplay that we have today. In ancient Rome, there were no playing cards and dice were made

of rough, uneven bones, but that didn’t stop people from playing. In fact, gambling was illegal

outside of public events, but that didn’t stop people from playing, either. With subtlety being

important and also with a considerable lack of roulette spinners, these are just a few games that

the ancients came up with.

1. Knucklebones

In ancient Roman times, the game of Jacks was much more dangerous. Instead of a cushy

bouncy ball, Romanswould throw an animal’s knucklebone as high into the air as they could,

then pick up as many other knucklebones as they could before it came slamming back down. All

the points were null unless the player caught the bone in the air before it came crashing back

down. No pity points were given if the bone landed on their heads. This popular game of chicken

crossed with bone-picking was also played using rocks, so there is no need to buy animal bones

to try out this traditional family activity.

2. Pseudo-Checkers

It would be a long time before anything as complicated as chess came out, but game boards

similar to modern chess boards can be found scratched into floors of many ancient Roman

buildings. The rules may have been a little different, but the general idea is the same. The next

time you place bets on a game of checkers, remember that people have been doing so for

thousands of years.

3. Par Impar

If you love counting, you’ll adore this game. One player scoops up a pile of pebbles, and the

other guesses whether there is an odd or even amount. It couldn’t get more intense than this. The

name of the game literally means “odd or even.” There is nothing else to this game, except a

friendly wager.

4. Navia aut Capita

How is your Latin? This phrase has a beautiful ring to it if you speak English, but to a natural-

born ancient Roman, it just sounds like “ships or head,” their equivalent of “heads or tails.” This

riveting game was played for bets in the time before playing cards.

It can be difficult to choose between exciting games of heads or tails and completely safe games

of knucklebones, so just remember there is no need to try them all at once. Take your time and

remember you are remaking history.\

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A Good Luck Charm for Every Casino Game

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Nothing is one size fits all, and that goes for personal tokens as much as it goes for shirts. The

difference is that it’s obvious when a shirt doesn’t fit but a good luck token will seem perfectly

fine without proper inspection. Are you getting the most out of your good luck token? This guide

will help you fit the good luck charm to the game rather than vice versa.

1. Keno

This game is the perfect example of a game of luck. Unlike slot machines which allow flexibility

in the amount bet and the amount of lines open, keno truly leaves the player at the mercy of the

numbers. If you already know which numbers you will be betting, consider a charm that can be

written on, such as a golden scrap of paper rolled into a scroll and tied together with a red bow.

Find a way to carry the numbers with you. If you are not betting particular numbers, bring a

representation of your numbers. For a set of high numbers, bring a tin or miniature bag full of

pebbles or fine-grained sand. For a set of low numbers, bring an old comb.


2. Blackjack

To win at blackjack, you must not only draw a sharp hand but have a sharper hand than those

around you. This is true even in online blackjack in which the hands of the other players, no

matter how far away, can still deplete the value of your own. A token in the form of a bracelet

will keep the vibes close to your hands and also close to the cards.

3. Craps

In a game of shooting dice, the two tiny cubes are both your best friend and your worst enemy.

The right color may drive out the right relationship with the dice. When choosing a color, think

about how you, yourself interact with others when you are trying to win. Is your dynamic more

red and fiery, or blue and soothing? Does it work? Find the color that draws out your own

personal strategy.

4. Roulette

The most important part of roulette is not how fast or slow the wheel spins but when it begins to

slow down, and at what point it finally comes to a halt. The image of a spiral is a powerful one, a

concept invoking the notion of a wheel spinning until it finally reaches just the right place: the

center. Look for spirals in your home and in the places you go regularly, and see if you can find

or create the perfect charm.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to address every possible gambling game, but hopefully this will

provide a guide to think about other possibilities around other casino games. There is always a

way to further customize a lucky charm for the right vibe and the most fitting significance.


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4 Lucky Colors and What They Mean

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What you wear may affect your gambling odds. Find the color that fits your goals at the online


Red: Prosperity

For the gambling enthusiast, red is the most classic and reliable color, coming from Chinese

tradition. More than just wealth, the prosperity that red symbolizes means a wholesome way of

life. It may not even mean riches at all, just a comfortable living and hard work to keep it up. For

immense riches, you may have to look elsewhere. For something that lasts, this is the color to


Alternative Meaning: Romance

It’s getting frisky at the gaming tables. One of the most popular ways to get good luck out of the

color, red, is to wear red underwear. See how two and two go together? It can make for a very

fun night.

