5 of the Hottest Gamblers in the World

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Image via Flickr by TiffanyMichellePR

To some, gambling is better than sex. That’s why it’s quite a shame that some of the world’s best gamblers are also some of the hottest. We hate to objectify them, but while we’re at it, we’ll tell you a little about their talents too. Read on to learn about these five gamblers who are some of the sexiest in their game and just what makes them so good.

1. Tiffany Michelle – Poker

Tiffany Michelle is by far one of the hottest ladies in poker – and possibly the one with the most glamorous photo shoots. Her sultry eyes and ethnically ambiguous looks make her model-esque, but she plays to win. According to IMDB, “Tiffany Michelle is a formally trained actress and Los Angeles native, who gained fame on an unexpected stage in 2008, when she broke records at the World Series of Poker.”

2. James Bond – Baccarat

Although James Bond is a fictional character, he’s still one of the all-time hottest baccarat players. While BusinessWeek claims baccarat isn’t just for Bond, he’s certainly one of the sexiest. Yes all eight of the Bond actors are ten times sexier than the likes of Tommy Renzoni and Felix Falguierein. Plus, he’s got other talents to boot.

3. Don Johnson – Blackjack

Don Johnson is one of the top players in blackjack since he won $15 million from three casinos, ABC News reports. But the ladies don’t flock to him for his money. Johnson is a playboy party type. Sure, he’s slightly overweight, but there’s just something sort of sexy about him. Many an older man have tried and failed to pull off a backwards baseball cap at the club. Yeah, Johnson’s still got it.

4. Evelyn Ng – Poker

Evelyn Ng is an exotic beauty who is known for her 2003 World Poker Tour second place championship. Ng, also known as Evybabee, has the dark brown hair and high cheekbones that make men swoon. Poker News Daily notes, “It is just a matter of time until Evelyn Ng earns her first significant championship. Until that time, she’ll continue to demonstrate her exceptional poker skills at tournaments around the world and remain one of the great female ambassadors for the game.”

5. Phil Ivey – Poker

Phil Ivey, better known as the Tiger Woods of poker, has won the World Poker Title as well as our hearts. This dreamy gambler has the poker face of a god. According to Adanai.com, a gamer blog, “He excels in all forms of the game, both online and offline. He is a monster cash player and crushes tournaments.”
It’s hard to focus on all the action when you have sexy gambling pros making a scene. However, beauty is subjective. We want to hear from you. What player do you find is too hot? Who is just not? How do you think it affects their game? Whatever you think, share your picks for the hottest bets in gambling in the comments below.

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