5 Life Hacks to Turn Your Bingo Game Around

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The house advantage can be a hard problem to conquer, but the wide world of bingo presents a

genuine opportunity to walk away with more money. The main idea is to spot golden

opportunities and fully invest in making them work. Here are some of those chances to make it

playing bingo.

1. Spot a Slow News Day

Bingo games pick a jackpot amount and stick to it, no matter how many people show up to

compete. The way to sweeten the pot is to wait for a day when very few people bother to show

up, and take advantage of the improved chances for the prize.

2. Buy the Cards

Every card that someone buys improves their chance of winning. The downside is that buying

cards in the first place burns a hole in the pocket, and the only way to make up the difference is

to win the game. This is why waiting for a slow news day is so crucial. Cards should only be

purchased when the chances of winning are high.

3. Keep it Simple

To cut down the house edge, there is only one perfect method, and that is to find the most likely

route to winning and hedge all of your bets on that win. Side bets essentially mean that you are

not expecting the game to conclude in your favor, and you are looking for an extra edge. To win

at bingo, bet on just one thing: winning.

4. One-Up Your Rivals

When players shop for cards before a bingo game begins, an important opportunity arrives: The

chance to find out how many cards the other players are buying. If the other players are just

purchasing one or two cards, you may still wish to purchase more, but it is unnecessary to buy

much more than the others. If other players are buying extreme or absurd amounts of cards, then

it may be time to turn tail and leave. There is no point to competing when it is likely another

player will grab the prize.

5. Listen In

During the gameplay, listen for the case alerts on other player’s machines. The sounds indicating

that other players are drawing close should only be heard when you are also in the ballpark of

winning. Otherwise, the game is simply too crowded and it is not a good time to be placing bets.

The best opportunity in bingo is when an otherwise popular bingo locale has very few players

show up, and these players are buying an affordable amount of cards. It is a good idea to observe

the game often, not necessarily playing, just getting a sense of what a quiet day looks like. When

the competition opts not to show up, that is the time to play.


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