The 4 Luckiest Days of the Year

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January 23rd

Thanks to a declassified military document from 1961, we can finally know that two towns in

North Carolina almost blew up. Back in the Cold War, planes armed with nuclear warheads

made routine flights around American soil. On this particular flight, the B-52 bomber had trouble

leaving the ground and started spinning out of control. The two hydrogen bombs in its clutches

slipped loose, one of them falling just outside of Faro, North Carolina. The bomb hit the ground

and sent a detonation signal back to the plane, and it almost went off except for a single,

unreliable switch that was not turned. January 23rd is a day when everything could have gone

horribly, horribly wrong, but didn’t.

March 21-23rd

Do you go the extra mile at the casino on St. Patrick’s Day? It may be in the right spirit, but the

date is a little bit off. St. Patrick’s day may be the classic day for celebrating Irish culture and

taking advantage of the luck of the Irish, but this day is actually a celebration of the spread of

Catholicism, not Celtic lore. In fact, it’s essentially the opposite. To really get into the Irish

spirit, wait for a few more days until the Spring equinox. This way, you can celebrate Spring the

Celtic way and really tune in with the Irish traditions of good luck.

September 13th

“And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.”

These are the famous words of Francis Scott Key who saw the American flag still waving above

an American fort, British bombs hitting it over and over through the night. This imagery is the

heart of American fortitude, which later became the National Anthem.

October 28th

Happy birthday, Bill Gates! It is true that Bill Gates did not become the richest man on Earth

based on luck alone. It took dedication and sacrifice, and no little amount of skill. However, the

reality is Bill Gates was in competition with hundreds of computer startups, every one of them

vying to make the computer which would appear in every household. Many of the competitors

built excellent computers, and any of them could have become the American standard. The

reason for Microsoft’s success was vision, skill, and dumb luck. (For Apple fans, Steve Jobs’

birthday is February 24th.)


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