5 Things to Consider When Picking a Slot Machine

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At one time, slot machines were the distant cousin in popularity to table games at casinos. Today though, slot machines bring in almost 70 percent of revenue. Additionally, about 80 percent of first-time visitors will go straight to the slot machines. For anyone new to gambling, slot machines are much less intimidating than table games with intricate rules. It’s very simple to sit in front of a machine, put some money in, and either press a button or pull a handle. However, for all their popularity, it’s also very easy to lose a lot of money at a slot machine. There are certain strategies that every gambler should consider before they play.

Pick the Best Machine

This isn’t in reference to the myth that casinos put their best machines in certain locations. It actually refers to whether to play penny, nickel, or quarter slots. The machines with the higher denominations are the ones that usually give the best payouts. Therefore, between the three denominations just mentioned, quarter slots usually have better payouts. However, this also means that money goes faster on these machines. Slot machine players should always play the highest denomination where they are comfortable.
Look for Specific Payback Percentages
While most casinos won’t advertise the exact payback that their slots offer, some will. Look for machines that specifically state how much their payback is, and go with the highest number. Don’t be tricked by vague words such as “hot machines” or a machine that has “up to” a certain payback percentage.

Know When to Play with Maximum Coins

Sometimes, more is better when placing a bet on the slot machine. For example, if a machine has more than two times the payout when the bet placed is two times the number of coins, there are better odds of winning a bigger payback with the maximum bet.

Playing with Loyalty Cards

Casinos will offer loyalty cards to their players in hopes of keeping them in the casino longer. When using the loyalty card while playing, guests have the opportunity to earn free meals, discounted rooms, and possibly even cash back rewards. Therefore, even if a big jackpot isn’t hit, gamblers can get other rewards for playing at the same casino.

Avoid Large Jackpot Machines

While a huge jackpot would be a dream to win, they are incredibly difficult to hit. Smaller jackpot machines are easier to win, and payout more often. Additionally, on progressive jackpot machines, a large percentage of each bet goes towards the jackpot while the payback percentage is lower than other machines.
While slot machines are fun to play, it’s impossible to beat a slot machine. Contrary to what some believe, slots are truly random. Since it is random, there are no patterns or playing styles that can beat the machine. However, by following the these tips and managing money wisely, it just might be possible to walk away with a tidy sum of money.

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