8 Slot Machines With Awesome Themes

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Slot machines are a complete gaming experience. You’ve got all the thrills of a possible big win, plus the promise of a prize you can actually use: money. But if you’re looking to take your slot gaming to the next level, then video slots are the way to spin. Here are the top eight slot machines with awesome themes that are sure to keep your eyes on the reels.

1. Aztec’s Treasure

The Aztec’s Treasure theme positions you as a brave explorer searching for ancient wealth. This isn’t your average video reel. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter narratives from princesses and even the Aztec King himself; all while playing up to 20 lines.

2. Aladdin’s Wishes
Aladdin’s Wishes is no kid’s game. The genie is slightly more mischievous than the darling Disney movie. This Arabian-inspired game features scattered magic lamps; find three and you won’t get wishes – you’ll likely get a bonus round.

3. Haunted Opera
There’s something slightly eerie about the Haunted Opera theme. Maybe it’s because, at any moment, you could uncover the phantom’s mask. However, the mask actually represents a wild symbol that could double your prize.

4. Paris Beauty
Take a trip abroad to the beautiful country of France with the Paris Beauty theme slot game. This enchanting virtual city features not one, but up to 20 Eiffel Towers. Find this historic landmark and you could win a free game. Find the mysterious French beauty and she’ll drive you “wild.”

5. Wok & Roll
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a wok chef in a fast-paced kitchen? Play the Wok & Roll theme and you’ll find out when you cook up to 25 lines of ingredients with each spin. Land a Wok & Roll and you could get up to 10 free bonus games.

6. Enchanted Garden
If you’re looking for something a little more whimsical and sweet, check out the Enchanted Garden theme. Mythical unicorns and ethereal flowers set the scene. Find the fancy fairy princess and you’ll win double. Play up to 20 lines for a full on garden party.

7. Three Stooges
Laugh all the way to the bank with this Three Stooges themed slot game. Players can experience up to 25 lines of laughs (re: knuckleheads and other Stooges nostalgia). With just 5 cents per line bet, there are plenty of opportunities to win big. Play three different feature games: Larry, Moe, and Curly, of course! Each game features a scattered character head for free games and prizes.

8. Food Fight
Food Fight looks like a classic style slot, with less than messy finish. Fling (re: spin) cafeteria-style snacks. This is a better’s game and you could win more than just a place in the buffet line. Once you’ve placed your bet, spin to reveal your foodie stack.
Video slots make for hours of virtual fun. What’s your favorite slot machine theme? How do you choose which game you’ll play? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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