5 Places to Find Nanotechnology in the Near Future

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The field of nanotechnology is exciting and innovative, and you’re about to become much more intimately acquainted with it, even if you don’t yet realize it. From the food you eat to the medical procedures performed on you, nanotechnology is quickly becoming both more available and more widely used. Where will you find it?

In the Food You Buy

Image via Flickr by Anthony Albright

Nanotechnology has so many potential uses that defining all of them is well-nigh impossible. One of the most exciting possibilities you’ll see in the future, however, involves finding nanotechnology in the food you buy at the grocery store. In addition to creating packaging designed to cut down on carbon emissions, this technology will save you money and keep you healthy.

You know those sell-by and best-used-by dates. Often, if you don’t use food before one or both of those days, you throw the product away—even if you think it’s still good. New technologies will soon use sensors and phages—or bacteriophages—that can specifically target any unhealthy bacteria in your food. That means that even if it’s a few days over its sell-by date, you can check that steak or those eggs and see if the food is still safe to eat.

In the Computers You Use

Image via Flickr by James Byrum

Nanotechnology will entirely change the way people use computers. It will even change what computers are able to do. With faster processor speeds, smaller designs, and incredible innovations, computer engineering will change more than you’ve ever imagined. From the use of ferroelectric crystals to the creation of NVRAM, or nonvolatile random access memory, you’ll soon see lighter, smaller computers that bring the world one step closer to Jetsons-inspired gadgets.

In Your Medical Care

Nanomedicine will have a lifesaving impact on so many people. It is already helping the world of health and medicine, but even better things are on the horizon. It promises to help cancer research, care, cures, and even prevention. However, treating diseases may get easier all the way around, in part by cutting the need for drugs and medication. Nanotechnology promises to reduce side effects and increase efficacy.

In Your Beauty Products

Image via Flickr by Kanko

Don’t think nanotechnology can improve your beauty routine? Think again. Nanoscale cosmetic materials will soon find their way into your makeup and beauty products. Some of the benefits associated with this type of everyday nanotechnology are:


  • Better coverage;
  • Deeper cleansing;
  • Improved absorption;
  • More personalization;
  • Increased antioxidant and antimicrobial properties;
  • Better sunscreens, lotions, creams, hair care, skin care, and complexion products; and
  • Specialized makeup.


In the Activities You Enjoy

The everyday applications of nanotechnology get even more practical. They’ll start showing up as nanoscale additives in the polymer materials used to make baseball bats, helmets, luggage, power tools, tennis rackets, and many other household and sporting items. They’ll also appear in clothing fabrics, to prevent wrinkling and the growth of bacteria. Thin, barely there films will improve your glasses, your computer screen, and even the display on your camera.

Consider all the possibilities here, and think about how much nanotechnology will help you. Aren’t you excited about the potential?

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