How the Baccarat Tax Shows the Casino’s Hand

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There are not many games out there with only two betting options, but there is only one such

game which has a tax on the smartest bet. The game of baccarat stands right on the seam

between player favor and the infamous house edge. In other words, the game of baccarat is so

painstakingly close to giving the player the upper hand, the only way the casino could make a

profit was to introduce a small five cent tax on every dollar bet.

Take a look at the betting scales for any other gambling game. Most bets pay 2 for 1, 7 for 1, 3

for 2, or another such bet with logical whole numbers. A bet on the dealer’s hand in baccarat,

however, has the suspicious little tax tagged onto it.

Why the tax on baccarat? Unlike a coin flip, unlike black vs. red or odd vs. even in roulette,

unlike every other bet like it, one choice is actually more probable than the other. The banker’s

hand is actually more likely to win, and this means casinos were forced to either place a tax on

betting banker, or take the game out of casinos entirely.

The reason for the banker having the upper hand, pun intended, lies within the details of baccarat

play. The rules on when the player and banker must draw more cards are highly complicated and

difficult to memorize, but thankfully they are totally unnecessary for casual players to know.

Here is the gist: The player and the banker each draw two cards and add them up, paying

attention to just the last digit of the result. If someone ends up with an 8 or a 9, they are the

winner. Otherwise, they start drawing more cards. If one has a 5 or less, they draw automatically.

If the player draws, the banker has the opportunity to either draw or not draw based on what the

player draws. There is an entire layer to the game devoted to giving the banker the upper hand.

It is a good thing that the gambler is allowed to place bets on either the player’s or banker’s

hand, or else there would be no point to betting on this game. The game is leaned toward banker,

and even the five cent tax is worth the surer bet on banker.

The way to win at baccarat is to pick banker, and bet expecting to win sooner or later. The odds

are finally in the customer’s favor, so it is time to escalate, placing higher and higher bets to

make up losses until the inevitable victory comes. Then repeat.

The Double-Up Gambling Method

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Fact: With enough foresight, it is nearly impossible to lose a bet when it is accompanied by a

well though-out strategy. The Double-Up Gambling Method is based on the notion that so long

as there are a certain number of chips left, a bet will eventually win.

This betting strategy is designed for bets that run as close to 50/50 as possible. The best

examples are roulette table bets. Instead of picking a number, the player chooses a facet of that

square: odd, even, high, low, red, or black. Each of these bets has a very high success rate, and

each pays exactly twice the initial bet. These basic roulette bets are perfect for the Double-Up

Gambling Method. Other possibilities are blackjack when played only against the dealer and the

baccarat bet on the banker.

The focus of this strategy is to make the most out of the player’s available money. The more the

player has available, the more they stand to win. Even knowing this, the strategy works even

down to the $1 level. To keep things interesting, let’s start at $100.

First, the player bets $100 on any nearly 50/50 bet. The odds are just slightly against the player,

but just slightly. If the player wins, they walk away with $200. If they lose, this begins step 2.

The player has $100 to earn back, so this time they bet $200. If they win, they will walk out with

$400. In other words, they earn back the $100 from the first bet then the $200 from the second

bet, then get an extra $100 on top.

The trick is the Double-Up Gambling Method always stays one step ahead. No matter what, the

player always walks away with an extra $100 in their pocket. The secret is to have plenty of


Here is the basic formula: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16. If the first bet is $1, the second bet is $2 followed by $4

then $8 and then $16 until the player wins. The moment the player wins, even if it is on the very

first bet, the strategy is complete. The Double-Up Gambling Method is easy to keep up with on

the $1 level, but past that it becomes very expensive. Here is a table to look at the possibilities up


Bet $100, stand to lose $100 total, earn $100

Bet $200, stand to lose $300 total, earn $100

Bet $400, stand to lose $700 total, earn $100

Bet $800, stand to lose $1500 total, earn $100

Bet $1600, stand to lose $3100 total, earn $100

Notice how the stakes reach higher and higher, but the end result is the same. The Double-Up

Gambling Method is a guaranteed win, so long as there is more money to back it up. Not a lot of

people in the world have $3,100 they are ready to lose, and sometimes that is what it takes to

take a winning bet. It’s not probable, but it is still possible for the roulette wheel to land on black

six times in a row, and when that happens, the player needs to be ready to bet on a seventh.

