5 Amazing Things about Las Vegas

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  1. Free Booze

So long as you’re gambling on the Las Vegas strip, drinks are free. Not just at the high-end poker tables, either. The drinks will even find you at the penny slots, so long as the tips keep flowing. A large tip isn’t needed, either, just about $1 per drink. The most amazing complementary drinks can be found at the Wynn, including brand name tequila and mojitos. The alcohol may not help with guests’ gambling prowess, but it will save some money for the rest of the night.

  1. High Roller Rewards

At most casinos outside of the Vegas strip, the most anyone can offer a high roller is a free meal and drink tickets. In the big city, on the other hand, high rollers are given show tickets, hotel room upgrades, and whatever they need as incentive to keep them in the city. The best part is lucky gamblers can be given the same awards just by carrying around expensive chips, with no intention of betting them. At any rate, if those hefty chips end up leaving the player’s hands, at least that means more fun in Vegas.

  1. The Craps Crowd

There is no other city in the world where the experience of playing craps with a group of friendly strangers is more iconic. Seasoned players and rookies alike place their bets on the pass line. When they win, they cheer together. When they lose, they all get quiet. Everyone wins and loses together, in the fantastical town of Las Vegas. The same experience simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

  1. The Attractions

What other casinos can you think of that are a block away from a theme park? How about a theme park for every building? What about theme parks, swimming pools, museums, trampolines, and bank-breaking fashion shops? The fact is this: there is no place in the world that is quite like Vegas.

  1. The Whole World

It’s difficult to think about Las Vegas without remembering the giant hotel shaped like a pyramid, with a giant Sphynx comparable to the real one in Egypt. What about the river with gondolas carrying guests from the casino to the spa, or the near-constant performance of Greek gods drawing guests to Caesar’s Palace? There is a small piece of every part of the world that can be found in this city.

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