Daily Luck Tests

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Don’t you wish there was a way to know how well your day was going to go? What if you could

even take this sort of information with you to the online casino, and just know for sure when to

go all out? There is nothing concrete out there yet, but there are some ways to gather at least a

sense of how lucky any given day will be. These are just a few ideas that could revolutionize

your gambling routine.

1. The Handkerchief Test

Hang a handkerchief outside your window. Every morning, reach out to see if the handkerchief

is damp. When the handkerchief is completely dry, it is going to be a great day. If it’s soaked,

this is not the time to go all-out at the casino.

2. The Egg Drop

If you like eggs in the morning, this will work perfectly. When you crack an egg, see if the yolk

breaks or leaks. This works best with larger amounts of eggs, say 4 or more. It’s fairly easy to

break one or two eggs without harming the yolk, but it becomes trickier with more and more


3. The Hot Guess

This test is especially great in preparation for number-based gambling games like keno and

roulette. It is used to see how accurately you can guess a number that you couldn’t possibly

know: the air temperature. When you first step outside, take a guess how hot it really is before

looking it up, or even better, peering at a thermometer. The day you guess exactly right is a lucky


4. The Shuffle

Put your music on shuffle and skip to the 7 th song. This song represents how your day will go.

Before you start downloading a long list of happy songs and deleting anything upsetting,

remember that your music represents your own scope as a person, and messing with the selection

makes the entire test just a little bit pointless.

5. The Marble Bag

This test requires many small objects that feel the same and look different. It shouldn’t be

possible to tell the difference by touching them. Different-colored marbles are perfect. After

assigning “good” and “bad” to two different colors, pour them in a bag. Each day, you can take a

marble out to see how your day is going to go. You could even include multiple colors with even

more meanings such as “luckiest day possible,” “kind of average day,” and “a good time to stay

in bed."

Are You Lucky?

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Are some people really luckier than others? How do you know if you are carrying something

special? Do you have some innate advantage that most others just don’t have? Answering the

following questions to yourself may help to determine if you have a special advantage inside and

outside the casino.

1. How often do you stumble or drop things?

This question can be a great way to start, but it can also be a little misleading. Tiny fumbles

throughout the day are a classic sign of bad luck, just like catching things in the air can mean

great luck, but they can also mean other things. For one, clumsiness can be just that: clumsiness.

Maybe you don’t get enough sleep. Maybe you don’t get out of the house much. Maybe you’re

just not that lucky.

2. Do you make a good first impression?

Many people believe that good luck is an air that people carry with them, and everyone senses it

in their own way. Someone with an air of good luck would impress everyone around them, either

in how things fall into place around them, or something more intrinsic. Either way, someone who

experiences a lot of good luck is bound to make a great impression on the people around them.

3. Did you get your dream job?

Not everyone has a dream job, but everyone has an idea of what a great job would look like.

Whether it’s the environment, the pay, what it feels like to walk into work, or anything else, we

all have an ideal we are striving for. How close did you get to that perfect dream? That may give

you a sense of what lies ahead at the casino.

4. How many first dates go perfectly, and how many are nightmares?

When it comes down to it, how you match with a first date is pure, unadulterated luck. Whether

you met someone through their online profile or you were set up by a friend, they are still

essentially strangers, and it’s hard to say whether or not the match will be any good. Do you have

a good history with first dates, or do you have a few not-so- funny stories to share? In the end, it’s

all just the luck of the draw.

Luck is a complicated and fickle thing, so these questions are not the be-all and end-all of all

future luck, but hopefully the answers were good.

The Right Brain Food for Every Gambling Game

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Do NOT eat like this for gambling

Do NOT eat like this for gambling

Do you have what it takes to hunker down and see a gambling night through from beginning to

end? Do you start to lose focus or get sluggish when there are still chips to win? The answer you

are looking for may be in the food you eat.