For those who are not eager to dig into their savings, the Double-Up Gambling Method is perfect

for smaller bets Recommended Site. Simply pick a number such as $1, $5, or $10, then keep betting on the flow

chart until the win. To create your own, simply pick a number and then double it until you win.

Flow chart for creating a betting scheme:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1036.

Pro tip: Know how many times you can afford to double your bet before placing it. If you only

have one $50 chip, save it for later. The more times the bet can be doubled, the safer it is.

Real-Time Bets Coming to Sports Gambling

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Brand new innovations to camera and streaming technology is creating an all-new layer to sports

betting. The underdeveloped American sports gambling system can expect an upgrade with all

new ways to bet on entirely new aspects of gaming that would not be possible without this new


Using live streaming technology, players will be able to place bets on any and every aspect that

the designers can think of, from the number of times the ball will be dribbled before it reaches

the basket to whether the referee will call a foul. There is great potential for a more social aspect

of betting in which players can see their friends’ custom bets on social media and then choose to

either join in or take the opposing bet. Ideally, bets will be set and then resolved nearly

instantaneously while the game is still in progress, creating a rich and interactive experience for

the players.

To make this dream a reality, sports entertainment companies must first use their live video feeds

to create a streaming service just for gamblers. This sort of perk is already available in the UK,

where about 80% of sports betting is done in real-time. Next, this video stream must be

monitored for betting opportunities, and each bet resolved and rewarded. Likely, big-name

casinos will pick up the trend, and real-time sports betting will be available not only online but

on mobile and inside the casino as well.

With its complex history in gambling law, the United States may expect some delays compared

to more gambling-friendly areas such as the UK. In fact, the United States is estimated by the

CEO of the Sport Integrity Monitor to be five years behind the UK in sports gambling

technology. The problem lies behind the vague and constantly changing laws around sports

betting and other gambling acts that take place outside of a casino. Seeing the law constantly

being in sway, corporations are unwilling to invest in the expensive equipment and streaming

subscriptions necessary to start up real-time sports betting.

It may be a long time coming, but real-time sports betting is on its way to America. Easy access

to sports betting may change the face of how friends watch sports, from the playoffs to the Super

Bowl. Get ready to download a new gambling app that will finally bring players closer to the


3 Casinos that Might Actually be Haunted

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No one wants to believe it, but some stories just hit too close to home. Casinos are a place that

people enter in order to indulge. A casino is a place filled with thrills of every variety, and people

come from all over and enter the doors wanting. Some never come back out. These few casinos

have a rich and tragic history, and the echoes of this past are still seen and heard today.

1. Bally’s Hotel and Casino

There was not always a casino known as Bally’s on the Las Vegas strip. Once, there was a

towering building called the MGM. This building was a piece of art, a glamorous hotel wrapped

around an elegant casino complex. The building was packed with people the day the fire struck.

84 lives were lost in that building that day. Guests were seen jumping out of windows to escape

the smoke, and were heard banging against the walls when the fire blocked their way out. The

building was burnt to cinders that day, and another casino constructed in its place Web Site. To this day,

strange things are seen in the upper floors where the victims of the fire once were.

2. Imperial Hotel and Casino

Cripple Creek, Colorado, has been the home of poor miners since the 1800’s. The Imperial Hotel

has been standing since nearly the beginning, and holds the hopes and memories of poor workers

and travelers as they sought after gold and a better life. In particular, the hotel was once under

the management of a diligent man named George Long. George had a daughter who refused to

obey his wishes, and so he locked her inside her room within the hotel. One night she escaped

and hit him down the stairs with a cast-iron skillet. George is not believed to be an angry ghost,

but sometimes, at night, it is said that he takes a seat at one of the slot machines and plays a


3. Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Paradise, Nevada was once a quiet desert town, but it was transformed by powerful people, not

the least of which was a ruthless and cunning mobster named Bugsy Siegel. Before his violent

death, Bugsy made the Flamingo his home. He designed the hotel’s presidential suite as his own

personal paradise with pistachio green decorations and a network of secret passages. It is no

surprise that patrons have claimed to see him wandering the grounds.

