Mobile Apps are Changing Slot Machines Forever

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Slot Machine Guide

Over the span of 10 years, gambling has transformed from a taboo activity that can only be done

inside the walls of a casino to a casual game that can be accessed as easily as a text message.

This change would have never been possible without the emergence of gambling apps on mobile

devices in the year 2005. For the first time ever, slot machines are subject to public reviews and

ratings, with unforeseen consequences.

When slot machines could only be found in casinos, there was no telling which ones were more

likely to pay out. The interior of a casino holds rows upon rows of flashing, beeping machines,

each one more of a money vacuum than the last. From the moment slots went online, this had to


Now the power rests in the hands of the player. If a player feels at all cheated or ripped off, a 1-

star review is at their fingertips. Just like bad Yelp reviews can drive entire restaurants out of

business, customer reviews in the app store have the power to drive an online casino to

extinction. Wise businesspeople have taken the hint and advertise their online slot machines as

having better odds than the ones in the casino. Slot machines that stick to terrible odds are on

their way out.

Think about the price of soda. A glass of soda costs a restaurant between 1¢ and 10¢, but they

charge the customers anywhere between $1 and $5. Most restaurants choose to charge their

customers as much as possible, but once one restaurant starts selling soda for $1, everyone starts

flocking to that restaurant and ignoring the rest. The other restaurants have a choice on their

hands: charge $1 for their soda or lose their business. The same is happening with slot machines.

A couple online casinos started moving the odds in favor of the player, and now all the others

must follow suit or be extinguished.

Since the dawn of electronic slot machines, the most successful games have been the loudest and

most colorful. All a machine needed to be successful was to grab attention. It didn’t even matter

if anyone ever won a jackpot. A spot in the app store means online casinos must compete head-

to-head and appease their customers before they land a 1-star review. The tides are turning, and

they are aimed in the direction of the user.

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Roulette – Spinning The Odds

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How The House Makes Money On Roulette

For novice casino players, roulette is a rather simple game to start with. It’s quite clear what a Red/Black bet, Odd/Even, or Over/Under bet is. You have plenty of time to bet and you can even shadow your friend at the beginning to learn the ropes. Plus, if you just play red/black all night, you figure you’ll be able to at least break even.

But while the game may seem favorable for a cautious gambler, The House as always has the upper hand. While this isn’t breaking news, it is interesting to note just how The House tilts the odds in their favor so you have a better idea of how to adjust your expectations.

To put it simply, the casino makes their money by paying you less than the risk you’re inheriting. For example, if you put $10 on the number ‘19’ and you win, you will get paid out 35/1. While 35/1 is great, it is actually less than the 1/37 odds you inherited when you placed the wager. So if you think about it, everyone wins just a little bit when you make money.

This is also true for Red/Black, Odd/Even, and Over/Under betting as you double your money each time, even though there is a 19/37 chance of you losing.

Roulette is a great game for all gamblers and often times the tables are where the most amount of hysteria can be found when you walk into a casino. Keep these odds in mind as you wager and don’t let The House beat you!

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The Best Attitude for Every Gambling Game

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The theory has been proven again and again: attitude helps you win. The question is which

attitude to take. For every gambling game, there is an attitude that perfectly fits the ideal playing

style. Coming at the game from the right angle allows players to take control of the game, even if

they can’t control the dice.

Blackjack: Confident

Confidence is a magical feeling. In every situation, it encourages people to follow the course of

action that they believe is the best one. Confidence also sharpens the senses and improves math

skills. With a confident mindset, players will notice more, make better mathematical decisions,

and follow through better.

Roulette: Patient

The safest bets on Roulette have about a 50/50 chance of winning and very little payoff. This

makes for a very slow game with a lot of back and forth. An eager player might get tired of

collecting small sums and watching them disappear on the next spin. They may even go for one

of the numbers hoping for a stroke of luck, but the most likely result is a heaping pile of nothing.

