4 Reasons We All Wish We Rocked the Casino Like James Bond

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Most would kill to be James Bond, with his unwavering confidence and his ability to excel at

everything he tries. He can outshine any gambler at any game, no matter how much they have

practiced and how many loopholes they have managed to figure out. What does he have that we

don’t? Find out here in order to fully appreciate what it is to be jealous.

1. He’s a magnet.

The moment he walks in the door in Diamonds are Forever, there is a gorgeous woman tailing

him. She is forward, even making a bold mood for 1971: asking him out for a drink. What

propelled her is a mystery. She didn’t even know he was James Bond. It’s hard not to be jealous

of that level of eye-catching confidence.

2. He’s never a sore loser.

When James Bond faces off against Xenia Onatopp in Golden Eye, he doesn’t even bat an eye

when he loses. Xenia, on the other hand, loses her head and walks away from the table to

moment she loses a round. Even when things go wrong, James Bond flawlessly rolls with the

punches, leaving everyone else in the dirt.

3. He’s a mastermind at everything he tries.

Though he claims he has only played craps once before, James Bond spins off the lingo like he

has spent his life at the craps table. In Diamonds are Forever, he even creates his own gambling

strategy, which is used today in real life, and is actually mathematically sound. After his personal

strategy wins tremendously, he wins $50,000 all in one round. Meanwhile, most of us struggle to

break even.

4. He Has Crazy Good Luck

First of all, yes, it is a movie series, and naturally he always wins, but James Bond’s track record

of winning is off the charts. In Casino Royale, in a single round of poker in which every single

player goes all in and the least anyone bets is $5,000,000, James Bond beats a full house with a

flush. It’s rare to see either in a game of cards, no less both at once. Why is he hogging all the

good luck?

What makes James Bond so great, anyway? Besides everything, of course. Even if we can never

truly be James Bond, at least we can put on a suit, demand our drinks shaken, not stirred, and at

least bask in the shadow of his fictitious greatness.

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