4 Couples Who Hit the Jackpot and What they Did

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Slot Machine GuideIt is said that monetary problems are the most common cause of divorce. This is no surprise.

After all, money is the one thing that can provide comfort, security, and quality of life all

wrapped up in a neat little package. Very few people have had the chance to put financial stress

behind them and thrive, but these couples and more did exactly that.

1. John and Susan Brands

When John told his wife how much money they had won, she thought he was messing with her.

Their prize of $96.5 million was just a little hard for her to grasp. Suddenly everything and

anything was within their grasp, so the first thing they did was travel to New Zealand where The

Lord of the Rings was filmed. From there, the two went back to school to learn foreign

languages and culinary arts, no longer concerned about money and instead wanting to get the

most out of life.

2. Maureen and Stephen Hinckley

Good things come to those who wait, or at least good things come to this couple. After years of

casual gambling, everything finally came through with a large jackpot that left the two with 61.4

more dollars than they previously had. The couple had been nearing retirement when it

happened, the wife sitting at 58 and her husband being 61 years old when the news came. For

them, the money meant an opportunity to finally retire, travel together, and provide financial

support for their many children and grandchildren.

3. Joseph and Celeste Tamburello

The future is often hard to predict, but Joseph Tamburello had a plan. If he ever won big, he

would trade in his old Saturn for a brand new Cadillac then go on a long cruise with his wife.

Like many others, Joseph had the plan set up, but never actually thought it would come to

fruition. Of course, at the time, Joseph had no idea exactly how much $70 million would buy project task management.

It’s quite a bit more than a trip on Carnival Cruise and a Cadillac.

4. Jeff and Christine Pintuff

This couple once had ordinary lives. Jeff worked quality assurance at a tool-manufacturing

company, and Chris was a hospital nurse. Their big day was on Christmas of 2010 when they

won $48.8 million. Instead of accepting the money right away, they did the right thing and hired

financial advisors, ending up splitting the money evenly and not making any big purchases right

away. Chris made the difficult decision of leaving the hospital despite working there for thirty

years. After a bittersweet retirement, the two found themselves living in lasting comfort minus

the luxury.

With all of that wealth, it is surprising how many jackpot winners have chosen to play it safe. A

lottery win is a one-way ticket to retirement if it is done right, and many couples seem to

recognize that. Whether the couples split the money or pool it together, they seem to want to

keep it.


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