Spooked yet? Casinos may have a creepy sort of feel, but online casinos are 100% ghost-free.

Trust us, we checked.

How to Find the Gamblers in Your Friend Group

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Jennifer Tilly

Like any other hobby that also lands on someone’s deal-breaker list, it can be hard for friends

and acquaintances to broach the subject of gambling. Tell the wrong person, and then everyone

at work knows that you gamble. Be too subtle or discreet, and spend your free time gambling

alone. Picking out the gamblers in a group of friends and then getting involved can be an

awkward process, but it is ultimately rewarding.

1. Create an In

The first step is all about creating a comfortable setting where open talk can happen. The goal is

for everyone involved to feel comfortable and like they can safely speak openly about

themselves. The key is to keep the head count low, since few people are willing to say they

gamble to a room full of people. If there is a friend or couple of friends who seem like gambling

folk, the best option may be to invite them to dinner and games in your home. Bringing the cards

out is a good opportunity for the question, “Have you ever played poker?” Most people have at

least one story around the game, but a real gambler will have plenty to say about it. A shared

love of gambling introduced over good food and clean fun is a safe way to break the ice, though

it does take an awful lot of prep time.

2. Bring out the Jargon

There are some people out there who turn their noses against gambling as a hobby or as an

institution, and they can make a gambler’s life miserable when the beans are spilled. Luckily,

people who snub gambling also don’t know very much about it. When talking with a group of

friends or acquaintances, try dropping a few terms in conversation. See if anyone knows what a

croupier is, or if they can tell the difference between a layout and a table cloth. When the ears

start perking up, that means there are gamblers in the room.

3. Invent a Friend

There are very few occasions when a person is willing to speak their mind about something, and

one of these occasions is gossip. Instead of talking about your own gambling, bring up someone

you know (who also doesn’t exist) who recently had a winning streak and paid you back the $20

they owed you, or some such story. Even better, bring up an actual person who you actually

know and gamble with. If anyone is impresses by the story and seems interested instead of acting

bitter or awkward like others might, then you have yourself a new gambling buddy.

The Card-Counting Basics

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Do you crave a real advantage in the casino? A card counter knows that the path is not easy, and

it will take many games to draw a profit, but it is possible to take the advantage with a honed

skill in card-counting. Here is a relief: most card-counters do not memorize every card. Instead,

they use a system in which it is only necessary to remember one number per round. The result is

a form of card-counting that is accessible for everyone.

For players just starting out with blackjack, check out the basic blackjack tips first. Counting

cards works best with a good grasp of the normal rules.

The basic idea is to know at any point in time whether aces and face cards are likely to appear, or

if a hand is going to be ruined by a larger card. The cards can be categorized in many different

ways, providing more specific information for experienced card counters, but let’s start with

something on the easy side.

To know whether winning is likely or unlikely, turn the table into one big math problem. 10s,

aces, and face cards are worth -1. Number cards between 7 and 9 are worth 0. Number cards

between 2 and 6 are worth 1. Add up all the cards, and you know more or less what’s coming.

If the total is less than 0, the dealer has the advantage. It also means that a lot of small cards are

still in the deck. A player with 16 in their hand, for example, would choose a hit, knowing that

more small cards are coming. If the total is 0 or more, the player has the advantage. It also means

that more 10’s, face cards, and aces are coming. It’s time to double down and also take every

opportunity to split.

Every round, add your new number to the total. The total should always be around zero, from

around -10 to 10. If your total seems wonky, take another look at what you’re doing. Also

remember that there are often numerous decks of cards being shuffled together, not just one.

Learn to approximate how many decks are left and account for it. For example, the running count

may be 15, but there are 5 decks left. Dividing the running count by the number of decks tells

what the actual advantage or disadvantage is, in this case 3. Don’t get confused, though. The

running count is still the number you need to remember, not the divided number. Another thing

to keep in mind is that card-counting is not always possible. Some online casinos shuffle their

decks constantly, making card-counting meaningless.

