The 4 Best Casinos in Las Vegas

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Are you itching to hit the casino floor in the gambling capital of the world? You know you belong in the middle of the dazzling lights, listening to the pings from the slot machines. So what are you waiting for? Head to one of these top four casinos in Las Vegas.

1. Caesar’s Palace

Take yourself back in time to the age of the Romans when you step through the doors of Caesar’s Palace. Not only are the massive columns and stunning fountains an architectural beauty, but the casino floor will fascinate you. With 5 cent and 25 cent slot options, you could sit on the floor for hours engrossed in the game. Plus, Caesar’s Palace is home to some of the highest winning slot games, including a nearly $3 million win by one lucky player in 2012.
In addition to table games and slots, Caesar’s Palace also hosts music and comedy shows from top performers like Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and Jerry Seinfeld. When you’re not playing slots, head to one of Caesar’s Palace’s sumptuous restaurants or enjoy a spa treatment.

2. Bellagio

If you’re seeking a hotel-casino combination, then the Bellagio is your best bet. Here you can enjoy two five-diamond restaurants, Picasso and Le Cirque, and view the wonders of the hotel’s choreographed fountain show. If the lighted fountain show doesn’t mesmerize you, then the casino floor will. Hot with affordable game tables and slot machines, not to mention the Bellagio Slot Tournaments, this casino is one of the best places to enjoy the wonders of Las Vegas. Additional amenities include botanical gardens, an art museum, and spa services.

3. Circus Circus

Circus Circus is the best family friendly casino and resort around. It features the country’s biggest theme park and offers affordable rooms–starting at just $45 during the off-season–so that all family members can enjoy Las Vegas together. While your children enjoy world-class circus acts or the Adventuredome theme park, you can head to the casino floor where you’ll find 1,500 slot machines calling your name.
You can even play penny slots on the carousel while you watch the circus acts. Play $1 tokens in the Main Casino, slip quarters into machines at Slots-A-Fun, or test your luck with the Magnificent 7’s classic 97.4 percent payback slots, which feature frequent jackpots of $1,000.

4. The MGM Grand

Let the two spectacular lion statues welcome you to the city at the entrance of the MGM Grand. With 165 game tables and 3,500 slots, the massive game floor is a wonderful place to experience Las Vegas. The casino also features several custom machines, including the Majestic Lions and the Lion’s Share, which have $1,000,000 top awards. Stay the night in the hotel, dine at one of their exceptional restaurants, or head to one of their fantastic shows. The MGM Grand also features spa treatments, a large pool, and golf facilities.

Can’t wait to get started at the casinos? Head to an online casino like Silver Oak Casino to start playing slots today.

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