4 Jaw-Dropping Gambling Stories

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The strangest things happen when people are gambling. Good luck or bad, these twists do not

just happen inside the game, but all around it. Do you believe these stories? Read on to find out.

1. The Final Countdown

During an unforgettable poker match in Macau, something very strange happened. A poker

player by the name of Lo Shing Fung took a break from eating to go all in, dropping $471,000

into the pot so that the total soared over $1,000,000. Just in case his opponents didn’t think he

was serious, Fung told everyone around the table what cards he had, listing out all the cards in a

straight. While Fung ate out of a paper box with his chopsticks and swirled around in his chair,

his colleagues took the bait and bet against him. To no one’s surprise, Lo Shing Fung won every

penny in the pot.

2. Caught Green-Handed

An undocumented Arizona woman won too big when she was awarded a $1,200 jackpot and was asked

for her ID. The Mexican-born woman, Mirna Valenzuela, was playing at the casino with her

daughter, Zamira Osorio, when they pulled off an impressive gambling win. The two were asked

to return with valid ID in order to claim their prize. Rather than walking away and hiding their

undocumented status, the two charged onward to claim their prize.

Minra Valenzuela was deported almost on the spot, but Zamira Osorio qualified to stay in

America thanks to Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The prize money remains

in the casino’s hands waiting to be claimed.

3. Bad Dogs

The Pennsylvania town of Hellertown was faced with an underground gambling locale in an

unlikely place: a hotdog shop for kids. Called Mike’s Kids’ Doggie Shop, the restaurant was

searched and found to contain several video gambling machines. A law has been in the works in

Pennsylvania to allow gambling in places that serve alcohol, but this kids’ place was not exactly

what they had in mind.

4. Get Out of Jail Free Machine

A gambler in Germany was not on good terms with the police. After a history of noncooperation

with the police, this man was expected to show up for a jail sentence of 71 days and also pay a

fine of about $910. He did neither. Instead, he was playing slots when they found him. Just as the

police were bracing to take him away, the slot machine lit up and presented him with about

$1282. The police took the winnings on the spot, but at least he didn’t have to go to jail.

These stories are borderline unbelievable. From smooth poker drama to strange strokes of good

and bad luck, these are the things that make gambling so exciting.


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