6 Acts that are Impossible in a Casino, and Easy Online

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1. Rain Check

Have you ever been on a roll at a machine but desperately needed a sandwich? Imagine if you

could just leave your tokens sitting on the counter and get a bite to eat. Impossible, right? Not

online. Online casinos provide the freedom to get up in the middle of a game, come back two

days later, and finish it off. How’s that for flexibility?

2. Watch and Learn

Ever want to record yourself playing an intense game and see what went right or wrong? There is

no way a video camera is getting past security, and no one is going to stand idly by while a smart

phone is recording a game, but on a computer, all bets are off. Screencasting programs like Jing

and AviScreen are free for the taking, ready to make a change in your game.

3. Call it a Day

Online, when you run out of money, you run out of money. No matter how fast deposits claim to

be, they still don’t give players access to the money until it completely goes through. The wait is

an excellent time to realize that the chips will still be there another day.

4. Keep it Low

Want to run into your boss at the casino? Probably not. How about your ex? Online, you might

accidentally run into someone you know, but their name will be Nickifan007 and your name will

be bballpro9001. There’s something to be said for anonymity.

5. Find Your Soulmate (Machine)

After night after night wandering the floor looking for a slot machine with the right vibe, you

might just get lucky and find one that really speaks to you. It might make just the right noises

when you win, it might tease you with enticing glimpses at a jackpot, or it might just have

adorable kitten and puppy graphics that make it hard to walk away. The next time you come in,

you’ll probably make a bee-line right to that machine only to find someone else playing at it.

Online, your favorite machine will always be waiting for you.

6. Make Your Own Hours

Do you work nights? Spend peak hours relaxing at home or out with friends? Is the only time

you have to gamble at 5:00 am on weekdays before work? In person, you are out of luck, but the

online casinos are up and couldn’t be livelier.

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