After mastering the basics, it is possible to do many more things to improve the card-counting

advantage. Counting aces separately is a big one. Aces are more useful than 10s and face cards,

so it’s best to know how many there are of each. Keeping track of every single numbered card is

also big. Knowing exactly how many 3s, 4s, and 5s there are may be useless in the beginning at

the game, but at the very end, it can result in predicting the exact next card to show up. That kind

of information can completely turn games around at the last minute.

Card-counting is more useful with less decks, with less-often shuffled decks, and also at the tail

end of the game when there are only a few cards left. The more cards that are left, the harder it is

to predict what is coming next. Remember to save the more expensive chips for the surer bets.

Also, and this one is a little hard to master, try not to look like you’re counting cards. Best of


The Ultimate Online Casino Soundtrack

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One of the most underrated perks of gambling from home is getting to pick out your own

soundtrack. The constant blips and beeps going on at a real casino are replaced by peace and

quiet, or something even better. The best gambling soundtrack is gripping, fun, and most of all,

modern. Take or leave any of the tracks on this list.

Meghan Trainor – Me Too

“If I was you, I’d wanna be me, too.”

This feel-good song is perfect for riding out a winning streak, and watching the chips roll in. You

can even sing along. We won’t judge. Even when the dice aren’t agreeing with the mood of the

song, it will keep the atmosphere pumped and ready change around to something better.

Watsky – Whoah Whoah Whoah

“Bada bing bada boom. When I walk in, I’m the king of the room.”

This song is what it feels like to predict three craps results in a row. It’s the feeling of being

amazing, and surrounded by the ordinary and mundane. If Meghan Trainor’s take on self-esteem

isn’t enough, Watsky has his own line to fit the mood: “I thought I was an atheist until I realized

I’m a god.”

Jessie J – Do it Like a Dude

“Rolling money like a *****.”

For the women out there in the casino, especially the tomboys, here is Jessie J’s take on the

underground. She is quick to remind everyone that she can “do it like a dude,” whatever “it”

means. That part is left to the imagination, but in this case, it’s rocking the <a href=”http://www.rickross Your Domain”>casino.

Pitbull – Timber ft. Ke$ha

“It’s going down. I’m yelling timber.”

Instead of being all about winning, this one is more about the action and excitement of gambling.

It may not be pretty, but it is going down one way or another.

Silentó – Watch Me

“Watch me whip. Watch me nae nae.”

This song is about personal style, and doing things your own way. To a gambling enthusiast, that

means letting loose and showing the casino how it’s done.

OK Go – White Knuckles

“Maybe it’s not so bad.”

Low-key, this song reminds everyone to let their hair down and relax. After all, coming to an

online casino is all about taking the edge off. This song is for listeners who like to take it easy

while they surrender to the ebb and flow of chance.

The Winning Margin for Each Bet

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How to tell if you are getting ahead or falling behind in the casino. Different bets have different

payouts, and different chances of winning. Because of all the different numbers being tossed

around, it can be tough to tell what winning even looks like. Here, we will go over how soon you

will need to win a bet in order to come out ahead at the online casino.


One of the riskier moves out there, a single roulette number also has one of the best payouts. A

player can sit on a single number for 34 rounds, as long as the ball lands on that number by the

end of that 34 th spin. Since there are only 38 numbers on an American roulette board, the odds

actually aren’t that bad. That is 34 chances to get just one number to appear.

Video Poker

It’s easy to stay afloat in this game by getting Jacks or better, with the occasional combination.

Two pair and three of a kind show up every now and then, and a flush or straight is not unheard

of. Even if none of these combinations are coming up, though, a single royal flush can turn

around a long losing streak. How long? The answer is 248 losing games. Even if 248 games go

by without a single Jack, it can all be fixed when the most powerful combination comes up. If

gameplay is a little more typical and about half the plays come through with at least a Jack, then

a royal flush doesn’t need to come up until the 499 th playthrough.

Slot Machine

The jackpot on a slot machine is going to vary a lot. Some stack, some stay the same. The

maximum number of coins also changes around, so predicting when the next maximum jackpot

will come around is a no-go. However, when it comes to any other combination, which is still a

huge amount of money, it’s a little easier to pin down. A slot machine straight needs to show up

by the 149 th spin. That means 148 spins earning nothing, and then a single spin to save the day.