Slots: Reckless

Who doesn’t want to turn all the dials to max and see how far it goes? On a slot machine, this is

actually a good idea. On any machine, the maximum bet is always the best one. Finally, cranking

it up and letting loose is the right choice. Try it now at Slots of Vegas.

Craps: Cautious

A cautious player knows that the next 7 is right around the corner. It’s tempting to leave the bets

out until the 7 is long overdue, but a cautious player gets a gut feeling when it is time to snatch

the chips away and let the 7 come up. A cautious player also chooses the option with better odds,

so might pick the dreaded Don’t Pass line and have better odds than the norm.

Video Poker: Cunning

A chip in the hand is worth more than two in the cards. A cunning player knows that if there is

already a winning option in the starting set, there is no point in trying to form a new one. Video

poker is best played with a mindset that knows the difference between greed and calculated risk,

when it’s time to go for something big, and when it’s time to play it safe.

Keno: Anything

Unlike most gambling games, keno is a game of pure luck. There are no decisions the player

must make which will change the course of the game. That means players can throw caution to

the wind and play however they want.

How to Play to Win and for Fun

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casino fun

The debate is on: should gamblers go all out and shoot for the stars or should they cut back and

just play within their means? There is a dotted line that no one seems to catch onto, that it’s

possible to do both. Playing to win and playing for fun can and should be the same thing. If it’s

not okay to enjoy every aspect of gambling, then what is the point of showing up? The balance

isn’t always easy, but with a few pointers, it’s possible to play a high-risk game risk-free.

1. Pick a starting number.

When it’s time to have a big gambling night, pick an amount of money to bet that feels exciting

but not devastating. Don’t think of it as a budget, think of it as a ticket to a fun night, whether it’s

a night at home on the computer or at the casino.

2. Set a target.

If you are coming in with $50, then ending the night with $5 is losing, around $50 is pulling

through, and $100 is a victory. Instead of a simple monetary target, think of something you want

to buy, something that sits outside of the starting budget. It might be a new game, a new

appliance, a nice bottle of liquor, or a fancy meal. Every time you gamble, shoot for that target,

and when you reach it, go out and buy your prize. It’s worth the wait.

3. Don’t empty your pockets.

No one wants to go home empty-handed, even if all that’s left is pocket change for a drink.

Maybe set aside the winnings from a lucky bet, or maybe just call it a night when your pockets

are getting light. It will save you a walk of shame.

4. Bet large.

Forget everything you know about smart betting. It’s time to try out the unlikely bets with the big

payoff, the 1 in 38 chance of landing on a number in roulette or the 1 in 36 chance of rolling

snake eyes. Flipping a coin isn’t fun, and neither is betting on reds.

When worrying about money, it can be too easy to get caught up in the logistics of gambling,

only taking the safe bets and saving all the money. Keeping the rent money tucked away is

obviously important, but what about having fun? Make all the safe choices outside the casino,

but once inside, don’t forget to cut loose.

5 Facts About Slot Machines

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Slot Machine Guide

The most popular casino game in the world – both online and land – is slots. But even with its increasing popularity, there are several myths and misconceptions about slot machines that players try and leverage to gain an advantage on the house.

Here are 5 facts about slot machines that may (or may not) help you take down the house and become the next slots millionaire.

Each spin is calculated individually

This is one of the biggest misconceptions. It doesn’t matter how many times a machine has lost in a row or if it just won the jackpot. Every spin is 100% random and is autonomous from every other spin that happens both before and after.

Having a Player Card does not increase your chances of winning

It doesn’t matter if you have a player card or not. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to play penny by penny. It doesn’t even matter if you load up your machine with $50,000 and play penny slots for a full year straight. As mentioned above, each spin is done randomly regardless of what spins comes before/after AND independently of how you decide to pay.

Location of the machine has nothing to do with your chances of winning

“Trust me. The slot machine by the entrance way is way tighter than the ones in the middle of a casino,” said someone who knows nothing about slot machines.

