5 Things to Buy With Your Casino Winnings

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Everyone rolls the dice with dreams of hitting the jackpot. They know there’s every chance that they might be like Peter who won more than $38 million, the biggest ever progressive jackpot, playing online slots. They could be the next Archie Karas, who turned just $50 into $40 million during a lucky streak in Vegas. What would you buy if you enjoyed that type of windfall? These luxury items deserve a place on any wish list.

1. A McLaren P1 Supercar Sets the Standard

Most instant millionaires want to park a sports car in their garages. A Ferrari perhaps or a Lamborghini? But these vehicles pale in comparison with the McLaren P1 supercar, a high-speed sportster which comes with a hefty $1.15 million price tag.
You get serious guts for your money though because this powerhouse reaches 62 mph in less than three seconds and tops 124 mph in less than seven. With just 375 made, you’ll enjoy knowing you’ve got the only one in your neighborhood.

2. Wear Wealth on your Wrist with Hublot BB Watch

You can keep your Rolexes. For real luxury you’ll want to wear this Hublot BB watch. BB stands for Big Bang, a fitting moniker considering the impact of this diamond-encrusted timepiece.
Its 1282 gemstones were hand selected from all four corners of the world for their quality and clarity. Together they total more than 100 carats, which is just the right amount of bling for a big winner to wear. It’ll set you back a cool $5 million.

3. Buy Tropical Bermuda Private Island

Most people dream of taking a tropical vacation with their winnings, but if you win big, you need not ever come home. Perot’s Island, on Bermuda’s beautiful Riddell’s Bay, is one of many Caribbean islands for sale.
The 8.16-acre isle features a lavish seven-bedroom stone manor house with two swimming pools, a tennis court, private beach, a jetty for your yacht and parking space for six cars. You could live there and enjoy a permanent island getaway for $15 million.

4. Have Fun with a JetLev Water-Propelled Jetpack

The tropical waters of Bermuda seem like the perfect place to put a JetLev water-propelled jetpack. Most people couldn’t justify dropping $68,500 on a toy like this, but a big casino win allows you to be a little frivolous. Its creators insist it’s so easy to get the hang of their R200x that you’ll be able to fly solo in mere minutes.

The Jetlev R200x’s 255 hp engine helps it generate more than 500 lbf of thrust, which is more than enough to satisfy thrill seekers. Its fuel capacity of 26 U.S. gallons lets you zoom around for an hour at full throttle, or two to three if you take things a little easier.

5. Fly Into Outer Space

If Bermuda doesn’t seem far enough away from your everyday existence, perhaps a trip on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is in order. The British tycoon will commence flights into outer space later this year. The two-hour trip will take you more than 62 miles above the earth, where you’ll experience the wonder of weightlessness. You can reserve your seat in space alongside celebs like Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie for $250,000.

So don’t be afraid to dream big, because you never know when Lady Luck will smile on you!

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