Rick’s Top Five Bingo Casinos

Welcome to Rick’s top picks for online bingo. Use the information below to figure out which bingo bonus offer will be the most advantageous for you.The bingo destinations found below were chosen specifically because of these bonus codes are superior to most that we saw, but not only that, they are also far easier to use as well, and come backed with the usual 24-hour customer service guarantee.

Reviews for the Best Online Bingo

  • Bonus: 600%
  • Software: Parlay
  • Established: 2004
  • Serving: USA

123 Bingo Accepts US Players

123 Bingo is a USA online bingo establishment with a friendly, welcoming interface. Everything is very easy to find, and the (English) support was top-notch. They have a flash or download versions available, and lively community.

  • Bonus: $75 Free
  • Software: Parlay
  • Established: 2011
  • Serving: USA

Bingo Knights is Accepting US Players in 2013

Bingo Knight saves the day for any American player searching for online action. They have software that looks good. They deposits and withdraws are timely, and above all else, they have an awesome bonus code structures.

No matter which casino game you are playing, it’s the bonus, and the way that the bonus is structured, that will likely decide which casino you will ultimately choose to play at. As you can see, all of the casinos we picked use the same software, so besides the aesthetics – the graphics and sounds – the main thing that differentiates most casinos are the way that their bonuses work. Not just how much money you will get, but also the prerequisites for withdrawing that money after you make a big win.

Note: Regarding the bonuses: the percentage (%) bonus refers to the amount of money that the casino will give you on top of your deposit. So a %100 bonus would be what is called a ‘match bonus’ and that is where you get your deposit investment matched. Notice that the bingo casinos have deposit bonuses that are quite generous – in the 500% range. If you click on the link, you can see the details in full on how you can cash in on these awesome bingo incentives.

Why play bingo?

If you have never played bingo before, you should check it out. Bingo is a great game for gamblers because there are so many chances to win. If you are not really much of the gambling type, then bingo is the perfect game to start off on because the rules are simple, and basically anyone can sit down and start playing without having to know too much. But on the flipside, bingo has a massive following. It’s one of those “true gamblers” games that attracts even the most seasoned gamblers for a game or two.

Plus, all of the above, aside, it just feels really good to be able to yell out, “BINGO!”

Why So Short of a Bingo Reviews List?

If you’re wondering why we only have a couple of casinos on our list, the reason is that we have higher standards compared to most of the casino review sites that you will find out there. The way we look at it, going out and finding the best bingo bonus codes is our job. You shouldn’t have to spend hours looking through huge lists that include many low-grade or otherwise non-desirable casinos. You want to be able to get the information you need, and jump into a game without very much delay. If we thought that more than three bingo destinations deserved to be on this list, we would have put them on there, but for the 2013 season, the viable options with fair terms and conditions were few-and-far between.

All the casinos listed above accept American players with minimal delay, and with high credit card approval rates. They are a solid choice for players who are using American Express and Mastercard to make their player deposits. Additionally, our research demonstrated that their withdraw turnaround times were well within the industry norm of about 12-15 days.

We hope that you were able to make use of one of the bonus codes above. If you didn’t find what you are looking for, you should check out our Top Five USA Online Casinos listings for more general information on the casinos available in the USA for Americans.

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