5 Gambling Lifestyles

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We may go to the same places and play the same games, but there is more to the gambling life

than just gambling. Every person has their own style and reason for being at the casino.

1. Pastime Betting

For some, gambling is just a thing to do to pass by the dull moments in life like waiting for the

bus or sitting through a 10-minute break. When there isn’t enough time to read a book or have a

real conversation, there isn’t much to do. A simple mobile game may pass the time, but betting

makes the time go by so much faster

2. Rematch Calling

This is the gambling lifestyle for players who will always double up. Every time the cards fail to

line up, every time the dials miss their mark, it’s time to march right back up and give it another

go. There is no turning back, not after real money has been lost. The night isn’t over until the

dice start behaving themselves.

3. Easy Goes It

For people who have a lot of time on their hands and nowhere to be, there are no $50 chips.

There is no going all in. Gamblers following this lifestyle prefer the penny slots, the slow churn

of coins. The slot machines aren’t going anywhere, so it’s time to relax and enjoy the little things

in life.

4. Stress Betting

Real life can be a very scary place. Little decisions throughout the day can have unintended

consequences. Big plans can be ruined by circumstances outside of anyone’s control. Real-life

stress isn’t fun, but some gamblers have found that it can be replaced or negated by the

excitement of gambling. Gambling can be a bit of a nervous habit for these individuals, like

biting nails or texting.

5. Party Gambling

For some, hitting up the casino is a big event and it should be fun. Complete with drinks, snacks,

and friends, gambling is a game and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s a time to relax and not

worry about the little things.

What is your gambling lifestyle. Did you find it up here? Everyone does things a little bit

differently, so don’t be surprised if none of these are a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you did

find yourself in this list, you’re not the only one. The way you gamble is a part of your lifestyle,

so be proud.

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