Casino food can be great. In fact, plenty of 5-star restaurants are built into casino resorts. But

most people can’t exactly afford to go to these restaurants every day. Most of the time, it’s just

beer and fried food, not exactly the recipe for success. There’s nothing wrong with a burger and

fries every now and then, but if you really want to turn your brain on, these are the foods that

will get you through each and every casino game.

Slot Machines

Killing it at the slot machine takes patience. It’s important to make the money last instead of

spending it all at once and making frequent trips to the counter for more betting money. Foods

like chocolate and tea have small doses of caffeine, not as much as coffee or energy drinks, but

enough to reboot your brain when it starts to doze off. Energy drinks will work for some number

of hours, and can cause a crash at the end for some. Juicy, flavorful foods like fruit will help

keep your mind occupied for long periods of time. Go for whole grains instead of sugar in order

to stretch out the amount of time that the energy will be released.


The name of the game is zinc. This vitamin powers higher thinking, enhancing your critical

thinking and improving your memory, two vital things for a mental game of wits like blackjack.

The best source is probably pumpkin seeds, which also happen to be light, portable, and

nonperishable. They make for a great snack break. The vitamin K from broccoli may come in

handy, too.


There are a lot of options for this one, from citrus to tomatoes to bell peppers to greens, all of

which contain the handy vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for a lot of things, but in this case, what

we want it for is quick, on-the- spot thinking. Having your wits about you is the best ally when it

comes to playing this fast-paced group game.

Feel prepared? If your favorite game isn’t on this list, the brain foods listed will still help out

with any other, from roulette to video poker.

5 Activities which are Taboo at the Casino but A-OK at Home

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Looking for a reason to stay home to get your gambling fix? How about five? There are tons of

reasons why online casinos are better than gambling in person, but we won’t even touch on the

bonuses, the discretion, or any of those other compelling reasons to stay home. Instead, this is

just about what people can and can’t do at a real-life casino, and how much more freeing it is to

play at home.

1. Drinking the Bottle Clear

Even at the friendliest casinos, the staff has this odd habit of cutting people off when they’ve had

too much to drink. The drinks may be free, but once your face turns red and you start staggering

from table to table, the drinks disappear. Be loud enough and you may even find yourself sent

home early. Where is the fun in that? At home, you decide when you are done and when you are


2. Pulling an All-Nighter

No matter how well-behaved you are, no matter how much you tip, eventually the dealer will ask

you to go home for the night. This is because casinos have a habit of “closing,” or turning off all

the machines and locking the doors for several hours so the employees can sleep. Online casinos

don’t do this. You can gamble on your lunch break. You can gamble in the middle of the night.

You can gamble right now.

3. Hogging the Dealer

At the casino, you are either waiting for another player to set up their chips or trying to pick your

placements while everyone else stares. Online gambling happens at your pace. You click on the

“deal” button when you’re ready, not when the rest of the players start tapping their fingers.

4. Filming it

Have you ever whipped out a camera and started recording everyone around the table? People

tend to get nervous, or think you’re cheating. Online, however, a live stream is totally OK and

could even form a group of followers.

5. Swearing at the top of your lungs

When you set down all your chips on a single bet and then lose, it is time to yell. When you take

a risk and miraculously win, your arms are going up in the air and someone is going to get

punched. If you like to celebrate when you win and let it out when you lose, your antics may be

better off taking place at home.

Which celebrity gambler are you?

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What alter ego comes out when you hit the casino? Tons of our celebrity friends like Tiger

Woods and even John McCain have been up to some eyebrow-raising things behind the scenes.


Michael Jordan

Do things ever get so bad that your friends make you stop? A little bird says this happened to

Michael Jordan back when he left to play baseball. Except for him, it wasn’t his friends, it was

the whole NFL.


Charles Barkley

If you have lost tons of money on blackjack and keep coming back, this is you. Blackjack isn’t

for all of us, but at least we can still have fun…right? Of course, while Barkley managed to lose

about $10 million, our losses are probably closer to a couple thousand.


