7 Wacky Gambling Laws All Around America

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Some laws are made during the early years of a state and never make their way out of the books.

Some are brand new and there is no way to explain how or why they came to be. This is a picture

of how the laws of different states handle gambling, and if these laws should be kept or scrapped.

1. Gambling may be legal in Maine, but only for a grand total of a $3 in winnings. The law was

meant to discourage gambling without actually forbidding it, but there is a reason Las Vegas

wasn’t built in this state.

2. The same Alabama law that prohibits selling medicine on Sundays also bans gambling on

Sundays. Though it bans several types of businesses from running on Sundays, the law

specifically insists that ice cream parlors may remain open. At least they have their priorities in


3. In Oklahoma, gambling comes with its own special dress code, but just for women. The

awkward law requires women to wear more than just lingerie, and also forbids women from

gambling while wearing just a towel. Apparently Oklahoman lawmakers feel like skimpy clothes

would give the women an unfair advantage.

4. In other news, North Carolina sheds mercy on us all by prohibiting bingo games from ever

lasting more than five hours. The law just goes to show: people are willing to sit in a chair an

wait for numbers to be called with the time it would have taken to drive to the theater, buy

popcorn, and watch three full-length movies.

5. Here is one law that should definitely meet its end: the Globe, Arizona law that prohibits

playing cards on the street with a Native American. The law is often talked about, but luckily

there is no clear sign the law ever existed.

6. A deck of cards is contraband in Indiana. Playing cards is illegal in the state, but it is not

reprimanded with volunteer service or jail time. Instead, card players are fined for $3 per pack.

The fine may not seem like much, but there are circumstances in which the crime can break the

bank, such as playing cards inside a card factory.

7. Sometimes something is just too much fun to be illegal. The state of Louisiana managed to

make gambling completely illegal, except on riverboats. There may not be casinos in Louisiana,

and it may not be legal to make a bet or play cards with friends, but everyone can still take a boat

out over the water and be in the clear.

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