5 Unforgettable Gambling Movies

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Dogs belong in sad kids’ movies and spaceships belong in cleverly disguised fantasy films, but

gambling is a topic that hasn’t been grabbed by a single genre. This is why filmmakers are free

to build any sort of story they like around gambling, from love to tragedy to light-hearted fun.

Not all gambling movies are winners, but some grip onto the viewer and hold on long after the

movie is over. These are just a few gambling movies that leave a lasting impression.

1. Owning Mahowny

Like many movies that delve into the sad state of the human condition, Owning Mahowny is

based on a true story. The plot follows an unfortunate character with a highly exciting job: bank

manager. Perhaps because his job is not quite exciting enough, the middle-aged Mahowny finds

a little extra excitement in his secret hobby of gambling. Unfortunately for him, the gambling

does not pay for itself, and he has no choice but to commit bank fraud on the multimillion dollar

scale. We’ve all been there.

2. The Cooler

Some people are notorious for their bad luck. For the casino worker, Bernie Lootz, bad luck is

the driving force behind his livelihood. Whenever a gambler is doing a little bit too well, Bernie

is there to ruin the good luck streak and send all the chips back into the casino’s coffers. Then,

all of the sudden, a girl likes Bernie, he feels happy for the first time in his life, and in case things

couldn’t get any worse, his bad luck streak ends. Poor guy.

3. Croupier

Passing out and collecting tokens for eight hours a day may not sound particularly exciting, but

to Jack Manfred, the job is chock full of creative inspiration. He may have started and thrown out

a dozen novels already, but nothing really inspired him to finish. Finally, by delivering the same

lines several times over the course of a 10-minute period, Manfred was finally able to finish his

novel. Then a screenwriter had an idea about how exciting being a croupier is and wrote a movie

about it.

4. Maverick

Sometimes people are so good at poker they are certain they will win an entire tournament, no

questions asked, yet all of their poker skills cannot land them enough to pay the tournament fee.

It doesn’t help when their love interest keeps stealing from them, or when the movie takes place

in the old west and the only way to get rich is by tripping on a lump of gold. Maverick is by far

one of the most light-hearted gambling movies out there, which might go to explain some the

plot holes.

5. The Color of Money

This hustling play on Karate Kid is more about the spirit of gambling than actual gambling. The

Color of Money is a movie around the game of pool, but it isn’t so much about pool as cheating

at pool, and risking it all in order to win a nice sum of money. In the film, a master at cheating at

pool trains an apprentice at cheating at pool, and then the apprentice overcomes the master at

cheating at pool. It’s about hard work or believing in yourself or something.


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