5 Reasons Blackjack is the Best Casino Game

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The card game Blackjack has achieved a rare sort of cultural status for casino games. Its popularity propelled the plotline of the 2008 motion picture “21” in which MIT students became highly skilled at counting cards and won millions. Whether you’re an expert or a gambling newbie, here are five reasons blackjack is the best game in casinos.

5. It’s Simple

Blackjack does not suffer from the complexity that makes craps so intimidating. There are even fewer rules and plays than in other card games. The object of the game is to get as close as possible to having 21 points without going over. That’s it. There’s no elaborate betting system or plays to master. Once you know the values of the cards (numbers carry their face value, face cards are 10 points, and aces can be either 1 or 11 points), then you can sit at a table and join the fun.
It typically costs very little to play this game, which makes for an additional bonus. Some casinos offer minimums as low as $3 to $5.

4. It Offers Outstanding Odds

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When played with proper strategy, this game allows the house only a tiny advantage. One of the most popular tactics to improve the odds of winning involves counting cards. The idea is to keep track of high and low cards that have been played as a way to know what cards remain in the deck. There are simple formulas for counting cards. Keep in mind casinos truly do not like this strategy, so you may want to think of other ways to improve your game.

3. Players Only Need a Simple Strategy

You can improve your odds of winning by merely changing your mindset. While the stated object of the game is to work your way toward 21 points without going over, that’s not the goal to keep in mind. Instead, focus exclusively on trying to beat the dealer. That means if the dealer ends up with 17, you just need 18 to win. This basic strategy gives players a better shot at winning and impacts the decisions they make with each hand.

2. It’s Easy to Develop Skill

There are many ways to learn blackjack strategy and it’s usually a quick process. Because the game is not overly complicated, it leaves the player with more freedom to build on the basic strategy of trying to beat the dealer. As this game progresses, players are constantly recalculating their odds as they watch cards come into play. There is no steep learning curve that requires you to master the rules of the game to win. Instead, you can quickly jump into the game and get a feel for the strategy that works best for you.

1. It’s an Exciting Game

As the dealer distributes cards and then flips his or her draw card, the air around a blackjack table fills with anticipation. This game brings plenty of excitement and drama. And with the prospect of winning big, everyone likes to get in on the action.
When did you first begin playing blackjack? What elements of the game drew you in initially, and what keeps you playing this card game?

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