6 Reasons Why Craps is the Most Fun Game to Play

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Craps_601x1. The Crowd

Craps is not the same played alone. In a game of craps, the players set their chips down together, hold their breath together, and celebrate together. Win or lose, everyone is in it together. Even if they never see each other again, there is a sense of companionship that stems from placing chips together on the same bet. Enter any casino and the energy emanates from the craps tables

2. Letting the Chips Loose

Setting down one blue chip just isn’t enough. There is no feeling like watching the dice land around a huge pile of chips, waiting with bated breath for the point to be rolled. The larger prize isn’t too bad, either.

3. The Switch-Up

After spending several rolls almost unable to breathe, watching the dice as they hit the table over and over and feeling a growing dread that the 7 is coming, it’s hard to remember that a 7 is good news at the start of a round. The best buzz comes from realizing you have won right after thinking you have lost.

4. Getting Greedy

After hearing “hard 6” and “hard 8” over and over, all the while waiting for a number that refuses to come up, it’s easy to be tempted into placing bets on the far side of the table. It may take a few tries. Actually, it takes a lot of tries, but maybe, just maybe, your hard die roll will be called.

5. Tricking the System

One great thing about craps is the overwhelming number of options. There are many different places on the board to place the chips, and each one works a little differently. One of the great puzzles is trying to figure out which spot or combination of spots is able to bring victory. There are lots of different possibilities to try, some of which aren’t even clearly marked on the board.

6. Equal Footing

Craps is not stressful in the way that some card games are, which demand quick thinking and a thick mask. Poker demands a constant serious attitude, and each other person at the table is the enemy. To win, gamblers must trick their friends and strangers alike, and take the chips away from the people around them. With craps, everyone wins together. It doesn’t take discipline or fortitude. The support of all of the other gamblers at the table is enough to help anyone play.

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