4 Ways Facebook is Already Set up for Gambling with Friends

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With multiplayer games on the website, trending news, and finally an easy feature for sending

money, Facebook is already set up for online gambling. This is how each of Facebook’s different

features can be used in order to create friendly competitions and place wagers with each other.

1. Everyone picks a game.

Lots of Facebook friends already have games that they play online together . The ideal kind of

game to bet on has a clear winner for each round. Whether it’s a competitive game of skill or

entirely a game of chance, placing bets on a game is the most fun when everyone has a fighting

chance. If the friends are playing a variety of different games, it may be nice to place bets on

several of them, with each player being especially good at one.

2. A big news event comes up.

A survey says that almost one third of Americans hear about news first on Facebook. Whether a

friend mentions it in their status, they subscribe to a news app, or they see information under

Facebook’s Trending feature, people tend to watch news events unfold while engaging with the

social website. This means that, if the news isn’t too upsetting or boring, friends can place bets

amongst themselves about how it will unfold.

3. Someone notices a trend.

When is the last time a large movement picked up a trend of changing their profile pictures to

support a cause? These movements get bigger and bigger. The last big one was even spurred on

by the Facebook staff. Friends naturally want to ask each other, “Is this person going to join in?

Why didn’t this other person?” Harnessing the power of curiosity can be tons of fun when these

things come up. Placing bets can also be fun for when a Facebook couple will break up and when

someone will lose their job, though these bets are a little cold-hearted.

4. Everyone sends in the money.

Every gambling game needs a way to hold onto all of the bets until the winner is announced.

Through Facebook, everyone can easily send their bets to a single trusted friend, and then that

friend can redistribute the betting money to the players after the game is concluded. Facebook

has run such an awareness campaign about the money-sharing feature, it’s a wonder this doesn’t

happen more often.

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