Tiger Woods

High rollers, anyone? Tiger Woods likes to bet $25,000 a hand. After all, the higher the stakes,

the greater the payoff.


John McCain

What do you do when you’re procrastinating? McCain has been known to spend close to 24

hours leaning over the side of a craps table. Studies are starting to trickle out saying

procrastination is good for you, so maybe he’s onto something.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly

To the few people out there who always have the cards on their side, what’s your secret. Jennifer

Tilly might just know, because she’s brought home a pretty penny from the poker table.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IMAGE IS FOR USE VIA THE CONSUMER POD SITE ONLY. PHILADELPHIA - MAY 11: Allen Iverson #3 of the Philadelphia 76ers wants the crowd to get louder during the closing minutes of their win over the Detroit Pistons in Game four of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2003 NBA Playoffs on May 11, 2003 at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 76ers won 95-82 to even the series 2-2. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Allen Iverson

Have you ever been banned from a casino, not because of your behavior, but from the sheer

quantity of money you owe? Allen Iverson might just be your long-lost best friend.


Phil Mickelson

Sometimes we all need a helping hand from a relative or a good friend to drag ourselves out of

debt. This is rumored to be true for Phil Mickelson except it wasn’t a rich uncle, it was Callaway.


Ben Affleck

Not everyone is lucky every day they hit the casino, but maybe you have one or two astounding

success stories. Ben Affleck once managed to win $800,000, and left a generous tip of $150,000.

We’d all love to be that dealer.

If we catch wind of any more scandalous celebrity stories, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

That’s all for now, but we would love to hear what the latest up-and- coming actors and singers

have been up to. It would also be nice to hear if Donald Trump has any habits worth knowing

about. Until next time, check out Silver Oak Casino and catch your hot streak today

6 Gambling Mottos

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Sometimes we all need something to get the blood pumping and the game going. Everyone has

their own gambling style, their own favorite games, and their own favorite places to play them.

Some prefer an online casino, some prefer penny slots, some prefer playing all-out, and some

prefer riding the line of the house edge. The mottos we live by when we hit the casino are hardly

one-size- fits-all, so here are just a few that get our game faces on.

1. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

It’s easy to say that a professional gambler just got lucky, but when they win over and over

again, it becomes obvious that there is more going on than random happenstance. This motto

says, “I thought through every part of this, I prepared in every way I could, and that is why I am

going to win.” The quote comes from Seneca, an ancient Roman philosopher.

2. Gambling is a way of buying hope on credit.

People gamble for many different reasons, but for many, it is the only ticket out of a life of

constant work and poverty. Some may be living on a stipend, others might work more than their

share each day just to get by. No matter the odds of a jackpot, that is the ticket out. This

sentiment was shared by an author named Alan Wykes who wrote the quote.

3. Quit while you’re ahead.

Everyone has heard this motto. It is one of those proverbs that took off and became a part of

everyday speech. Why it took off is probably because it is just that catchy, and it’s good advice.

The origin is actually a 17 th century Spanish Jesuist philosopher named Baltasar Gracian y

Morales. Don’t worry about remembering the name. There won’t be a quiz.

4. If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.

When you win, keep at least some of it. At least that is what Benjamin Franklin would do. The

only way to get ahead by gambling is to win more than you bet and then save the money. It takes

discipline, which is why it takes a really good motto.

5. A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned.

Here is one for those who gamble because it is fun. Not everyone goes to the casino expecting to

get rich. Everyone hopes it will happen, at least to some degree, but some people are just there to

enjoy themselves. The quote comes from the movie, The Color of Money.

6. You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

This quote actually comes from a hockey player, and he was talking about hockey, but it is still a

really great quote for gamblers. When you need a little boost to keep going, let this motto be

your guide.

