About Ricks Picks

We are…

A group of friends from the ‘Rick Ross Posse’ who research and document the best online casinos available.

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The Origins of Rickross.com

Rick’s Picks was started by a couple of friends to organize the bonus, deposit, and cashout information for the online casinos we like to play at during our legendary online gambling sessions.

We quickly found that our good friend and lover of gambling, Ricky the Legend, had a certain knack for picking the casinos that seemed to work the best. The more we used Ricky’s knack for making money in coordination with professional documentation efforts on our part, the more success we seemed to have – and so the website was born.

Since its inception, the Rick’s Picks has grown into full-on comprehensive resource for other players in the USA who want to attain a “high roller” status like we have.

Finding Money – for You

Every day people from all over the United States use our website to find which casinos have made Rick’s list of picks—the best slots games, the most generous real money bonuses, and of course the fastest, most reliable credit card deposits and payouts.

We do the work. You reap the rewards.

Clean, Crisp, and Readable Casino Information

Too often casino affiliate sites, be it for slots reviews, or other table games, look like something coded in the Geocities era of the internet before basic practices took hold. Like Ricky, we’re all about looking good.

Rick’s Picks strives to present USA’s online casinos information clearly, accurately, and in a style and format that allow you to quickly navigate, grab some much needed information or those online slots bonus codes, and be on your way.

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