4 Rare and Beautiful Online Casino Bonuses

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The online gambling world is full of rich and crazy bonuses. There is a bonus for everything

from making a deposit to just signing up. Other bonuses are rare, special, or unique to the online

casino. This is a short list of some of the most unique online casino bonuses and what makes

them tick.

1. Double Up

Most casino bonuses are pretty simple in function. The player creates an account, and gets free

chips. The player deposits money, and gets a percent of the money free. Things get interesting

when one bonus stacks on top of another bonus, and the player gets much, much more than they

signed up for. Some bonuses are meant to stack. On certain days, or with certain combinations of

bonuses, extra poker chips seem to rain from the sky. This is why it’s a good idea to read up on

all of a website’s possible bonuses before making a deposit. See what kinds of combinations you

can pull off.

2. Enter the Raffle

Every now and then, say once a month or on special holidays, online casinos run a raffle or a

lottery. Entering takes different things, like a small $50 deposit or just signing up. The best

lotteries let players put their name in the hat over and over again for a better chance to win. The

prizes can be enormous. Sometimes a lucky player will win as much as $10,000 and entering

didn’t cost them a dime. It’s always a good idea to take a look at the ads on a casino website. It

might seem tedious at first, but the free lotteries are actually a very good deal.

3. Grab a Friend

Have friends who gamble? If you introduce your friend to a website and they use it, there’s

sometimes a bonus in it for you. The most important step is making sure you give your friends

the link that the online casino provides. Otherwise, to the casino, it will just look like a new

player signed up. This bonus is best done by having several friends join around the same time,

and receiving an even larger bonus.

4. Chip in

Sometimes casinos give their players online poker chips as rewards. These might be rewards for

logging in on certain days, making deposits, or playing certain online games. The chips might be

random, or might be certain values for certain actions. Free chips are fun because they are a

chance for anyone to play a $100 or more value chip, even if they’ve never deposited that much


A quick look around will prove it: there is a bonus for everything.

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