The Big Life Moments that Gambling Prepares Us For

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Nothing beats the rollercoaster rush of an exciting night with money on the line, but it’s not all

fun and games. The rush of winning may be great, but it is chasing the tail of crushing defeat.

When a winning streak starts, a little voice whispers, “Keep going, keep going,” until nothing

stands in the player’s way except a slowly unveiling card. What if we could find some sort of

purpose to the little losses in gambling games, a higher meaning that makes them more than just

a bad day? The crushing moments may seem like the worst that things get, but they can actually

help people to cope with other problems later on.

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Sometimes a player is standing at the blackjack table with a 21 in hand. They are simply waiting

to reveal and collect the winnings when another player turns over their cards: a 21 combination

with a slightly higher card. Feel cheated? Feel robbed? Take a hold of this feeling and conquer it

because it may be coming back a second time. Whether an unpopular coworker grabs the

promotion you were expecting or a friend starts dating the person you liked, no one wants to be

surprised. At least the experience from gambling will help with the coping process.

2. The Big Crash

One winning bet, and things are good. Two winning bets, and you’re on a roll. Three winning

bets, and it’s a streak. Four winning bets, and you’re unstoppable. Five winning bets, and it’s

unreal. Push all of your chips onto the sixth bet, and you lose, being left empty-handed. This

kind of letdown is no fun for players, but so long as it’s just spending money, it’s not the end of

the world. The real deal is getting dumped, losing a job, getting the car totaled, or any kind of

dreaded loss. Losing after a streak of good luck is hard to walk away from, but in the long run, it

will make it easier to walk away from other things.

3. Making a Bet

When all bets are off, there is no telling what the next card will be, or what the spinner will land

on, or what the dice will bring. The only thing that’s certain is that it’s crunch time, and a simple

choice of where to place the poker chips will have a decisive effect. These decisions are hard, but

they get easier. They even get easier when they are a choice of whether to move, whether to take

a job, whether to break up, whether to get surgery, or any one of a million things that people

stress over in life.

The next time you have a bad experience at a casino, remember that at least it was worth

something. And perhaps a good experience will come around soon.


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