3 More (And Final) Signs That Your Blackjack Game Needs Help

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This is it. The third and final part of our Blackjack series is finally here and we’re going to look at the best tips for playing insurance, playing soft 18s, and most importantly, leveraging your tablemates.

We’ve already gone over how to play certain hands, when to double down, and when you should and shouldn’t split your pocket pair. To review these articles, click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

Playing Insurance

Don’t do it. It sounds like a somewhat prudent idea when you’re asked about to lay down a wager, but all the Dealer is doing is sucking you into a useless bet that will run your playing stack down way quicker than you need it to.

To recap, if the Dealer has an Ace showing, he will then go around the table and ask any players if they wish to purchase insurance. Insurance allows you to wager half of your original bet and if the Dealer hits Blackjack, you double up and thus break even on the round. If he doesn’t hit Blackjack, you lose your insurance bet but you’re still in play on your original wager.

Insurance does not protect your hand. This is the perception and one that the casinos have cultivated, but it should be made clear that you are essentially betting that the Dealer will hit a Blackjack at 2/1 odds. To contrast, the odds of the Dealer hitting a Blackjack, after showing an Ace, is 9/4. So if you’re playing $10 hands, resulting in $5 insurance bets, over the course of 100 hands, you will lose $10 through insurance. Keep this math going, and over the course of 500 hands, you will be out approximately $50.

You may get lucky and win an insurance bet here or there, but over the long haul, the numbers strongly suggest you will end up in the hole and run your chip stack dry.

Playing Soft 18

If a Dealer is showing 9, 10, or Ace, you have to hit on the 18. If you have a soft 18, you definitely have to hit. Most players feel comfortable with an 18 and are willing to run the risk that the Dealer won’t go 19-21.

If you have a soft 18, you always need to be hitting because you can’t bust and you might be able to steal a card away from the Dealer. Furthermore, it’s rare to play a hand with zero risk, yet incredible upside. This is the equivalent of free money so don’t be seduced by the number 18 and play the odds to up your chances of winning.

Playing A Crowded Table

Lastly, when you’re at a casino, it’s always best to play with a crowded table.

First, the more players at the table, the less hands you see. Given that the house has a .5% edge over you, it makes sense that the lower amount of hands you see, the less advantage the house has over you. Secondly, you can strategize with the table and if you’re ever unsure about what to do, you have a crowded table of players telling you exactly what you should do. Last, but certainly not least, if you’re counting cards, you’ll be able to recognize if a deck is hot much quicker than normal given the high volume of cards that are coming out per hand.

You will never have the advantage of the house, but playing a crowded table gives you the best opportunity to close the gap as much as possible.

There you have it! With all three parts of this series, you are now ready to head to the casino and take home the biggest Blackjack cashout of your life.

Or, you’ll never want to ever play Blackjack again. Either way, you’re not losing any money!

3 Ways to Beat the Casino

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Sports book tote board

Sports book tote board

There is never just one way to do anything. It may feel like only mathematicians can conquer the

house advantage, or only a big jackpot can make up for all the time and effort already invested in

winning, but there is always another way to win.

1. Random Chance

Not all big gambling winners do so using skill or forethought. Sometimes winning just happens,

and it can happen anytime. This was the case for a very lucky craps player: Patricia Demauro.

This miracle-bound person was just about new to the game, having only played it one other time

in her life. Then, one fateful day in 2009, Demauro stepped up to a craps table and won 154

throws in a row. Another famous stroke of good luck happened in 2000 when a Los Vegas

cocktail waitress broke the record on the Megabucks jackpot and walked home with

$34,959,458.56. The story doesn’t end well for her, however. Less than three months after her

big win, Cynthia Jay’s car was hit by a drunk driver, and she lost her sister and her ability to

walk. Random chance may have worked out for her to begin with, but it did no favors for her in

the end.

2. Negotiating

Everyone knows some games have more of a house edge than others, but few people stop to

figure out how much of an edge each little rule gets them. Don Johnson is not the sort of person

to hear the house is going to win and accept it. Instead of trying to cheat the system by counting

cards or slipping in cards of his own, Johnson found holes in the rules and then used them. He

found casinos and dealers that were more lax about when players could go back on a bet, when

they could increase the bet, and other details that didn’t seem all that important to other people.

Then he asked the dealers to bend the rules just a little bit more until the advantage was on his

side. His greatest success came from negotiating the payback that the casino gave him if he lost.

After winning a total of $15 million in about six months, Johnson retired rich.