Green: Luck

Not just for gamblers, green covers every aspect of good luck in every part of life. From Irish

folklore, green has made its footprint in American tradition and become something new. For

good luck in every situation, green is there. For something more focused, keep on shopping.

Alternative Meaning: Money

Nothing is green like cash. Actual cash is actually a pale sort of light green, but whenever dollar

bills show up in a game or as an icon on a computer, they are always a bright, glorious green.

Tempting? Go green.

Gold: Wealth

When it comes to gold levels of wealth, the focus is no longer on just ordinary money. Gold-

based wealth goes back to a time when riches were a birthright and working was for the poor.

Gold-based wealth is so much more than money-based wealth could ever be, because it never

goes away. On the other hand, it goes back to a time before dental hygienists.

Alternative Meaning: Fool’s Gold

Unless you are opening your favorite online casino while decked in authentic 18k gold, the color

is bound to look a little fake. Cheap gold-colored clothing looks and feels cheap, and is probably

not doing you any favors impressing anyone.

White: Perfection

Are you going for an amazing play of craps or a long winning streak? As a symbol of purity in

many ways, white embraces the ideal of no mistakes and nothing gone wrong. Perhaps with the

right use of white clothing and trinkets, this wish could even come true.

Alternative Meaning: Purity

White symbolizes many things including honesty, integrity, and goodness. Perhaps following the

same path that white entails will help with reaching perfection.

The Perfect Casino Game for Your Myers-Briggs Type

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The Myers-Briggs personality has all kinds of crazy uses, but one thing it has always been great

at is helping people figure out what they’re best at and what they enjoy the most. Take the spin

and find out which casino game, more than any other, is meant for you.

Here’s a quick guide on the 4 categories. Each category has two equal and opposite types

(introversion vs. extraversion, etc).

E=Extraversion: You relax best in the company of others.

I=Introversion: You relax best alone.

S=Sensing: You look at what’s in front of you.

N=Intuition: You look at the possibilities.

T=Thinking: You follow your head.

F=Feeling: You follow your heart.

J=Judging: You value the rules.

P=Perceiving: You believe rules are made to be broken.

And now to find out the truth…

ESTJ: You like complex, logical games that can be played in groups. You were made to play


ESTP: You enjoy competitive games, especially when it’s okay to bend the rules a little. Betting

on a game of BS is your style.

ESFJ: Your favorite games catch you in the moment, waiting for the ball to drop while all your

friends crane their necks to see. Roulette is for you.

ESFP: You are a risk taker who craves an audience. Imagine how amazing it would be to go on a

game show. You can make it happen.

ENTJ: You love finding a pattern in things, and playing along with your friends. Try bingo.

ENTP: You crave a challenge, but not if it means taking a game too seriously. It’s also more fun

with a group, so blackjack is the way to go.

ENFJ: You love the rush of winning or losing, and that excitement is contagious in a crowd. For

a game with the straight-forward rules that suit your personality, go for craps.

ENFP: You are best at reading people. This gives you an extra edge at the cup game.

ISTJ: You enjoy playing a quiet, strategic game by yourself. Online mahjong is the answer.

ISTP: You enjoy figuring things out and picking the right bet to take, but prefer to play from the

privacy of your own home. Give keno a try.

ISFJ: You enjoy excitement up close and personal, just with a little less interpersonal interaction.

Grab a VR headset and try simulated roulette.

ISFP: You love the rush of getting caught in the moment, a feeling best cultivated in solitude.

Slot machines are the way to go.

INTJ: You relish in complex games, especially when you can get the overhead view and

understand the big picture. Try video poker.

INTP: You trust your own head above everything else. Follow it to online blackjack.

INFJ: You believe strong rules are a must, but honestly you’re just taking time to yourself to

have fun. Try online baccarat.

INFP: You love to follow your gut and find patterns, especially when you have time to yourself.

God for online craps.