This is one of the most common myths and one that needs to be debunked right away. However, the only good thing about this myth is that it only applies to land based casinos. Online, every slot machine is in the same place!

There is no best time of the day to play

The only ‘best time to play’ is when you have nothing else you’d rather be doing. Whether it’s 4am on a Tuesday and 9pm on a Friday, your odds are the exact same.

Casinos (sometimes) want you to win!

The last one may be the most surprising, but in reality it should be expected. Casinos don’t want you to win all the time, but they certainly want you to win occasionally. Players leaving happy or seeing other players leave happy is good for business and it’s the only way to get recurring business. So if you ever think a casino is conspiring against you, there’s a good chance they’re secretly pulling for you in order to get you back into their casino over and over again.

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5 Unforgettable Gambling Movies

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Dogs belong in sad kids’ movies and spaceships belong in cleverly disguised fantasy films, but

gambling is a topic that hasn’t been grabbed by a single genre. This is why filmmakers are free

to build any sort of story they like around gambling, from love to tragedy to light-hearted fun.

Not all gambling movies are winners, but some grip onto the viewer and hold on long after the

movie is over. These are just a few gambling movies that leave a lasting impression.

1. Owning Mahowny

Like many movies that delve into the sad state of the human condition, Owning Mahowny is

based on a true story. The plot follows an unfortunate character with a highly exciting job: bank

manager. Perhaps because his job is not quite exciting enough, the middle-aged Mahowny finds

a little extra excitement in his secret hobby of gambling. Unfortunately for him, the gambling

does not pay for itself, and he has no choice but to commit bank fraud on the multimillion dollar

scale. We’ve all been there.

2. The Cooler

Some people are notorious for their bad luck. For the casino worker, Bernie Lootz, bad luck is

the driving force behind his livelihood. Whenever a gambler is doing a little bit too well, Bernie

is there to ruin the good luck streak and send all the chips back into the casino’s coffers. Then,

all of the sudden, a girl likes Bernie, he feels happy for the first time in his life, and in case things

couldn’t get any worse, his bad luck streak ends. Poor guy.

3. Croupier

Passing out and collecting tokens for eight hours a day may not sound particularly exciting, but

to Jack Manfred, the job is chock full of creative inspiration. He may have started and thrown out

a dozen novels already, but nothing really inspired him to finish. Finally, by delivering the same

lines several times over the course of a 10-minute period, Manfred was finally able to finish his

novel. Then a screenwriter had an idea about how exciting being a croupier is and wrote a movie

about it.

4. Maverick

Sometimes people are so good at poker they are certain they will win an entire tournament, no

questions asked, yet all of their poker skills cannot land them enough to pay the tournament fee.

It doesn’t help when their love interest keeps stealing from them, or when the movie takes place

in the old west and the only way to get rich is by tripping on a lump of gold. Maverick is by far

one of the most light-hearted gambling movies out there, which might go to explain some the

plot holes.

5. The Color of Money

This hustling play on Karate Kid is more about the spirit of gambling than actual gambling. The

Color of Money is a movie around the game of pool, but it isn’t so much about pool as cheating

at pool, and risking it all in order to win a nice sum of money. In the film, a master at cheating at

pool trains an apprentice at cheating at pool, and then the apprentice overcomes the master at

cheating at pool. It’s about hard work or believing in yourself or something.


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Is 13 Really so Unlucky?

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So far as lucky numbers go, 13 gets a lot of bad press. When playing gambling games such as

roulette and keno, casino-goers usually avoid the number, even if it seems to be coming up a lot.

If concerned about the effects of good and bad luck, plenty of people steer clear of the dreaded

number. Many tall buildings skip over the 13th floor as if the number doesn’t even exist. Most

people want nothing to do with the number 13, yet others seem to think all the naysayers are

missing something. Taylor Swift, herself, considers 13 to be her lucky number that may just have

helped in her success. Is there something to the infamous number 13? The evidence has

something to say about that.

