4 Creative Places to Find Keno Numbers

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Keno may be a fun way to test luck in a dynamic way and see how many of the numbers match

up, but using birthdates and suggested numbers over and over again can get old fast, especially

when the numbers never seem to get picked out. This calls for a change of pace. Numerically,

inspiration can be found just about anywhere, so get ready to start crunching numbers.

1. Receipts

When using receipts for keno number inspiration, it’s more rewarding to wait for a particularly

memorable experience and then use the receipt from that transaction. If it comes down to betting

the 11 and 95 from an $11.95 shopping trip for crackers and deodorant, the numbers may as well

be picked at random. More meaningful numbers can be found on the ticket to a good movie, the

check to a delicious restaurant, or the receipt from a brand-new coffee stand. If the place is

exciting, the numbers will be exciting as well.

2. Rice

To give into chance in a profound way, you will need a bowl, dry rice, and a spoon. For each

number, dip the spoon into the bowl and take out a random number of rice grains. A larger spoon

may be needed for the larger numbers. The act of counting out each grain of rice is soothing and

relaxing, helping with concentration and ease of mind.

3. Geometry

One thing can be said for the design of traditional keno machines: it is much easier to select

certain numbers in order to create a picture. Rather than creating shapes such as a square or a

triangle, concentrate on angles. Imagine a line reaching from each number to connect to the next

one, and use this stream of consciousness method in order to choose each number.

4. Dice Rollers

Real-world dice are usually very ordinary. Most only have six sides and look more or less

identical except for choice changes to the shade and material. Other dice are more irregular,

having somewhere between three and twenty sides and a great variety of colors, but these dice

are significantly more rare, some of which have only been printed on home 3D printers. The

Internet, however, being the land of opportunity, can roll virtual dice with as many sides as the

player wants and as many times as the player wants. The player could even ask the website to

roll an 80-sided die ten times, and report the result. The result is a fresh new set of keno

numbers, created completely at random.

Where else can keno inspiration come from? Everyone has their own places to look for

promising numbers to use, each with their own perks. Hopefully this list helped to spark even

more new ideas. Happy hunting.

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