4 High-Stakes Casino Bets that May Change Your Life

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Everyone talks about the house edge and safe bets and near-50-50 splits, but is that really what

gambling is all about? Not one lick. These may be risky moves, but the reward is astounding. If

you are ready to dream, take a look at what these choices have to offer.

1. Picking a Number in Roulette

Betting on a single number at the roulette table is called a straight-up, and it is straight-up the

most profitable win in the game. What’s more, there is a miniscule difference between the

chances of winning and the payoff that comes from it. If you placed a $100 chip on the roulette

board and won the very first time, you would walk away with thousands of dollars. Not a

thousand; thousands.

2. Going Joker in Big Six

True, winning is unlikely, but the larger the bet, the larger the prize. The Joker payout is 40 to 1,

making it even more profitable than winning a straight-up in roulette. The odds, on the other

hand, are 54 to 1, meaning your chances of success are going to be higher in roulette even if the

winnings won’t be quite as sweet.

3. Spinning a Slot Machine

Some have a fixed jackpot, others let the money stockpile and stockpile until it explodes with

cash. (Not actually cash, though. Printed vouchers have been standard since the 90s.) Either way,

winning the jackpot means a lot of money. Since the odds of winning each spin never changes,

go for the machine with the biggest payoff. This may work a little differently at online casinos,

so just pick your favorite.

4. Going Big on 50/50

There is a rumor that gets passed around about a man who bet everything and won. This rumor is

true, and his name is Ashley Revell. Playing his part in a reality TV show, he sold everything he

had from his books to his clothes, then put all the money together to come up with $135,300. He

then stepped up to the roulette table and bet on red. Lucky for him, he won. Following in his

footsteps exactly is…a little much, but following the spirit of the story is different.

Does this mean we should make huge, risky bets all the time? Well, no. But does it hurt to make

a bet that’s “wasteful” or “unwise” every now and then? It makes sense to put in a little extra

grease in hopes of real cash.


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