Las Vegas Casino Heists

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Danny Ocean and his gang of thieves aren’t the only ones who can plan a good heist. Every 5 years or so, someone comes up with a brazen and audacious scheme to rob a Las Vegas casino. While not always successful, the planning, effort, and manpower that are put into these robberies range from spectacular to downright questionable.

We’ll take a look at our top 3 favorite Las Vegas casino heists and let you decide whether or not you would’ve done it a tad bit differently.

‘Biker Bandit’ Bucks Bellagio

In December 2010, a man named Anthony Carleo, aka the ‘Biker Bandit’, rolled into the Bellagio looking for something a little more high stakes than your typical game of roulette.

The Bandit rolled up to the front of the casino in a motorcycle, walked right up to the nearest Craps table, pulled out a gun, and then demanded a boatload of chips. Brazen? Yes. Smart? That remained to be seen.

While he was able to evade authorities for just over seven weeks, his post-heist plans left much to be desired. He began selling the chips online through an Internet poker website, under the name ‘Cranberrykid25’. While it seemed like he was going to get away with the heist, he failed to account for his eventual downfall.

While robbing the craps table blind for all of its chips, the Bandit ended up securing too many different denominations of chips and Metro Police were able to track him down. In a bitter taste of irony, the Bandit ended up being apprehended where it all started, at the Bellagio, as he was unknowingly attempting to sell chips to undercover police officers.

He is currently serving up to 27 years in prison.

Stealing From The Star

Over 20 years ago, one of the most successful and unsuspecting heists took place on the Las Vegas strip.

In a heist even your grandma could pull off, a sports book cashier simply walked out with a bag of $500,00.00. That was it. No bells, no whistles, no exciting chase down.

William John Brennan, the man who stole the money, still has not been apprehended to this day. He was immediately charged with an unlawful taking of goods or money without the use of violence or threats, yet in 2015 there’s still been no sign of Brennan. It’s as if he simply vanished out of thin air.

The casino is now gone, the money has never been recovered, and Brennan is presumably enjoying his days on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific.

All in all, a pretty successful heist.

No Clowning Around

The last one on our list is from 1993 and has an element that our other two heists don’t have – love.

Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis, dating at the time, decided that instead of enjoying a Cirque show or playing a few rounds of blackjack, they’d rob one of Las Vegas’ most famous casinos – Circus Circus.

Using a Loomis armoured truck, the couple made off with over $2.5 Million and were able to evade authorities as they seamlessly snuck out of the country and into what many believe to be the Cayman Islands.

After the escape, Solis left Tallchief and their son. Both spent the next 12 years on the run until finally Tallchief, surprisingly, decided to turn herself in. She claimed that she had enough of living on the run and that the guilt had completely consumed her.

Solis still remains at large, along with the money, so the investigation remains ongoing.

Would have the guts to pull off any of these heists? Would you steal $2.5 Million to appease your boyfriend? Or, would you be audacious enough to walk back into the scene of the crime after you had just robbed it over hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Everyone has his or her own style and as you can see, the getaway is just as important and just as risky as the robberies themselves.

Let us know what you think of these heists and we’ll do a part II of this article in the next few weeks.

6 Reasons Why Craps is the Most Fun Game to Play

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Craps_601x1. The Crowd

Craps is not the same played alone. In a game of craps, the players set their chips down together, hold their breath together, and celebrate together. Win or lose, everyone is in it together. Even if they never see each other again, there is a sense of companionship that stems from placing chips together on the same bet. Enter any casino and the energy emanates from the craps tables

2. Letting the Chips Loose

Setting down one blue chip just isn’t enough. There is no feeling like watching the dice land around a huge pile of chips, waiting with bated breath for the point to be rolled. The larger prize isn’t too bad, either.

3. The Switch-Up

After spending several rolls almost unable to breathe, watching the dice as they hit the table over and over and feeling a growing dread that the 7 is coming, it’s hard to remember that a 7 is good news at the start of a round. The best buzz comes from realizing you have won right after thinking you have lost.

