4 Obscure Gambling Etiquette Rules

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If you’re a first time casino goer, there are a few rules of etiquette that you may not be aware of. These rules are important, not only to get you better service, but as a sign of respect to other players and the dealers. Here are four obscure gambling etiquette rules you need to know and why.

1. Understand the Rules

No one expects a beginner to know everything, but it’s a good idea to learn the rules of a game before you play. This gives you better odds at winning and a more enjoyable playing experience. Most casinos will offer a tour at certain times of the day to explain what each game is and its rules. Some will even let beginners play practice rounds with each other using fake chips. If you still aren’t comfortable, watch a few games until you are.
It’s okay to ask questions, but it’s disrespectful to the other players if the dealer has to stop every hand to explain something.

2. Chips

Buy or cash in chips only after a game is over, before the next round starts. If you are too low to bet any more, or meet the ante, fold the hand. Once the hand is completed you can purchase more chips. It is very distracting to both the players and confusing for the dealer to stop and give you chips or money. Everyone is trying to keep track of what is going on, so disruptive behavior will get you called out. Another thing to know about chips is their value, this will help you bet appropriately.

3. Hands and Cards

Dealers and employees are always on the lookout for cheats. While you know you would never cheat, there is a delicate hand etiquette that must be followed to avoid accusations. If the cards are dealt face down you can touch them, but only ever touch your cards with one hand. Be gentle with them, never bend cards or set your drinks on them. One way of cheating is for a player to bend a card, like an Ace, slightly and then watch for it in the next hand. Dealers are very aware of this.

If you can’t seem to follow the one hand rule, sit on your other hand for help.

4. Dealers

Tip the dealer a dollar every time you win a hand, if you don’t win, tip them five dollars for every hour you sit at their table. Never ask the dealer for advice, unless you aren’t clear on a rule. Dealers don’t want to be responsible for telling you wrong and you losing, or telling you right and you winning. It is often considered cheating if their advice helps you win.

Always remember that you should enjoy gambling, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t be afraid to take risks and have fun. Just follow a few simple rules of etiquette, and everyone you play with will respect you and your company.

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