4 of the Easiest Casino Games to Learn

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Casinos are exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. The jingle of slot machines and the cheers of players all mix together to create a thrilling atmosphere. For many novices, however, casinos can seem overwhelming and intimidating. Many games have complex rules, and not understanding those rules can mean wasted money. But if you’re a newbie to the casino world, don’t fret! There are some games that are very easy for beginners or casual players to pick up.

Slot Machines

There’s a reason slot machines have surpassed table games as the most popular form of gaming at casinos. It’s just human versus machine, and there are no other players who will sit there and judge. In fact, there’s no skill necessary for playing slots. Slot machines are completely random. Simply insert your money, press a button, and cross your fingers. After all, that’s the thrill of the game.

Casino War

Just like the card game played by children, casino war is all about who can draw the higher card. The game is played with six decks of cards, and players will make a wager on how much they want to bet. If their card is higher than the dealer’s card, they win even money. If the dealer’s card is higher, they lose the bet. If the cards are the same, they can surrender and forfeit half of their bet, or they can declare war. In war, players must raise their bet by an amount equal to their first bet. The dealer will discard three cards, and then deal another one card to the player and themselves. Once again, if the player’s card is higher, they win, but if the dealer’s card is higher, the player loses.


The object behind roulette is to bet on where the ball will land on the spinning wheel. The roulette wheel has numbers 1 through 36 that alternate in red and black, as well as 0 and 00 in green. The wheel never stops spinning, so players can bet until the dealer signals that betting has stopped. Players can bet on a specific number, a range of numbers, whether the number will be odd or even, or whether the ball will land on red or black.


Playing Keno is very similar to playing the lottery. The player can select up to ten numbers, or allow the computer to randomly select the numbers for them. The numbers are only valid for that drawing. A computer randomly selects the winning numbers, and players compare them to what they have on their tickets to see if there are any matches. The more matching numbers a player has, the more money they have won. There are different ways to place bets with Keno, and it is possible to play online and learn how the game works before going to a casino to play.

Beginners should not fear walking into a casino with little or no experience. With a bit of practice either in a casino or online, any player can learn the rules of these simple games and enjoy a fun time of playing the odds.

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