4. Getting Greedy

After hearing “hard 6” and “hard 8” over and over, all the while waiting for a number that refuses to come up, it’s easy to be tempted into placing bets on the far side of the table. It may take a few tries. Actually, it takes a lot of tries, but maybe, just maybe, your hard die roll will be called.

5. Tricking the System

One great thing about craps is the overwhelming number of options. There are many different places on the board to place the chips, and each one works a little differently. One of the great puzzles is trying to figure out which spot or combination of spots is able to bring victory. There are lots of different possibilities to try, some of which aren’t even clearly marked on the board.

6. Equal Footing

Craps is not stressful in the way that some card games are, which demand quick thinking and a thick mask. Poker demands a constant serious attitude, and each other person at the table is the enemy. To win, gamblers must trick their friends and strangers alike, and take the chips away from the people around them. With craps, everyone wins together. It doesn’t take discipline or fortitude. The support of all of the other gamblers at the table is enough to help anyone play.

The Best Methods for Winning at Roulette in the Casino

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online-roulette1.Watch the Wheel

Especially at cheaper casinos and with older Roulette wheels, it’s possible the wheel will favor certain numbers. Before betting, always watch to see if the wheel is landing on one side more than the other. Normally, it’s a good idea to stick to naming a color, choosing high or low, or picking odd or even, unless the wheel has an obvious bias.

2. Stick to the Sure Bets

It may be tempting to pick a lucky number, but the best odds of winning come from betting on something more likely to come up. Gamblers can bet on red or black, high or low, or odd or even. This way, the odds of winning are almost 50/50 for every single spin. If it weren’t for the two green tiles, 0 and 00, gamblers would most likely win every other game.

3. Beware the Martingale

The famous Roulette strategy, the Martingale Strategy, focuses on the idea that so long as the player continues to bet more and more, so long as they win one time, they will at least break even. Players first bet the minimum, say $5, then double from $10 to $20 to $40 to $80 to $160 on a single spin until they finally win. The strategy works, except the money leaves the gambler’s pocket before they realize what’s happening. Even worse, the strategy of doubling bets does not actually improve the odds of winning, so it’s better to stick with several small bets.

4. Beware James Bond as Well

Another well-known Roulette strategy is called the James Bond strategy. The player places their chips strategically all around the board to maximize the chances of winning. $140 goes on the High Numbers space, $50 on 13-18, and $10 on 0. There’s about a 2/3 chance of leaving with a small profit, between $80 and $100, and a 1/3 chance of taking a $200 loss. In other words, for every 3 games, the player will lose about $20. It comes close to a sure win, but is still not as good at betting blacks, reds, odds, evens, highs, or lows.

5. Quit while you’re ahead.

You know how it goes. The money rolls in just as quickly as it leaves. A keen gambler knows when it’s time to call it quits, when there are still chips on the table. Roulette may be one of the gambling games that is most likely to turn a profit, but that doesn’t mean that continuing to watch the wheel spin guarantees profit. If you get your fix and find yourself with more money in your pocket than when you came in, it’s not time to call it a winning streak. It’s time to claim victory and move out.

Try you luck today. Start with a good quality bonus here.

Top 5 Most Gambled upon Sporting Events

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Sports book tote board

Sports book tote board

Sports betting is wildly popular throughout the globe and virtually any event can be bet on one way or another. Professional sports betting has an appeal and offers exhilarating energy to anyway who enjoys added incentive while watching and anticipating an outcome. Online gambling has exploded over the past decade and a half and we don’t predict any slowing any time soon.

5. Kentucky Derby

For those who might not be familiar with it, the Kentucky Derby is an annual event in which spectators can watch horses running in circles very fast. The event gathers a lot of attention. Gamblers place bets on not just which horse will come in first, but which will come in second, third, dead last, etc. Gamblers can also bet on which section of the ring the winning horse will start in.

