5 Beloved Celebrities and their Lucky Charms

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Phone Booth and Daredevil star, Colin Farrell, takes the luck of the Irish to the next level. This happens in the form of shamrock underpants that accompany the Golden Globe winner’s legs to the filming of each new movie he takes part in. Farrel’s waistline-based luck doesn’t stop there. Until 2011, the actor held onto a beloved belt given to him by his father. He treasured it enough to take it in for repairs multiple times, but not enough to avoid cutting into the leather to create new makeshift holes to fasten it with. One fateful day, the belt went missing and Farrell offered 3,000 pounds (or $4,700) for its safe return, but the alleged thief decided to hold onto the belt instead.

The Victoria’s Secret model, Heidi Klum, has something hidden under her spaghetti strap: a bag full of her own baby teeth. The secret got out one day when she brought the teeth with her on a plane. That move makes total sense. Of all the times to use a good luck charm, plunging 3,000 feet into the air is a good one. The mistake was taking the teeth out of her bag. “Well, I don’t, like, advertise it,” Klum once said about her bag of teeth, but that one fateful day, she did, and the plane hit a bit of turbulence and knocked the teeth into the air. So much for good luck.

Here is another example of good luck gone wrong. When faced with a possible jail sentence, the Disney child star, Lindsey Lohan, wore her lucky $3,000 “evil eye” necklace into court. Perhaps she forgot she was facing charges for shoplifting a necklace. The good luck charm (or perhaps the evidence examined by the jury) granted 120 days in jail.

The Academy Award winner and human lion look-alike, Benicio Del Toro, carries good luck with him wherever he goes. In this case, good luck looks like a ring with a wooden core. Armed with this clever ring, the Traffic actor can knock on wood at any moment throughout the day.

As the dean of Monster University and the queen of England, Helen Mirren, has had a lot of weight on her shoulders. This weight went right to her knees when she decided to wear 7-inch heels to each award ceremony she was nominated for. Maybe, for once, this good luck charm actually worked out. Mirren has managed to claim 11 Emmy Awards in her long (and still active) career.

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