Professional Gambling: Expectations vs. Reality

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Think you have your dream job lined up? Check out what it’s really like to be a professional


The Pay

Expectations: Some days are good and some bad, but I will always go home with money in my

pocket. I’m an expert after all.

Reality: Every day is a chaotic minefield full of wins and losses. No matter how much I hone my

skills, I still need to plan ahead, save money, and tuck something away to hold me over through

the bad days.

The Competition


I’ll mostly be playing against other professional gamblers. I’ll be in the big leagues, probably

broadcast on television.


The real money is in playing in the place of rich people, against other rich people. With luck, the

other people around the table won’t really know what they are doing, so the money will be easy

to snatch from right in front of them. This makes personal charm almost as important as

gambling skill, or else the other players won’t really want you around.

The Enjoyment


The rush never gets dull. I will just ride the wave, and have a great time. I will never dread a day

at work. I’ll look forward to it.


It’s true that the gambling rush is amazing, and it does in fact last, but riding that rush is a

mistake. To I have to take the game extremely seriously.

The Resources


I’ll take some of my earnings each time and bet them in order to win more.


Successful professional gamblers bet with other people’s money. They bet with the money of

people who can afford it, enthusiasts who love the game but can’t play as well, themselves.

The Setup


How hard can it be? I’ll get my name out and then I’ll get into all the right rooms and play

whenever I like.


More than half the work is finding games to play, people to sponsor, and venues to work

through. In fact, most professional gamblers have agents to help them find gigs.

The Bitter Truth


Not sure. It’s hard to pull off, I know that.


It may just be a fad, and I hope it will pass soon, but more and more professional gamblers (and

enthusiasts with too much money) are more interested in tournaments than in traditional play.

This means that the window of opportunity is even smaller. In a tournament of 200 people, only

about 5 will receive prizes. The rest leave with nothing. The winners do very well, extremely

well, but the rest aren’t exactly bringing home the bacon. No one can force a professional

gambler into a tournament, but other games are not always going on, and it may be the only

option available, at least the only option that’s easy to get into. This means it takes even more

work to find a traditional game, and the competition is fierce just to get in the room.

3 Betting Tricks that Really Work

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casino fun

Ready to get an edge on the casino? These simple tricks can make a big difference. A few small

changes can turn a disappointing night into a successful one. It doesn’t matter where you play. At

an online casino or in a land-based casino, on a smartphone app or at a table, these simple

techniques ring true.

1. Pocket the winnings.

If every chip that is earned gets tucked away, that means that there will always be something left

at the end of the night. No one likes to call it quits empty-handed. Even if it’s just a few chips, it

is an accomplishment worth holding onto. How this trick translates to the online world is a little

tricky. When playing online or on a smartphone, jot down how much you win when you win, and

add it up in a calculator. When the number on the calculator equals the number left in the

account, that means quitting time. The amount left is the winnings from playing.

2. Double Up

It may seem too simple to be true, but doubling up is actually a very neat math trick. Doubling

the bet after a loss, no matter how many losses there are in a row, guarantees that the player will

win by the original amount as soon as they actually win. For example, if a player bets $5 and

loses, they can double the bet to $10, $20, $40, and on and on, and the moment they win, the

total earnings will be $5. This strategy only goes south when the player bets more than they can

afford and runs out of money before they can manage to win. In other words, doubling up is a

guaranteed win so long as the player can afford to continue to bet.

3. Keep it Simple

Too many betting strategies involve stretching chips thinly around the table, covering all bases in

theory but in reality just making it that much more difficult to profit. Instead, pick the single bet

that is the most likely to win, like a color in roulette or a hand of blackjack, and just bet on that.

Already practicing some of these techniques? Not sure all of them go with your style? It’s

alright. Whatever is the most personally rewarding, the most fun play style for you personally is

the right way to go.

3 Ordinary People Share their Unbelievable Gambling Stories

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It’s hard to believe, but wonderful things happen every single day when people least expect it.