4. Cricket World Cup

No, not the insect. The Cricket World Cup is watched with great anticipation in countries around the world, but perhaps not as much in the United States. Bets are taken far in advance of the tournament, with wagers based on the past failures and successes of the given teams. In the year 2000, there was a huge scandal in which the South African cricket captain, Hansie Cronje, admitted to accepting money from bookmakers. If you didn’t hear about it, you probably have a Western time zone.

3. Soccer World Cup

The World Cup for Soccer only takes place once every four years, and lasts for one month. Based purely on the number of dollars wagered for the full span of the event, the Soccer World cup may be more betted on than any other sporting event, even the Super Bowl.

2. March Madness

The month of the NCAA basketball tournament is called March madness for a reason. Basketball season may not have the same notoriety as the rush of chaos preparing for the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t stop excited gamblers from calling in every prop bet they can think of.

1. The Super Bowl

The final game of each NFL season is an explosion of shouting, cheers, high-fives, and crying that lasts from the moment the two competing teams are announced to when the last intoxicated fan is ushered out of the stadium. Fans are forced to make a difficult decision every year: whether to place a small bet and watch from home with friends, or whether to sell their car for the chance to buy a ticket before they sell out, then not have any money left over for a wager. Every year, fans bet more and more, with no sign of calming down.

The Best and Worst Casino Game Odds

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The fun in gambling has never been in the statistics. If you enjoy gambling and have found a way to keep it balanced, whether it’s blackjack or slots or anything in between, don’t let the numbers tell you off. The statistics are just that: the odds set up to ensure the money moves from the players to the house. If you still want to keep reading, here are the facts.

The Best:


By betting exclusively on either reds or blacks, players secure an almost 50/50 chance of winning. That means that for every time they win a game, they lose another. American Roulette tables have two green squares, however, meaning the odds are just slightly worse than one in two.

The main problem with playing Roulette this way is that it can be slow and tedious. The odds of having a specific number rolled are slim, but a 36 to 1 win is far more exciting than continuously breaking even.


Unlike Poker, Blackjack has a fairly simple set of rules, and the only person players need to worry about is the dealer. Most players will win at least 4 in 10 games, but not even counting cards will bring the odds of winning above 50%.


Normally, playing craps results in fairly poor odds, but there is a way to break even. This is done by layering bets. When players places multiple bets on the same number, (up to 10 is allowed), the dealer awards winning based on the exact odds of that win occurring. If a gambler places ten times odds on one number and plays for an eternity, they will walk out with the same amount they started with. Any other setup, and they will lose in the long run.

I recommend learning craps here. You can do so for free and learn the ins and outs and test every option.

The Worst:


Slot machines and Wheel of Fortune provide many things: flashing lights, buzzing noises, and the cheerful clatter of spinning dials. What they do not provide is any decent chance of winning. The absolute worst odds come from penny slots. For devoted slot machine users, the best odds come from the maximum bet on the most expensive slots, but winning is most likely not on the menu.


If it’s even possible, there is a way to gamble which promises to waste even more money than slot machines. The name of the game is keno. Instead of winning one and losing one, for every game a gambler wins, they will lose more than two. If anyone is getting rich playing this game, it’s the dealer.

There you have it, the best and worst odds for casino gambling. The short version of the story is, is if you play, play for fun.

6 Celebrities with Crazy Gambling Habits

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  1. Shannon Elisabeth


After claiming her fame in American Pie, Shannon Elisabeth started a whole new career: professional poker. If you believe it, she’s been rumored to run her own secret poker ring right out of her own home. The rumor was stirred by a gambler who claims to have played inside Elisabeth’s house. The gambler claims Shannon Elisabeth throws tantrums during play and takes players’ money for the house.


