5 Bizarre Purchases by Big Gambling Winners

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Ever wonder what sorts of things people end up buying when the gambling technique works out?

It turns out that people buy when money is no longer an object varies as much as fingerprints or

the shapes of snowflakes. These are real accounts from big winners all across the United States.

1. A teacup pig.

When a Ferrari salesman made a modest $1 million off of scratch tickets, he set his sights on a

teacup pig. Sound strange: The pig was actually a gift for his daughter. Though a million dollars

was not enough to comfortably retire on, he decided to switch to a part-time job to spend more

time with his family.

2. Slippers.

Winning 1 million pounds, or $1.5 million, a lottery winner from England had no idea what to do

with his newfound riches. After spending the equivalent of $15 on a pair of shoes, the poor soul

had trouble deciding what to do with the rest.

3. The family home.

With $1.4 million to spend after a lucky game of keno, a 71-year- old electrical linesman finally

had the opportunity to retire. Motivated more by sentiment than by practicality, the newly retired

gambler explained his plans to purchase the home he grew up in with his deceased mother.

Though owning the home was a big part of his plan, living in it was not. He preferred the motor

park that he currently lived in.

4. A boat.

When most people say they plan to go fishing, the idea is hardly a budget-breaker. For a certain

former truck driver and owner of $116.5 million, however, the meaning is a little different.

Instead of fishing off the side of a lake like a commoner, this lottery winner elected to buy a boat

and take it out to where the big fish bite.

5. A novelty door knocker.

A millionaire can afford just about any strange and one-of- a-kind item, but it doesn’t always take

a millionaire. One lottery winner went home with $200,000 from three separate winning tickets,

and needed something to remember the money by. That is how he ended up with a door knocker

shaped like a crab.

The variety is unbelievable. Some of the choices are touching and sweet, some are extravagant

and unique, and others are just bizarre. Would you know what to do with a million dollars? It

turns out that some people were not as prepared as they thought they were.

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