The 4 Luckiest People in the World

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1. Kate Middleton

The duchess of Cambridge did not come from royalty, but she sure dressed like royalty. She

started in upper middle class, going to the best schools from the beginning, so she was lucky

from the start. Then she just-so- happened to share a college residence with Prince William. The

two started dating as casually as any other college kids might, and were eventually married. Now

she’s royalty, fourth in line for the throne. Who else can say that about themselves?

2. Antonio Freeman

The very first time the Green Bay Packers reached the Super Ball , Antonio Freeman was there to claim their victory.

During Super Ball XXXI, he broke a record in order to catch a touchdown 81 yards away from the QB,

Brett Favre. That catch gave the team the lead they needed to carry them to a victory of 35-21. The

very next year, the Green Bay Packers made it to the Super Ball once again, but Freeman

wasn’t ready. The night before, he assumed he would not be called up from the bench, and drank

enough alcohol to kill a smaller man. When he showed up the next day, he had a massive

hangover. It hurt to even put the helmet on, but he still managed to catch two touchdowns. The

Packers lost to the Broncos 31-24. Who knows what would have happened if he’d been ready.

3. Concetta Antico

This woman has a rare condition, but not the variety of condition you might be worried about.

She has tetrachromacy, a genetic trait that lets her see color with the same depth that only certain

birds, fish, and insects get to see. She has four classes of cone cells instead of just 3, giving her a

whole extra primary color between red and green. Even before the condition was diagnosed, she

was a successful art instructor, teaching in ways that could not be done without the condition. It’s

still unknown how many people have or carry the trait, but some estimate the number lies

between 2 and 3 percent of women.

4. Nichiren

The 12 th century in Japan had an eerily similar history to 17 th century Italy. While the church was

executing scientists for making assertions about the stars, the Japanese government was

executing religious figures for making assertions about politics. Nichiren was a Buddhist monk

with strong beliefs about the lessons left behind by Buddha. He believed the mantras were being

grossly misinterpreted, and due to the misuse of Buddha’s word, the entire country would be

destroyed within the year. He may have been a little off the ball about that prophesy, but

something very strange did happen. As the executioner raised his sword to cut off Nichiren’s

head, a lightning bolt can down to strike him dead. Nichiren was set free.


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