The 5 People You’ll Meet at the Casino

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1. Dressed up Disaster

Maybe it’s their first time at the casino. Maybe they hit a jackpot and wanted to make the

moment last. There are plenty of explanations for this casino phenomenon, but when someone

parades around the casino in orange velvet juggling black and purple chips, you never know

whether to be happy or sad for them.

2. Math Head

A calm and clean individual, this person could stand in for a cyborg in a movie or maybe even

voice the directions in a GPS. They may have done well in high school, right up until their 18th

birthday when a more profitable opportunity came around. Though not immune to loss-chasing

or competitive ploys, this is the person to go to for blackjack advice.

3. Good Luck Dealer

Like the designated driver at a rave, this is someone who hangs out with gamblers rather than

doing any of the gambling. They may hang around a gambler, offering free luck in return for

company. Young, attractive women fit the bill perfectly, since casino tradition insists that beauty

and luck walk hand in hand. There is a lot of variety going on behind the scenes. Some are

looking for a date and a place to spend the night. Some are just being friendly. Many, many,

many of them are escorts.

4. Penny-Dropper

Some people watch Netflix all evening until it’s time for bed. Some get a drink with friends.

Some golf. Others take their spending money to the casino. Many go for years satisfied with the

penny slots, spinning their time away. Casual, routine gamblers are some of the nicest, most

even-tempered people you will ever meet.

5. Stool-Squatter

There is law in America that if someone occupies a house for long enough, they become a legal

resident and cannot be kicked out. Some individuals believe the same law goes for slot machines.

People have been harassed, even assaulted, for taking someone else’s spot at a gambling

machine. People have been thrown out and banned for doing it. Don’t be this person.


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