Beginners: A Curse, or Good Luck for All?

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The casino can sometimes be a hostile place for beginners. When a group of craps players

catches wind that one of the players is new, some of the players may become upset or agitated.

After all, beginner’s luck isn’t always good luck. In certain circumstances, luck appears to turn

on players who should be experiencing tons of good luck, and it can be difficult to draw the line.

When beginners have good luck and when luck is nowhere in sight is up for debate. According to

common lore, certain actions seem to come more easily to beginning players, like rolling a set of

dice for the perfect result or knocking down all the pins in a bowling game. Other acts don’t have

the same beginner’s luck flare, whether they require specialized skills and expertise or simply

involve a close-knit group that doesn’t see many newcomers. There is much at play, but little

hints can be seen in the background as to what is really going on.

Here are a few examples of how beginner’s luck plays out inside the casino.


Women have beginner’s luck, but men new to the game bring a curse with them. Male beginners

are more likely to roll 7s and female beginners are more likely to roll the point. These odds are

believed to be true whether the new player is shooting or not.


Beginners are thought to have very good luck, but may not know how to use it. For example, a

starting player may not know when to split, and may either be too hesitant or too reckless to

make the right calls, but good cards always seem to flow into the hands of these players. With

the right preparation, these two sides of the coin might just sort themselves out.


As a game that is all about luck, of course the verdict on slots says that good luck comes to new

players. For believers in a thing called luck, this game may be a very good thing to look into.

The invisible hand of luck is a mysterious and sometimes fickle ally. Wield it well, and the

promise of success grows much stronger. Just bear in mind that good luck for one person may

not pan out as good luck for another, and the reasoning may sometimes be difficult to grasp. All

that’s left to be said is, good luck!


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