There is one thing to take away about high-risk bets with huge payouts: the sooner the better.

There is a long time before the winning spin needs to show up, but the sooner it happens, the

more money will be netted in the whole process. If it takes too long for the winning spin to come

up, then when it finally does appear, the player will still be taking a loss. The sweet spot is right

after the start of play, before too many chips have been invested.

The Secret to Winning Roulette

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Not every gambling secret involves a complex strategy, bending the rules, or doing anything

fishy at all. In fact, this roulette secret is so simple, people have been using it for years. Like

most tricks, it’s not enough to know the gist of how it goes. To pull it off right, it is necessary to

know how to do it right.

Here’s the trick: Stick to the basic bets (red/black, high/low, even/odd). Double after every

losing bet. Be ready to keep laying down more and more bets until the win. Then start over.

Simple, right? The secret to doubling up is that you will always make up for the losses, and gain

some, too. So long as you can keep doubling up until winning, you will always come out ahead.

There are just a few pitfalls in the way.

Know how many times you can afford to double up.

Numbers stack up quickly. For example, you may start with a $5 bet. 5 becomes 10, 10 becomes

20, 20 becomes 40, 40 becomes 80, and soon enough you are betting $160 just to earn back $5. It

is important to know how many times you can actually afford to double up. It doesn’t happen

often, but sometimes a roulette table spins out 10 odd numbers in a row. It happens. If someone

is betting even and then10 odds appear, they need to be prepared to say goodbye to $2120. At

some point, it is time to let go, and it is important to decide ahead of time what that walking

away point is. It is more important to be able to double up more times than to bet a larger starting

number. Smaller numbers take more patience but are safer because they mean more chances to

win the money back.

Bring the right chips.

Have the exact chips at the ready to follow up each bet exactly. This will save time and hassle,

and help prevent mistakes.

Know the table limit.

Some tables have higher limits than others. There is no fun in setting up a foolproof roulette

system just to find out the necessary combination of chips is too large to be set on the table. It

may take some looking around to find a table limit that fits with this strategy. The best first place

to look is online casinos, which have clearly labeled table limits for all their games.

Make Your Plan, and Stick to It

Most of the time, it will only take a bet or two before a winning spin comes up. The ball landing

on a red space happens about as often as a coin lands on heads. It’s rare for a coin to land on tails

over and over. However, if the ball is not landing on the chosen target, the worst thing to do is to

get cold feet and walk away from a losing streak. The only way to win is to go all the way each


I Saw the Inside of the HTC Vive and I don’t Want to Come Out

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If you were waiting for the greatest breakthrough in gaming immersion, here it is. No joystick,

no “press X to select,” just walking around and reaching things like you are inside the game.

Sure, the system may come with two controllers, but they quickly become part of the

environment. They become your sword, your gun, your key, your torch, or your hand.

The biggest hassle is watching out for the cord on the ground. At present, the virtual reality

headset must be plugged directly into the system, and a thick cord is running along the ground.

Unless you are standing perfectly still, you are going to need to learn how to step over the cord

on a regular basis, preferably without tripping and taking the whole headset with you.

With that little death trap out of the way, virtual reality is finally ready to bring an entire casino

into your living room. You will be able to walk around the halls just like in real life, pick out a

machine or a table, and play almost like in real life. Multiplayer in this sort of environment is

still years away, but there’s no reason there can’t be NPCs running around.

Another thing we can’t have quite yet is lifelike interaction. The xbox one might be able to pull it

off, but the Vive does not support voice commands. This means you cannot walk up to a

blackjack table and say, “deal me in.” Rather, you can but it won’t do anything.

The most overwhelming thing about the Vive is how natural moving around is. You can crouch,

look up, lean back, and sprint as far as the system will let you go, and it will track your

movements perfectly.

When it comes between sitting in a chair to play and getting to experience (almost) everything

just like real life, the choice is easy. Of course, it might make sense to wait a console generation

or two until the gambling experience is truly immersive. The wish list might be shrinking, but

true VR is still not here. If you want to experience the real thing, you will still have to pull into a

casino parking lot and go inside. If realism isn’t that important, however, playing casino games

with a headset at least means no waiting in line.