In religious text, 13 can sometimes be an uninvited guest. The most famous case is the Last

Supper of the Bible. In the story, Jesus sits down with his disciples for an important last meal

before his capture and crucifixion, but there is one missing: Judas. Because he’s a little busy

selling Jesus out to the Romans, he is the 13th person to sit down at the table. This alone is

enough to make the number 13 a less likeable character.

A similar scene happens in a Norse story in which 12 gods are sitting down enjoying a banquet.

Everyone had decided not to invite Loki because, like Judas, he is not exactly the likeable type.

Loki arrives anyway, angry and ready to cut some throats. In other words, Loki’s friends don’t

invite him to a party because he’s untrustworthy, so to prove them wrong, he shows up armed

and starts killing people. So far, not so great, number 13.

For the next couple millennia of human storytelling, 13 didn’t come up very much. The number

has shown up in books and films throughout the ages as an unlucky element, but not because any

new evidence came up. The latest big case of unlucky 13 syndrome was the Apollo 13 mission to

the moon. Even though every moon mission before and after Apollo 13 was completed without a

serious hitch, this mission is where it all went wrong. On the way, the oxygen tank exploded, and

each one of the astronauts had a brush with death. The number 13 did not do any favors for that


There are plenty of bad things to say about the number 13. Maybe gamblers are right for shying

away from it. There certainly aren’t any big stories about the number actually benefitting

someone. Maybe all the controversy is what drove individuals to love the number 13, even while

the crowds shudder and shy away. It may not be everyone’s lucky number, but at least it gets

love from somebody.

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3 Tips To Win Penny Slots

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Penny slots. This is the one game at the casino that everyone from the broke 21 year-old newbie to the veteran 75-year-old grandma can afford and play.

However, even though penny slots are one of the most popular games at any casino, it’s amazing how many people still aren’t sure how and where to play them. Lucky for you, that’s what we’re here for.

Here are 3 key tips to help you take down those penny slots and get the best ROI on your investment.

Max Bet

Always max bet. If you ever think about not max betting, just get up and walk out of the casino. If you’re playing penny slots, the only way you can get a max return on your investment is to wager max bets. You aren’t sure when you’ll spin a winner, but when you eventually do, you’d absolutely hate it if your winnings totaled to a grand 50 cents.

Additionally, many times you’ll get additional spins once you win and a max bet can net you up to 10,000 free spins depending on the casino. You can do a lot of damage in 10,000 spins so just keep the game going as long as you can to give yourself the opportunity to cash in big.

Matching Deposit Bonus

This is very common for online casinos, but it’s becoming more and more prevalent in land-based casinos as well. If a casino offers a free cash bonus, like any sane person, you should jump on this offer (just be sure to read the terms of the bonus, that is always good practice.)

For example, some casinos will offer you a 100% matching bonus, which means if you deposit $200 into the machine, the casino will match and bring your total deposit to $400. The best part about this type of bonus is that you have no choice but to deposit anyway, so this is really a no-lose, best case scenario type of bonus.

Look around and make sure you head to a casino that A) matches up to 100% of your deposit and B) does it more than once. Some casinos will re-top you up on your 2nd deposit as well.

Payout Percentages Are King

In addition to the deposit bonuses, you also want to play at a casino that’s known for its high payout percentage. Think of it this way – you would much rather go to a restaurant with the best food, right? Or you’d rather go see a sports game that features the best teams playing it. This is the exact same concept.

Why go to a casino that pays its slot players less than its competitor? Look around, check online for casino payout percentages, and work your way to the highest one. All of this work needs to be done before you even walk in and pull a lever on a machine, so you pre-assessment is absolutely key to your success. You don’t want to sink your chances of winning before you even get started!

