4 Terms to Know for Online Gambling

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Before hitting up an online casino, it’s good to know how to speak the language. There are things

to be found in an online casino that have no equivalent in a land-based version, even if the two

are land- and web-based versions of the same casino. Some things are the same no matter where

gambling takes place. Others are similar and have the same purpose but aren’t quite the same.

Here is a little of everything to help in using and discussing online casinos.

1. Web Wallet

Where the money goes. Instead of exchanging money for chips, online casinos have their players

deposit their money into an account on the website. This is the best part of the online casino

because most will offer a bonus for making a deposit. Players make large deposits into their web

wallets so they get bigger bonuses.

2. RNG

The random number generator picking the next card, die roll, or result. Instead of using a literal

wheel or shuffling cards, online casinos use software to come up with what happens next. It’s

clean and random and very hard to take advantage of. A random number generator is not just for

online casinos. It’s also used in all electronic gambling machines such as slot machines, video

poker machines, and keno machines. Counting cards is history now that fate is in the hands of an


3. Active Player

The player who is taking their turn. In online gambling games with multiple players, sometimes

it’s necessary to take turns. For one, there are turn-based table games like hearts and poker, but

turn-taking is a factor in plenty of different gambling games. For example, in games like roulette

and craps where all the players make bets on the same spin or die roll, there needs to be a way to

make sure everyone has time to take their turn. Sometimes the next roll is on a timer and it will

take place whether everyone has time to place a bet or not. Other times, the game waits for

everyone places their bets, until there is just one active player that everyone is waiting for.

4. Lobby

The place for browsing gambling games and picking what to play. Also known as the home

page, the lobby is the online casino’s version of a front door. Interestingly enough, the entrance

to a land-based casino can also be called the lobby.

With some new terms under your belt, you are ready to go forth and gamble. Be sure to check

the lobby before using the RNG as the active player and adding some chips to the web wallet.

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