5 Game-Changing Optional Blackjack Rules

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The house edge is the bane of every gambler. Luckily, a few sharp and motivated players have

put the work in and found unique rules and adjustments that can turn the game around. By asking

around and looking closely, it is possible to find blackjack tables and online games that offer

these special rules. Here are five optional rules to look out for.

1. Decking Down

From the moment card-counting became public knowledge, casinos have been shuffling together

more and more decks in order to throw off card-counters. The less decks, the better, but nothing

beats the single deck game. Blackjack games using only a single deck are the most common at

private events, and very rare inside a casino, online or on land.

2. The Charlie

One optional rule, called the Charlie, declares that the player wins so long as they have a certain

number of cards out and still haven’t busted. The classic Charlie is five cards with no bust, but

casinos may require up to seven. Even stricter Charlie rules are better than nothing, but a table

with a 5-card Charlie rule is a winner.

3. Blackjack Payout

Despite fairly straight-forward rules, no two casinos can agree on how much to reward the player

for a blackjack. Generous casinos pay 2 to 1 for a blackjack, while greedy casinos pay 6 to 5.

Most sit somewhere in the middle, not being too generous or too greedy. Some will only count it

if the blackjack is suited, but this rule is still invaluable. Certain tables will even offer a

consolation prize for a blackjack tie. When both the dealer and the player get a blackjack, the

player earns half their bet back instead of losing everything. With the right context, this rare little

rule may just be enough to tip over the house edge.

4. Adding Up

Some wins are worth more than others. Not only are blackjacks sometimes awarded more than

other wins, sometimes wins with a large number of cards take the ticket as well. If the player has

five or more cards when they win, the winnings might just increase. Unfortunately, receiving

more than five cards without a bust is highly unlikely, so the seven-card rule does not make

much of a dent.

5. Automatic Win

At some tables, it doesn’t matter what the dealer has so long as the player has exactly 21. The

dealer may have 21 as well, and may even have a blackjack, but none of that matters. The player

wins just because the staff was feeling especially nice when they made the rules.

Sometimes only a little tweak to the rules is needed to make a difference for the players. It might

take a little searching, but these games are out there, and they are worth it.


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