There you have it. Follow these three steps and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to cash in on your penny investment and become the godfather of Las Vegas for an entire weekend. If you want to hone your skills, may we suggest playing at Slots of Vegas casino today

How to Spruce Up Your At-Home Gambling Experience

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With seemingly endless lists of online casinos to choose from, it may feel like gambling online

will never get dull, but sometimes it just grows into a droll routine. Luckily, playing gambling

games through a computer opens up endless possibilities for improving the experience. With a

personal computer in place of a slot machine, it is possible to do things that would never be

possible or approved of inside the casino.

Chat online.

It may not be the night for a big outing, but you and your gambling buddies can still keep each

other entertained. It can be especially fun to play the same game together, especially if that game

has a multiplayer option like online poker or bingo. Some social gambling games have a

chatroom set up so that you and your friends can chat with new people.

Stream it.

Have an interesting game going? Everything is better with an audience. To get a crowd going,

livestream what is going on using a service like Twitch.TV. It is also fairly simple to live cast

through YouTube. There is the option of posting the link onto Facebook or Twitter, or just letting

a couple audience members trickle in and out. It’s like having a personal entourage to celebrate

every victory and laugh ecstatically at every loss.

Treat yourself.

Eating and drinking at home is much cheaper than it could have been at the casino, so it makes

sense to take advantage of that. It’s enjoyable to try different treats every time, which may

require planning ahead of time, but it’s worth it. If everything is set up before you start gambling,

it’s almost like being hand-delivered treats by a server or a host. Almost, but not exactly on the

mark. At least everything’s made the way you like it.

Screenshot the memories.

At the casino, there is rarely time to take out a phone and take a picture of a winning roll, hand,

or spin. It’s certainly not allowed to wave a camera around while the other players are waiting

impatiently and trading suspicious glances. Online, there is always time. It may be fun to start an

album. The album doesn’t need to be just for successful games, either. Anything carrying a

memory, good or bad, is worth holding onto. At the casino, documenting important moments

would be nearly impossible, but at home, taking and saving pictures is easier than ever.


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3 Secrets to Winning Roulette

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Casino Roulette - 3d render

Casino Roulette – 3d render

When playing roulette, there are a few secrets that will help turn around a game, gambling online

or playing roulette at the casino. These hints will work in any setting and help to turn the odds

around. There is nothing wrong with finding an edge and finally unlocking a way to win at


1. Find a European board.

Roulette is one of the safest gambling games to play, so long as everyone sticks to the easy bets.

There may only be a slim chance of picking a particular number right, but there are plenty of

other, safer bets to choose. For instance, there is red/black, even/odd, and high/low. Each of

these options has just about a 50/50 chance of winning, and the only thing in the way is a green 0

that just plain doesn’t count. Here’s the secret: European roulette wheels have just one 0 sector,

but American boards have two. That doubles the odds of striking out of bounds. European boards

are rare in America, but they can be found online. They are worth the difference.

2. Watch for a wobble.

Roulette boards may seem fancy and professional surrounded by all of the pomp and

circumstance of the casino, but sometimes they can be unsteady, unreliable, or just plain broken.

Before picking out a roulette board, the best idea is to keep back and watch the spinner. The

spinner may favor a particular section, or even land on the same spot multiple times in a row.

The telltale signs of a broken roulette wheel are that the wheel will dip or slow down over a

particular section. When the roulette wheel becomes predictable and the staff isn’t taking it

down, it’s anyone’s game.

3. Pocket the winnings.

It’s not much fun to walk out of the casino with empty pockets. Online, too, it always feels better

to have a positive balance. When winning a round of roulette, the best way to keep a chunk of

change is to take the earnings and stick them in a separate pocket. Online, there are many

methods for doing the same thing, but one option is to open a calculator app and add all of the

earnings together one by one after every victory. The total number represents the take-home sum,

or the amount to keep in the account before signing off for the day. Remember: leftovers from

today will still be there next time.


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