  1. Allen Iverson
PLEASE NOTE THIS IMAGE IS FOR USE VIA THE CONSUMER POD SITE ONLY. PHILADELPHIA - MAY 11:  Allen Iverson #3 of the Philadelphia 76ers wants the crowd to get louder during the closing minutes of their win over the Detroit Pistons in Game four of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2003 NBA Playoffs on May 11, 2003 at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The 76ers won 95-82 to even the series 2-2.   NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

PLEASE NOTE THIS IMAGE IS FOR USE VIA THE CONSUMER POD SITE ONLY. PHILADELPHIA – MAY 11: Allen Iverson #3 of the Philadelphia 76ers wants the crowd to get louder during the closing minutes of their win over the Detroit Pistons in Game four of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2003 NBA Playoffs on May 11, 2003 at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 76ers won 95-82 to even the series 2-2. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The basketball player and rapper, Allen Iverson, was banned from multiple casinos in not just one but two cities: Detroit and Atlantic City. According to the casino staff, he has a history of throwing his chips and cards at the dealers.


  1. Charles Barkley


The words came out of his own mouth: NBA sports analyst and former NBA player Charles Barkley has lost more than $10 million gambling. He has this to say about it:

“Do I have a gambling problem? Yeah, I do have a gambling problem but I don’t consider it a problem because I can afford to gamble. It’s just a stupid habit that I’ve got to get under control, because it’s just not a good thing to be broke after all of these years. I gamble too much, I gamble for too much money, and it’s something I have to address. I am addressing it, that would be the best way to explain it. I’m not going to quit gambling because it’s my life and it’s my money.”


  1. Tobey Maguire


In 1998, Tobey Maguire made the big screen as a teenager in Pleasantville, a successful film nominated for three Oscars. From 2002 to 2007, he starred in Spider-Man film after Spider-Man film. The crowd couldn’t get enough of him. In 2011, Maguire was sued for taking part in an illegal multi-million dollar gambling ring. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were also involved.


  1. Ben Affleck


During one drunken trip to Las Vegas, Ben Affleck played blackjack with a wager of $60,000 per hand. It worked out rather well for him, as he walked out with a shiny new $800,000, minus a generous $150,000 tip to the employees. His habit doesn’t stop there. If the rumors are true, Ben Affleck is up most nights playing online poker, losing as much as $20,000 every night.


  1. Charlie Sheen


A lot of things have been said about Charlie Sheen over the years. One juicy tidbit comes from his ex-wife during his 2006 divorce: $20,000 of tiger blood’s money goes into sports bets every week. Charlie Sheen, himself, claims to have made and lost a million-dollar wager. Says Sheen, “I felt nothing. And I went, O.K., there’s nothing left for me here. Unless my children are involved in the wager, no sense in making it, you know?” Charlie Sheen claims to have quit gambling since recovering from the loss of his spot on Two and a Half Men.

The 8 Most Extravagant Casinos in the World

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Some casinos are known for their size, others for their loud and flashy atmosphere. With the whole world on the table, there is something for everyone.

  1. The Bellagio

In its prime in 1998, the Bellagio was the most expensive hotel and casino ever constructed. Other buildings have gone on to claim the title, but the Bellagio is still well known for its high table limit of $10,000, with rumors of games reaching the million dollar level. The restaurant atmosphere has gathered the attention of the AAA Diamond Awards by earning 11 5-diamond awards.


  1. Venetian Hotel

In the center of faux Venice, surrounded by gondolas and water canals, is a casino that is both large and luxurious. The vast interior is decorated with the same Venetian theme. The casino is also attached to a world-class spa.


  1. City of Dreams

The large Chinese casino located in the gambling peninsula of Macau is decorated internally and externally with flashing lights. The crown jewel of the casino is a round outdoor theater containing 3.7 million gallons of dancing water.


  1. Venetian

The massive casino within the towering 10,500,000 square foot Macau hotel reaches a total of 550,000 square feet. The Venetian casino is so gigantic that it was divided into four major sections: the Golden Fish, the Imperial House, the Red Dragon, and the Phoenix. The Chinese tribute to Venice contains its fair share of golden statues, gondolas, and swimming pools.


  1. The Wynn and The Encore

Two sister hotel buildings stand in Las Vegas: The Wynn and the Encore. The two buildings appear to glow gold in the sunlight, which is plentiful in the Nevada desert. The larger sister building, the Wynn, has been awarded the AAA 5 Diamond Award, the Forbes 5 Star award, and the Mobil 5 Star Award, and the Encore has earned its own fair share of honors.