3. Skip the Casino

Not all bets need to be predetermined by casino rules. Sometime a player can come up with their

own idea and take them to a wagering company. These bets can be just about anything from the

temperature next week to the number of states in America in 50 years. The farther away in time,

the less probable, the greater the windfall. There are two famous instances of these strange bets

working out. One is the story of the Welsh national football player, Harry Wilson. When Wilson

was just a child, his grandfather, Peter Edwards, predicted his career, and was awarded 2,500

times his initial 50 pound investment. This system also worked out well for David Thelfall, who

predicted in 1964 that a man would walk on the moon within seven years. His prediction came

true in 1969. Both of these people did something the rest of the tide avoids: taking the odds into

their own hands and making their own rules.


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3 Craps Strategies, Why they Work, Why they Don’t

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There are two types of betting strategies: conservative strategies that involve making one or two bets and taking them away before things get dangerous, and all-encompassing strategies with bets all over the board. Craps is the perfect example to demonstrate how these strategies work out. There are many gambling strategies out there, but this is just a look at three simple ones:

Classic Regression, Three Point Molly, and All but Seven.

1. Classic Regression

Wait for the dealer to announce the point.

Place a $6 bet on the 6 and a $6 bet on the 8.

Wait for the dealer to roll.

Ask the dealer to take a chip off of each pile.

Wait for the dealer to roll.

Ask the dealer to take a chip off of each pile.

Keep your bet on the table until the dealer rolls a 7.

So far as betting strategies go, this one is solid. Though individual numbers like 7 are more likely to come up than others like 1 or 12, each combination is just as likely as any other. Two 1’s is just as likely as a 4 and 5, or a 3 and 6. There are 10 combinations that make a 6 or 8, and only 6 combinations that make a 7, so it’s more likely than not that this strategy will win. It still may not be a winner over time. It seems obvious that if a 7 just came up, it may be a while before it comes up again, but that just isn’t true. It’s just as likely the 7 will come late into the strategy when there are only 2 chips on the table as in the beginning when there is a fresh $12 on the line. There’s no delaying the inevitable. The 7 may strike at any moment.

2. Three Point Molly

Place a Pass Line bet with single or double odds.

Place a Come Line wager with single or double odds.

Hang on tight and collect the winnings until a 7 comes up.

Always replace the Come Bet after winning.

With both bets in place, there are no wrong answers. Except for the numbers that don’t count, of course. There are less wrong answers, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, the extra bet security doesn’t pay. The cost of the extra chips does not make up for the probability of getting a win from the other rolls. It is better just to stick with the single most probable bet instead of going for the mix and match.

3. Anything but Seven

Wait for the dealer to announce the point.

Bet $6 each on the 5, 6, and 8. Bet $3 on the Field.

Wait for the dealer to roll 3 times.

Take all your bets away before the fourth roll.

Because there are chips scattered across the board, money is trickling in every turn. Maybe not quite enough money to make up for the expensive $21 invested, but still a lot. Having the board covered with bets may feel safe, but it’s actually the opposite. Money may be coming in almost every time, but this number of bets is expensive to maintain and it’s difficult to realize exactly how quickly it’s slipping away.

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4 Ways Facebook is Already Set up for Gambling with Friends

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With multiplayer games on the website, trending news, and finally an easy feature for sending

money, Facebook is already set up for online gambling. This is how each of Facebook’s different

features can be used in order to create friendly competitions and place wagers with each other.

1. Everyone picks a game.

Lots of Facebook friends already have games that they play online together . The ideal kind of

game to bet on has a clear winner for each round. Whether it’s a competitive game of skill or

entirely a game of chance, placing bets on a game is the most fun when everyone has a fighting

chance. If the friends are playing a variety of different games, it may be nice to place bets on

several of them, with each player being especially good at one.

2. A big news event comes up.

A survey says that almost one third of Americans hear about news first on Facebook. Whether a

friend mentions it in their status, they subscribe to a news app, or they see information under

Facebook’s Trending feature, people tend to watch news events unfold while engaging with the

social website. This means that, if the news isn’t too upsetting or boring, friends can place bets

amongst themselves about how it will unfold.

3. Someone notices a trend.

When is the last time a large movement picked up a trend of changing their profile pictures to

support a cause? These movements get bigger and bigger. The last big one was even spurred on

by the Facebook staff. Friends naturally want to ask each other, “Is this person going to join in?

Why didn’t this other person?” Harnessing the power of curiosity can be tons of fun when these

things come up. Placing bets can also be fun for when a Facebook couple will break up and when

someone will lose their job, though these bets are a little cold-hearted.

