Go Big or Go Safe

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No matter when or where you gamble, it all comes down to two strategies: taking high-risk bets

for the most possible gain or taking the safest bets for minimal losses but no shot at winning big.

Many gamblers swear by one or the other, saying that is the only way to gamble, or the way to

have the most fun. There is a lot of truth to what people say, but who is on the right side? Who

has the best strategy for gambling?

The classic expression says, “Go big or go home.” Many people who gamble do not log into the

online casino just to make a couple bucks. They pick the games with the sharpest odds because

what they want is the huge jackpot. Some extra spending money is nice, but many would rather

bet all their nickels and dimes away for a chance at $1,000,000. People who buy lottery tickets or

play the slots are not expecting to break even at the end of the night. They are hoping for a

chance, even a slim chance, at a new life of luxury.

For others, the concept of taking risky bets sounds absurd. The chance of a big win is virtually

nonexistent, so what is the point of trying? These individuals seek out the best odds, even if it

means only winning a modest sum.

It may seem like one of the two playing styles must be right, but the answer is more

philosophical than mathematical. People may choose to take great risks in order to strive for

something tremendous. People may also work to manipulate the system, battling against the

house edge in order to reach a form of gameplay that places the advantage in the player’s hands.

This idea is sound but is not compatible with the dream of winning the jackpot or the lottery.

After all, if a player ever finds a way to give the edge to the player rather than the house, that

advantage will likely be .00001% or less. Giving the benefit to the players may be a nice change,

but it’s no way to get rich quick.

The bottom line is there is no right or wrong answer. Everyone plays for their own reasons, and

no one needs to defend their own reasoning against another player’s gambling style. Have fun in

the way that makes the most sense to you.

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