From online casino users to people who have just about given up on gambling entirely, it can

happen to anyone at any time in the whole world. It is one of the most exciting things about luck

and random chance. This is just a small collection of stories, but there is so much else out there.

1.  The Wallet Whisperer

It was late and I was drunk off my ass. My wallet fell out of my back pocket, and I didn’t even

notice until it was time to leave. The moment I reached back and it wasn’t there, I started

freaking out, practically stumbling around looking for it. That’s when I saw it, sitting on the edge

of a slot machine in plain view. Someone must have picked it up and left it there. I raced over

and picked it up. Everything was still there, even the $20 cash I had in there. I sat right down and

started playing that slot machine, and built up $50, more than I had won all night. Not my best

evening, but one of my best nights. I left with a giant grin on my face.

2. One more time

It had been weeks since I’d come out ahead from the online casino, and I’d pretty much given up.

Then the casino dropped me $5 out of the blue. I wasn’t about to say no to free betting money so

I logged in and gave it a try. Everything just fell into place. Betting on my birth date, following

my instincts, everything was working perfectly. Maybe free cash is just luckier.

3. Do You Believe in Love after Loss?

It was my second or third time playing roulette, and I was more daring back then. I placed $25

on the number 7, and held my breath. It landed on 7! I tested my luck and put it all back on 7. It

landed on 7 again! By then, everyone was looking at me, so I put all $50 on 7. It landed on 18. I

was walking away feeling terrible when the most gorgeous woman in the world stopped me. “You

look like you need a little luck,” she said, handing me a poker chip. We’ve been dating ever since.

The 4 Luckiest People in the World

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1. Kate Middleton

The duchess of Cambridge did not come from royalty, but she sure dressed like royalty. She

started in upper middle class, going to the best schools from the beginning, so she was lucky

from the start. Then she just-so- happened to share a college residence with Prince William. The

two started dating as casually as any other college kids might, and were eventually married. Now

she’s royalty, fourth in line for the throne. Who else can say that about themselves?

2. Antonio Freeman

The very first time the Green Bay Packers reached the Super Ball , Antonio Freeman was there to claim their victory.

During Super Ball XXXI, he broke a record in order to catch a touchdown 81 yards away from the QB,

Brett Favre. That catch gave the team the lead they needed to carry them to a victory of 35-21. The

very next year, the Green Bay Packers made it to the Super Ball once again, but Freeman

wasn’t ready. The night before, he assumed he would not be called up from the bench, and drank

enough alcohol to kill a smaller man. When he showed up the next day, he had a massive

hangover. It hurt to even put the helmet on, but he still managed to catch two touchdowns. The

Packers lost to the Broncos 31-24. Who knows what would have happened if he’d been ready.

3. Concetta Antico

This woman has a rare condition, but not the variety of condition you might be worried about.

She has tetrachromacy, a genetic trait that lets her see color with the same depth that only certain

birds, fish, and insects get to see. She has four classes of cone cells instead of just 3, giving her a

whole extra primary color between red and green. Even before the condition was diagnosed, she

was a successful art instructor, teaching in ways that could not be done without the condition. It’s

still unknown how many people have or carry the trait, but some estimate the number lies

between 2 and 3 percent of women.

4. Nichiren

The 12 th century in Japan had an eerily similar history to 17 th century Italy. While the church was

executing scientists for making assertions about the stars, the Japanese government was

executing religious figures for making assertions about politics. Nichiren was a Buddhist monk

with strong beliefs about the lessons left behind by Buddha. He believed the mantras were being

grossly misinterpreted, and due to the misuse of Buddha’s word, the entire country would be

destroyed within the year. He may have been a little off the ball about that prophesy, but

something very strange did happen. As the executioner raised his sword to cut off Nichiren’s

head, a lightning bolt can down to strike him dead. Nichiren was set free.


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