Online Casino Cashbacks

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If you’re an online casino player, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about online casino cashback programs. Nearly every casino, both brick and mortar and online, offer their players some type of cashback program.
Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about online casino cashbacks and determine if you’re playing at the right casino.

What is a cashback?
In short, think of it as a rebate from the casino to you.
Casinos will offer bonuses to encourage you to keep playing, make a larger deposit, or to simply reward you for your loyalty.

What types of cashbacks exist?
These are the three most common cashback bonuses:
Welcome Bonus
When a player first signs up at a new online casino, the casino will offer a cash matching bonus on the first deposit
Deposit/Reload/Re-Up Bonus
When a player makes a deposit, the casino may offer a percentage based cash bonus to increase the total deposit
Cash back Losses
The least common of the three, this cashback offer occurs when casinos give you back some of the money you just lost through a cash back. Often times you will see a casino offers 20% back on losses for the week, up to a maximum of $100-200.

How often do casinos offer a cashback?
Most online casinos offer their players some type of cashback on a regular basis. Some casinos will have certain weeks where they offer bonuses for the entire duration, whereas some casinos offer exclusively on a monthly basis. While infrequent, some casinos may require you wager a certain amount of the bonus before being able to withdraw.
Each online casino is different so make sure you read the Terms & Conditions for each one to make sure you understand how their cashback policies work.

Is this a good way for me to make money?
Yes and no. Depending on how much you wager and how often you play, cashback rewards can be a nice added bonus. If you don’t intend to wager quite a bit and the casino has restrictions about withdrawals, cashbacks may not be as lucrative as they seem.

What’s the best part about a cashback program?
The cool thing about a cashback is that the amount you earn is in direct correlation to the amount of money you lost during your previous playing session. In other words, it’s the best way to redeem some of the money from your most recent loss. You will be paid out in cash to your player account and the money can be used right away.
The direct cash aspect of the cashback is what makes it one of the best and most popular perks that online casinos offer.

Everything you need to know about Online Casino Tournaments

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Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!

Nothing is more exciting than participating in a tournament. It doesn’t matter what kind of tournament – Poker, March Madness, Mortal Kombat – if there’s a tournament happening, it’s guaranteed to have intrigue, excitement, and more times than not, a lot of money for the winner.

In the world of online casinos, tournaments are a great way to lure in players from all over the world and have them compete against each other. Most casinos offer a wide variety of tournaments, including slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, free roll, and many more.

Let’s take a look at some of the best casinos to play tournaments at so you can showcase your dominance and do what everyone wants to do – take home a lot of money!

Silver Oak Casino

Whether you’re looking for a scheduled or a sit n go tournament, roulette or blackjack, high roller or standard buy-in, Silver Oak has you covered. What makes them even better is that given the extensive bonuses and promotions that are offered to its players, you’ll almost always have enough stored up in the account to enter any one of their many tournaments.

Mainly played by U.S. players, this casino will give you the chance to compete against some of the best gamblers in the country.

Cool Cat Casino

Play against players from all over the world in either a variety of tournaments. You pick the kind of game you like, you pick the time, you pick the buy-in, and you’re ready to rock. It’s just that easy!

While there are offers on a whole range of tournaments, including blackjack and roulette, they’ve become known for their slot tournaments. When it comes to convenience and competition, it doesn’t get much better than Cool Cat.


Scheduled Tournament: A tournament with a set date and time

Sit n Go Tournament: A tournament setup where you sit down at a table and the tournament begins once the table is full (namely used in poker).

Free Roll Tournament: No entry fee tournament where you still have the chance to win big prizes. Often attract a large number of players.

Slots Tournament: A scheduled tournament where all players have the same amount of credit and whichever player has the most amount of money at the end wins the grand prize.

Guaranteed Tournament: Enter and no matter how you do, you’re guaranteed to win something! Not a bad deal, right? These tournaments are often used to lure in players to the casino.

Best Casino Games

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When one is searching for the best casino games, they first need to figure out exactly what they mean when they say the word “best”.

Are you looking for the casino games with the best odds, or are you more concerned with the games most fun to play? Perhaps you want easy rules so you can play without having to study up on the game first? Or maybe you’re looking for the most creative game on the casino floor?

Regardless of how you define the best games, Rick has picked some world-class casinos to suit. Take a look at the list below and find yourself place to play your definition of the best casino games.

The Best Odds

If your definition of a great casino game is based entirely on odds, you’re in luck. Royal Ace Casino offers Baccarat, Roulette (European and American), Craps and Blackjack. The best odds in the casino are on offer, with a no-limit new depositor match bonus. Legit.

The Most fun to Play

If you’re looking to have the most fun possible playing casino games, then look no further than slots with interactive bonus rounds. You get spinning reels, flashing lights, ringing bells, suspense and bonus rounds dishing out heaps of cash.

It really doesn’t get much better than this.

You can pick from hundreds of slot machines with bonus rounds at the USA friendly leader in slots: Slots of Vegas.

If you simply wanted to settle the debate on what is the actual best casino game (in a live casino) the answer is simple: craps. A full table of craps is the most fun you’ll have in a brick and mortar casino. Everyone is playing together (for the most part), you win and lose together. This makes the game social and an absolute riot with a roller on a heater.

If you’re playing a game by yourself pick something where you get to make some choices, and have the shot at winning a big jackpot. Three card poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, and Pai Gow are all awesome choices.

What do you define as the best casino game?

USA Casino Bonus Codes

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If you’re from the United States and are looking to play casino games online, you’re an utter fool if you don’t start yourself off with a bonus code.

There is no singular bonus code type in the casino world, the first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of bonus is best suited to you and how you intend to play. If you don’t know the types of promotions available, don’t fret: you’re going to learn about them all in just a few seconds. When you have your bonus code all that’s left to do is sign up to the casino, use your code (possibly deposit, depending on the code you chose) and start playing.

Types of Casino Bonus Codes

The No-Deposit (or Free Chip) Bonus: With a no-deposit promotion you are not required to make a deposit into your (new) casino account. Instead the bonus code you use will give you a lump sum of free “real” money into your account instantly. You’ll be at the tables playing for a fortune in no time.

Suggested no-deposit bonus code: COOLEST25 (

The disadvantage to a no-deposit bonus comes with the fine print. Because you didn’t deposit the casinos will make it difficult for you to qualify to withdraw money from the account. The reason is simple: they don’t want you getting $25 free, not playing any games, and then requesting a check for the balance of your account.

Don’t be dissuaded though, you can absolutely turn your free money into a lump sum available to be withdrawn and deposited as real cash into your bank account. When taking a no-deposit bonus offer, be sure to understand the fine-print and grind your way to payday.

The Deposit Match Bonus: A deposit match bonus will match a percentage (often more than 100%) of the amount you deposited into your account. These bonuses require a deposit to receive, but are far more lenient on the rules and fine print compared to their no-deposit counterparts. Be sure to read the terms and conditions to see exactly what is and is not allowed, but in general a deposit match bonus is your best bet for any online casino promotion.

Suggested deposit match bonus code: NEVERENDING200 (

You can always find more offers and promotions on our top casino listing pages, such as this list of no-deposit casinos.