5 Things Every Casino Virgin Should Know

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Gambling is an adrenaline filled rush for those seeking excitement and fun. If you’ve never been to a casino before, there are some things you can do to walk in like a pro and leave as a winner. Here are five things every casino virgin should know.

1. Drinks

When entering a casino for the first time, most people’s thoughts go straight to drinks. Instead of going to the bar to order, let the servers come to you. Casinos can mix just about anything so don’t worry about a drink list and just order what you like.

Always tip the server every time they bring you a drink, and it’s a good idea to tip high for your first order, around five dollars. If you tip a little high on the first round, they will make an effort to come back and take care of you. After your first drink it’s acceptable to tip a dollar for every additional drink.

2. Dealers

Tipping the dealer is also good casino etiquette. By tipping the dealer a dollar every time you win a hand is not only very good manners, but it’s a sign of respect. If you don’t win, you should still tip dealers about five dollars for every hour you’re at their table. Always wait until after the action, it’s rude to tip during a hand. Just wait until the game is complete, and do it before the next round starts.

3. Dress Codes

Generally there are no dress codes and you can wear whatever you’re comfortable in, but it’s never a bad idea to jazz it up. Sleek black suits or cocktail dresses, killer shoes, and a touch of jewelry will give you confidence and make an impression, especially in the evenings. Try to keep it sexy and not sleazy for a bit of an edge at tables and slots. If it’s early in the morning it’s more acceptable to wear casual clothes such as a blouse or dress shirt and slacks.

4. Game Rules

Since it’s your first time, nobody expects you to know the ins and outs like a pro, but it’s always a good idea to learn the basic terminology and game rules. Playing online casinos for free is a good way to get acquainted with rules and basic game play, as well as figuring out what you like best.

5. Keeping your Head

There’s nothing wrong with having a good time and taking some risks, but it’s a good idea to leave credit cards at home. Have a budget of what you’re willing to spend will keep you from running into trouble later. Have drinks, but don’t get drunk if you’re wanting to play. Serious game players will see you as sloppy and obnoxious for getting too drunk.

The most important thing is to have fun. You’re losing your casino virginity, so you should make it a pleasant and memorable experience. Go by yourself or bring a crowd to celebrate because pretty soon, you’ll be a high roller.

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