6 Unbelievable Celebrity Gambling Problems

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They’re at it again. Celebrities pull out big chunks of dough betting on anything from blackjack

to baccarat to the very sports they play in the field. Find out what celebrities have been up to

behind closed doors

Michael Jordon

For the basketball legend, regular gambling games aren’t enough. He may play his fair share of

craps and poker, but there is a darker rumor running amok. Michael Jordan’s hiatus when he

switched to baseball is rumored to be a punishment from the NBA for betting on sports, and not

just any kind of sports, but basketball, itself.

Tiger Woods

Perhaps money really can buy happiness. For Tiger Woods, happiness costs $25,000 a hand at

the blackjack tables, and many, many more than one hand per night. At least he has recovered

well since the divorce, so far as we can tell from here.

Allen Iverson

The professional basketball player could not keep his gambling issues a secret, but few people

know the full extent of the problem. Though perhaps not gifted at selecting the right bets, Iverson

somehow managed to gather together a debt of millions of dollars to casinos in Detroit.

Phil Ivey

For a professional poker player, Phil Ivey sure plays a lot of games that aren’t poker. His very

favorite game to play in his spare time is craps, and it is a pity that Ivey is not any better at the

dice game. The poker pro has lost more than a million dollars in a single night at the casino. The

betting doesn’t stop there, however. Ivey is also a fan of sports betting, and has lost millions of

dollars on that as well. It’s a pity he isn’t as good at picking sports teams to bet on as he is

playing poker.

John McCain

If you did not hear about this scandal, then the cover-up worked. John McCain is said by his own

friends to hole up playing craps for a full day at a time or longer, fighting sleep deprivation and

refusing to be hauled away. If what his friends said are true, this foul play was going on even

during McCain’s failed election.

Ben Affleck

Finally a gambler who has something to show for it. Ben Affleck has won $950,000 in a single

night of gambling, with the bet amount for a single hand being $60,000.

Most of us don’t have $60,000 to bet, but at least we don’t have $60,000 to lose.

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