4 Real-Life Brain-Enhancing Drugs to Resurge Your Gambling Skills

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Anyone who has seen Limitless is ready to pop a pill and let the superpowers soak in. A sharp

gambler knows exactly when that kind of brain power would come in handy: making quick

mental math and counting cards flawlessly, all the while seeming completely innocuous. Who

wouldn’t want that kind of power? The good news is these kinds of brain-enhancers, called

nootropics, are already on the store shelves and you just didn’t know it. You just need to know

where to look.

1. Piracetam

Meet the miracle stimulant that gets the brain going, neurons firing left and right, while being

safer than a cup of coffee. This nootropic drug can help people with severe brain damage learn to

walk and talk again. Instead of forcing the heart to beat faster or squeezing excess adrenaline into

the body, piracetam works from the inside of the mind to increase brain activity. Especially great for the skilled black jack player!

2. Aniracetam

Also known as draganon, sarpul, ampamet, memodrin, and referan, this nootropic is a competitor

to piracetam that has actually gained legitimacy as a medicine in Europe. It can be used to help

Alzheimer’s patients remember their grandchildren’s names, but why not turn it up a notch? This

drug can help average brains work even better.

3. Alpha-GPC

Here is something that can be said about alpha-GPC that can’t be said about most drugs: it is

already in your brain. As a chemical that occurs naturally and serves a daily function in the

human brain, it is safer than a hamburger by far, maybe even safer than a salad. Hopes are high

that it will eventually be used to treat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but for now it

lives on the outskirts of medical society.

4. Adrafinil

After a long week and not enough sleep, it can be very hard to focus and keep your eyes open, no

less make the right calls in a high-stakes gambling game. Adrafinil fights that. Unfortunately, it

is not quite as good as its little sister, modafinil, which fights off sleepiness without all the

annoying side effects. Together with minor stomach pain and a little skin irritation, adrafinil can

get you through the day.

None of these substances are illegal in America, but they’re also not prescribed by doctors or

sold by pharmacists. They are the brain drugs that fell through the cracks, and now they can ve

used by civilians to give themselves downright superhuman brain powers. The best way to find

nootropics is inside an alternative medicine store, or online. There are also tons of others out

there; CDP-choline, phenibut oxiracetam, and noopept being just a few examples to look into.

Nootropics can also be used just by cracking open an energy drink, because guess what those are

made of.

The next time that you have a long gambling night ahead and you want to be in your best mental

shape (may we suggest Planet  7 Casino for said activity), or maybe even better, take a look at these nootropics again. After all, when have

superpowers ever done any harm?

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