4. Everyone sends in the money.

Every gambling game needs a way to hold onto all of the bets until the winner is announced.

Through Facebook, everyone can easily send their bets to a single trusted friend, and then that

friend can redistribute the betting money to the players after the game is concluded. Facebook

has run such an awareness campaign about the money-sharing feature, it’s a wonder this doesn’t

happen more often.

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3 MORE Warning Signs That You’re Bad At Blackjack (Part II)

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Dealer's Hands

Last week, we tackled part I of this series. We talked about staying off side bets and not deviating too much from the general and widely used Blackjack strategy. Today, we’re going to focus on certain hands that you should and shouldn’t be playing, even if it may go against conventional wisdom.

How you play these hands will require some gut instinct and some reading of the table, however it’s important to recognize when you’re in a hand that requires a different way of thinking.

Hand #1 – Standing on a 16 When Dealer Shows An Ace

When the Dealer is showing an Ace, you almost always want to hit. However, sometimes when a player has 16, he/she is afraid of busting so they’ll just stand.

If you are one of these people, this is a warning sign that you are bad at Blackjack.

Yes, you have a high chance of busting but when you compare that to the odds of a Dealer busting while showing an Ace, you quickly realize the only shot you have to win is to hit your 16 and give yourself a shot at winning the hand.

This is a bad hand and more than likely, you’re going to lose. However, as Wayne Gretzky once put it, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Put yourself in a position to steal the hand and always hit on your 16.

Hand #2 – Splitting 10’s When Dealer Shows A 6

Yes, this seems like the smart move. Why not double your chances at winning by playing 2 10s face up vs. a showing 6? There are many reasons to convince yourself that this is a good idea, but here’s the one key detail that everyone seems to forget: When you split 2 10s, you are openly throwing away a 20. Last time we checked, 20 is the 2nd best hand anyone can get in a game of Blackjack and you’d be throwing it away for the chance to maybe double up your money.

Bird in hand or two in the bush? How you answer this question will probably determine what you do in this situation moving forward. However, if the idea of the game is to beat the Dealer, it’s hard to ask for a better opening hand than a 20.

Hand #3 – Standing on an 18 When Dealer Shows A 9

This is the trickiest of tricky situations as giving up on an 18 will twist and churn your stomach more than the free booze you get at the table. Normally you don’t want to risk your 18, however with a near 40% chance that the Dealer turns over a 10 or Ace, your 18 won’t hold up.

This one may require some table reading, however more times than not your instinct should be to hit your 18. We know this is painful and you probably will still stay on your 18, but if you want to give yourself the best shot at winning, then you have to bite the bullet and ask for more on your 18.

Next week, we’ll conclude this series with part 3 and take a look at playing insurance, hitting 11s, and leveraging your tablemates.

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How to Throw a Casino-Themed Party

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Color Scheme

The best color scheme for a casino look is black on red. The colors remind guests of roulette boards and poker chips as well as the color theme of a deck of cards. For a more vibrant atmosphere, all of the common poker chip colors can be used: Black, red, blue, green, and white.


For the full gambling experience, the drinks don’t just need to be mixed, they need to be mixed up. Hands down, the best parties have someone playing bartender. Since life is a gamble, spice things up with some salt and pineapple (which go well with Tequila), apple brandy (which mixes with gin), and ice cream (which can be dunked right into a glass of Sherry). The drinks should be as lively as a game of craps and as unpredictable as the Wheel of Fortune.


What if all you needed to win the Wheel of Fortune was to throw a dart onto the right piece of the pie chart? Print out a blowup copy of the Wheel of Fortune and glue it onto a piece of cardboard, and let the games begin.

Turn a craps board into a drinking game. All that free odds gibberish isn’t needed, just the pass line and the don’t pass line. Let’s see who wins!

Gambling games should be easy to set up and take down. There should be plenty of decks of cards, dice, and  poker chips on hand, as well as empty tables. To keep the place from looking dead, card tables can be folded and stowed away in the corner for guests to take out.


Who doesn’t want to go to a party wearing nothing but a bikini, a boa, and a whole turkey’s worth of feathers? Most people. But you’d might as well leave that option out there. There’s a lot that can be done with the dress code. The event could be black tie with decked-out poker tables, or sweatshirts and jeans with cards lying on the floor. The goal is to have fun, so know your audience, and your budget. If the invite says formal, the atmosphere must follow through. That means tuck the Ikea away and get out the good curtains.


