Get to Know Baccarat

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Many people only know about baccarat from the James Bond franchise, but it is a surprisingly

common game that is easy to learn. Playing a round is a lot like picking between red and black

on roulette, except there are only three options when playing baccarat, and all of the choices in a

roulette game take an entire table to display. Baccarat is a quick game that couldn’t be simpler,

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Just like blackjack, baccarat is a game of adding up the values of cards and trying to get the

highest one. The difference is all of the mulling over whether to hit or stand are completely out

of the player’s hands. The deck automatically hits when the cards are low, and stands when the

cards are high. The game gets even simpler on the computer, where the player presses the button

and then the whole game is over in a flash.

To win, the player must predict which hand will have the highest value. There is no math to it,

just random chance mixed in with a little bit of statistics. There are two hands to pick from: the

player hand and the banker hand. Naturally, the banker hand has a bit of an edge. The difference

is the player can actually bet on the banker hand and make the dealer bet on the player hand.

There is a small tax for betting on banker, but not to worry. The house edge has been calculated

out, and the banker hand is still the better bet.

There is a lot of fluff around who gets to deal and who bet the most, but there’s no need to worry

about all that, since none of it goes into winning or losing. There is also a long list of strange and

complicated rules about when the player and banker hands automatically stand, but that’s for the

dealer to worry about. Better yet, it’s for the computer to worry about. Online, all of the filler

goes away and all that’s left is pressing a button to win or lose.

Of course, there is one final option. The player can predict that the decks will tie. This is a

terrible idea. The odds almost never work out to cause a tie, and the payoff just isn’t worth the

risk. It’s always nice to have choices, though.

Ignoring all of the strange rules on who deals and when, and the even stranger rules on how

many cards end up on the table, baccarat is a sure and simple game. The trick to taking the best

odds is simple, too. Just bet banker.


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