  1. Resorts World Sentosa

The enormous Singapore center of entertainment, the Resorts World Sentosa, contains not one but two casinos. The entertainment giant includes a Universal Studios theme park as well as the world’s largest oceanarium, which is a gigantic salt water fish tank that spectators and scientists alike can come to view.


  1. Marina Bay Sands

Also in Singapore, the world’s largest atrium casino lies within the Marina Bay Sands. With five hundred gambling tables, the casino offers everything a gambler may care to look for. On the roof of the Marina Bay Sands, the SkyPark offers a 150 meter swimming pool and a view of Singapore from every side of the building.


  1. CityCenter

The most expensive casino building in the world is the CityCenter found in Las Vegas, Nevada. This building is the largest employer in the casino business. While originally estimated to cost $4 billion to construct, the sum came to a grand total of $9 billion USD.

The Origin of the 5 Strangest Gambling Superstitions

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supersition1. Ins and Outs

According to Chinese superstition, the money comes to the people with innie belly buttons. This might be because the dip shape suggests a full and prosperous life. The next time you gamble, visualize your belly button filling up with poker chips. Or don’t.

2. Bring Your Own Mojo

Dedicated good luck-seekers sometimes bring a bag carrying a good luck token or trinket. The bag has a variety of names like the jomo, the toby, or the nation sack, and contains an item such as a rabbit’s foot or five-finger grass. Mojo bags came from the rise of hoodoo beliefs in the American south.

Mojo bags can be filled with all sorts of items, including fool’s gold to attract real gold, the number 7 to attract good luck, the number 13 to turn bad luck into good luck, and a real winner: a raccoon penis bone wrapped in a $20 bill.

3. Seeing Red

For the more risqué luck-seekers, there are red shoes, red sunglasses, red matching friendship bracelets, and finally red underwear. Red is the color of prosperity, or so says the long-standing Chinese tradition. The red underwear part might be a newer addition.

The usage of red does not stop at clothing color. Red room decorations and paraphernalia bring their own luck, as does something a little grosser. A woman on her period is said to have the most luck of all, more luck and can be bought with all the ruby slippers in the world.

4. The Mouth of the Beast

You may have heard someone mention it’s a bad idea to enter a casino from the front. This tradition is actually only 20 years old. The superstition stems from the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, which forces patrons to walk right into the mouth of a gigantic lion. If the casino had picked another animal to model the building after, this superstition may have never existed.

5. A Tap on the Shoulder

Chinese tradition dictates that tapping the shoulder of a gambler brings bad luck, but it’s actually no more than common sense. Especially for mentally demanding games such as blackjack and games requiring a stone face such as poker, a tap to the shoulder can really turn the tables. If tapping the player’s shoulder brings some bad luck of its own, that’s just the icing on the cake.

The Strange World of Gambling Superstitions

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Very Superstitious : 5 Common, Uncommon, and Downright Strange Gambling Superstitions

There are those who cross their fingers before the dice is rolled. There are those who can only play certain games at certain times. There are also those who have a saltshaker handy just in case they need to throw it over their shoulder. And of course, there are those who think superstitions are for the weak and feeble.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, you’re well aware of how many superstitions gamblers can have. Today we’ll take a look at our top 5 superstitions and determine how crazy they are and most of all, whether or not they work!

Blow The Dice

This is a classic superstition that’s been around since dice were created. We all know how it works – player takes dice in hand, player blows on dice in an attempt to place a magical hex on them, player then rolls dice and if he gets the number he wants, he credits it to blowing on the dice.

Does this actually work? Well, it’s a little more complicated than you’d initially believe. At one time or another, we’ve all done it and its ended up working. And when it worked, we were all convinced it only worked because we blew on the dice. Had we not blown on the dice, we most certainly would have lost.

This isn’t the craziest superstition, but it gets points for longevity and effectiveness.