The party music should be upbeat and simple. Club tunes and electronic music are going to be the best bet. Pop and choice video game songs are also fair game. For a more cerebral feel, take a look at http://www.rickross.com/4-famous-songs-gambling/.

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5 Beloved Celebrities and their Lucky Charms

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Phone Booth and Daredevil star, Colin Farrell, takes the luck of the Irish to the next level. This happens in the form of shamrock underpants that accompany the Golden Globe winner’s legs to the filming of each new movie he takes part in. Farrel’s waistline-based luck doesn’t stop there. Until 2011, the actor held onto a beloved belt given to him by his father. He treasured it enough to take it in for repairs multiple times, but not enough to avoid cutting into the leather to create new makeshift holes to fasten it with. One fateful day, the belt went missing and Farrell offered 3,000 pounds (or $4,700) for its safe return, but the alleged thief decided to hold onto the belt instead.

The Victoria’s Secret model, Heidi Klum, has something hidden under her spaghetti strap: a bag full of her own baby teeth. The secret got out one day when she brought the teeth with her on a plane. That move makes total sense. Of all the times to use a good luck charm, plunging 3,000 feet into the air is a good one. The mistake was taking the teeth out of her bag. “Well, I don’t, like, advertise it,” Klum once said about her bag of teeth, but that one fateful day, she did, and the plane hit a bit of turbulence and knocked the teeth into the air. So much for good luck.

Here is another example of good luck gone wrong. When faced with a possible jail sentence, the Disney child star, Lindsey Lohan, wore her lucky $3,000 “evil eye” necklace into court. Perhaps she forgot she was facing charges for shoplifting a necklace. The good luck charm (or perhaps the evidence examined by the jury) granted 120 days in jail.

The Academy Award winner and human lion look-alike, Benicio Del Toro, carries good luck with him wherever he goes. In this case, good luck looks like a ring with a wooden core. Armed with this clever ring, the Traffic actor can knock on wood at any moment throughout the day.

As the dean of Monster University and the queen of England, Helen Mirren, has had a lot of weight on her shoulders. This weight went right to her knees when she decided to wear 7-inch heels to each award ceremony she was nominated for. Maybe, for once, this good luck charm actually worked out. Mirren has managed to claim 11 Emmy Awards in her long (and still active) career.

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Whether to Play Slot Machines Online or Offline

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Slot Machine Guide

Find out when to play slots online and when to take it to the casino. Are the odds really different when playing slot machines in person? See what is really going on inside a slot machine, and if it works the same on the computer. Real slot machine data helps players to make educated decisions on where to take their bets.

How it Works

Unless the slot machine in question is built with actual reels and a pulley that spins them, there is no difference to be found between a real slot machine inside a casino and an animated one on the computer at home. Slot machines have been run by computers since 1975, and they all use a similar program, whether there are three reels or five.

The Odds

A real slot machine designer came clean and explained the inner workings of a slot machine, and the news isn’t good. The designer was in charge of created the odds for a slot machine with 22 symbols on each reel. The odds may not sound that bad, but there’s more than just that small reel involved. What the player doesn’t see is the computer’s random number generator, which picks a random number between 1 and 128. The reel only picks the jackpot on 116 or 117. That’s a 1 in 64 chance just for a single jackpot symbol. All slot machines use a similar number generator, whether they are in the casino or at home on the computer.

Good Luck

It is not unusual to believe in luck and grasp onto the sense that a jackpot is sure to come. That idea can’t exactly be backed up with numbers. Are certain slot machines more likely to win? Probably not if their results are recorded statistically, but who knows. Does that same lucky property transcend the boundary of the Internet and leak into certain online slot machines? This question is best left to the beholder.


Want a slot machine featuring different sizes of ducks and a goose? Prefer to switch back and forth between the classics and a gif-covered meme monstrosity of a slot machine? Care to try out ten themes in ten minutes without losing your spot at your favorite? Online casinos have you covered. Want to wait around for a certain machine to open while wasting quarters in a machine that just doesn’t have that pull? Casinos can offer that.

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3 Warning Signs That You’re Bad At Blackjack (Part I)

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Blackjack isn’t that difficult, yet we all fall prey to the same mistakes. Whenever you’re not winning, it can certainly be chalked up to luck. However, of all the games at the casino, if there’s one game that’s based least off the concept of luck, it’s Blackjack.

There are usually a few warning signs that point directly to why you’re not winning at Blackjack. When these warning signs start flashing, it’s very easy for other people at the table to see them and for them to figure out that you’re not a very good Blackjack player.

That’s clearly the bad news. The good news? We know exactly what these warning signs are and we know how to correct them for you. After reading this article, you too will be able to pick up on these warning signs and stop yourself before you lose any more money.
1 – Use The Tried and Tested Strategy

This is not difficult and quite frankly, if you’re not going to use this strategy, I’m not sure what else you would be using.

Example – If you have 15 (8 and 7) and the dealer has a 9 showing, what is your move?

Of course it should be to hit, as you must assume that the dealer will flip a 10 and knockdown a 19. However, you’d be surprised how many times a player will get cold feet and be weary of busting, thus not take the next card and lose the hand anyway.

Do what you’re supposed to and don’t try and get cute. Every card you do and don’t take will directly impact those at the table. It’s one thing to hurt you; it’s another to kill the rest of the people at the table!

2 – Stay Off The Side Bets

Yes, it’s very cool when you hit the ‘Lucky Ladies’ or you get doubles in the pocket. Yes, you’ll win 3-1 on your bet and have enough flow to last you for another 15-20 minutes. However, next time you’re at the casino, take notice of how many times people bet the side bets and how many times they kick away their wager. The wins will always be far more exciting and you’ll hear much more about them, but for every side bet win, there are 5-6 side bet losses that nobody talks about.

If you want to keep your money, stay away from the side bets!

3 – Pay Attention To The Cards

Nobody’s asking you to keep a running count of the cards, but you do need to be roughly aware when the deck is loaded with high or low cards. This isn’t an extensive exercise, but it’s one you need to master so you can alter your bets accordingly.

If you play a few hands and you’ve seen quite a few low cards (2-7) on the table, without doing any extensive counting you know the next couple of hands are going to lean towards higher cards. This is your bet opportunity to increase your bet with the hopes of hitting two high cards in the pocket. Each time you sit down to play Blackjack, there will be a time where the deck is ‘hot’ and you need to increase your typical wager to take advantage.

Think of it this way. If you’re driving down the highway and you know there are no cops around, you’re more likely to go a little bit faster. Consider this like knowing the deck is hot with face cards. On the contrary, imagine there’s a cop who has set up shop on the side of the highway and is clocking your speed, you’re much more likely to drive conservatively. Consider this like knowing there are several low cards coming out.

You always adapt to your situation and playing a hand of Blackjack is no different.
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Should Google Glass be Allowed in Casinos?

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So far, casinos are opting out of letting Google Glass inside their walls, but are they missing out

on the possibilities? The face computer may make cheating easier, but it also does a lot of cool

things that aren’t the same without.


Players would be able to livestream the biggest games of their lives. A legendary bet, a jackpot

on the slots, all of these things are a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. What would it be like to have

this happen and not have any kind of recording? Google Glass ensures that when it happens, if it

happens, it would be on camera.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Some gambling games just aren’t secure with an intelligent camera

pointed at them. Electronic games like slots, Wheel of Fortune, keno, and video poker are fine,

but a camera is too suspicious in a more sensitive games. The casino staff, no less the other

players, would never allow a camera to be pointed at their cards, even if the purpose is just

harmless entertainment.

What if casinos provided augmented reality for Google Glass users? The first thing a slot

machine connoisseur does when entering a casino is catch a staff member and ask which slot

machines are hot. Instead, the augmented reality would point the users right to the hottest

machines. There is no need to pull anyone aside, and the computer would be able to hook

everyone up with the best information. Augmented reality could also let people know about

events and special deals, and provide tips to learning players.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Whatever the market of Google Glass users is, the market of Google

Glass-using casino-goers is bound to be smaller. In order for casinos to even consider providing

this service, there would have to be an expanded market into smartphone territory, which would

have people wandering around the casino holding their phones in front of their faces. Kind of

like in real life.


Counting cards would become easier than ever. Not only can the internal computer keep track of

all of the cards using perfect memory and calculate the odds of future cards flawlessly, computer

programs can be created to read the numbers and shapes on the cards using the camera. This

means Google Glass allows anyone to get the best advice from a perfect card-counting expert so

long as they wear the headset.

Why this wouldn’t work:

Everyone and his dog can tell when the Google Glass camera is on. The red light comes on each

and every time the camera is recording, and disabling it is no easy feat. Google Glass could still

be used to count cards, but the user would have to figure out a way to tell the computer which

cards appear without speaking or making obvious gestures. So much for hands-free cheatery.


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