Crazy Scale: 1/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Get Out Of My Seat!

We’ve all met this person. There’s an empty seat at the Blackjack table but he won’t sit at it. Instead, he’s waiting for you to get up so he can sit in his lucky seat. Whether or not he makes money tonight is fully dependent on whether or not he sits at seat #2 at the table.

To make matters worse, while you’re playing, he’s just casually lurking in the background and watching everything unfold. You ask him to sit down, but he declines. He’s essentially become an extension of the table until his seat opens up and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Does this actually work? Probably not. I understand not wanting to sit last and play anchor for the table, but not taking an open seat at a Blackjack table on a busy night is just plain foolish. Even if this does work, you may have to wait hours before you actually find out.
Crazy scale: 4/5
Effectiveness: 2/5
Rabbit’s Foot

10 million of these are sold each year in the United States alone. 10 million. Think of everything you own and ask yourself, do 10 million people own this same thing? Needless to say, the rabbit foot’s popularity has stood the test of time and people of all walks of life believe it has a direct impact on how much money they can win.

How did it start? Many believe this started in Africa where rabbits are believed to be a symbol of fortune. So, if you possess a rabbit’s foot, by proxy, you will also have good fortune. This may sound crazy, but if this idea has spanned two continents and multiple centuries – it can’t be that crazy.

Crazy scale: 2/5
Effectiveness: 4/5
Numbers Game

No matter where you go or whom you talk to, 13s are and will always be unlucky. But with so many numbers in play at a casino, you’re bound to run into a slew of numbers that are deemed to be unfortunate by the gambling community.

The number 4 has historically been linked to bad luck in the Chinese culture. However, in turn, the number 8 is believed to provide luck and prosperity. Then there’s the gambler who once lost $10,000 because of the number 7, so now that number is off limits as well.

Then of course, you have the gambler who will always hit on 12 because he’s born on January 2nd. Crazy? Yes. Crazier than most other superstitions? Debatable.

There are so many variables at play with this superstition; yet it’s amazing how many players still abide by it. However, if a 9 ever comes up when you hit on the 12, perhaps your next child should be born in January too!

Crazy scale: 4/5
Effectiveness: 2.5/5
There you have it! Do you have any other crazy superstitions? Do you disagree with any of the ones above? Let us know and we’ll do a part 2 of this article, because superstitions are and will always be the biggest factor for a gambler’s success.

Best Systems To Beat Roulette

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online-rouletteThe ball drops, you’re not sure what to expect, and by the end of the night you’re out of money.
And no, we’re not talking about New Years Eve.
Roulette is seen by many as the ultimate game of chance — where timing, accuracy, and luck intertwine to either make you the night’s big winner or its latest victim. To make sure you find yourself in the former and not the latter, let’s take a look into the number one question all roulette players need to have answered in order to walk out a champion.

Where did the ball come down?

When the ball comes down, or ‘exits the track’, that usually gives you a good indication as to where the ball will land. Determine what number the ball initially comes down on and then wait to see where it finishes. The difference of spaces will provide you with a good indicator as to where the ball should land. While it won’t be exact every time, you’ll be able to judge the range of which the ball will settle in.
This is a long-term play in order to yield best results. The average dealer will often get 27-29 revolutions before the ball comes down, whereas a more seasoned and experienced dealer provides more stability and is more likely to get 28.5 revolutions on a consistent basis. The seasoned dealer will allow you to determine the ball’s drop location much easier.
Furthermore, it’s important to know what number the dealer dropped the ball into the track on. This will allow you to count the revolutions easier and see if the dealer develops a pattern.
Lastly, to answer this question you will need one virtue above all – patience. There is quite a bit of data to sift through before you can feel confident about making a bet.

How many revolutions the dealer gets on his spin, where he’s dropping the ball, and the average distance between where the ball exits and where it lands are all key pieces of data that need to be monitored before you can start making money.
Remain patient and wait for your opportunity to strike. When you do, you’ll be as prepared as possible to beat the wheel.