4 of the Best Casino Resorts in Europe

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Nothing combines glamour and culture quite like the casinos of Europe, some of the most popular gambling centers in the world. Whether evoking Old World charm, offering the sense of exclusivity and mystique, or simply creating a paradise where indulgence reigns, these player destinations attract heavy-wallet enthusiasts to gamble on foreign grounds. Take a chance on these four best of the best European casino resorts.

1. The Casino de Monte-Carlo (Monte-Carlo, Monaco)

Possibly the most iconic casino in Europe, the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco, established in 1863, is a hot-spot not only for casino lovers, but for celebrities, royals, car aficionados, and anyone trying the James Bond lifestyle (the casino hosted two Bond films). The 1,000 plus slot machines and international gaming offerings mark the Monte-Carlo as holder of the largest collection in Europe, and with views of the Mediterranean Sea and architecture befitting the interior sculptures, frescoes, and marble and gold speak to the grandeur and prestige of the long-standing casino. Deemed a family friendly resort, you can work your arm on the slots while younger visitors lounge on the beach.

2. Casino Baden-Baden (Baden-Baden, Germany)

The Casino Baden-Baden dates back further than the Monte-Carlo, having opened in 1809 to the German public, and through various Parisian palatal inspired renovations, earned praise as “the most beautiful casino in the world.” The 32,289 square foot property keeps fortune at fate’s fingertips with 113 slots and more than 20 table games. Beyond the flashing lights of Las Vegas or the easy access of a computer’s glow, Casino Baden-Baden emits elegance and vivacity in this sleepy summer town amid relaxation and antiquity (see: mineral baths, castles, Rebland wine region).

3. Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort and Casino (Gran Canaria, Spain)

On the other side of European luxury, the Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort, Spa, and Casino sits on the sea front in the south of Gran Canaria, the largest of the Canary Islands of Spain. The Casino has earned the World Travel Awards “Europe’s Leading Casino Resort” in 2012 and 2013, and received nomination for the “World’s Leading Casino Resort” in past years for its aura of romance, recreation, and richness. Balance your health at the Spa Corallium Costa Meloneras or while playing the many sports offered on the island with a mental resurgence of a nap by the pool. But don’t forget your green blood–hit the many slots and tables of the adjoining casino for the destination’s true shining gem.

4. The Clermont Club (London, UK)

If exclusivity and mystery drive your gambling hand, the Clermont Club in Mayfair’s Berkeley Square feeds off the busy London vibe, but discreetly behind the very private walls of the club. There are only six tables, very professionally manned, and in order to visit the institution requires a 24 hour advanced membership application. Once inside, the interior boasts spiral staircases and Baroque touches that exude the history of aristocracy and elegant opulence. It’s a travel site chart-topper among the world’s most glamorous vacation casinos.

These resort casinos offer different experiences, playing to wealthy audiences, champion players, and even thriftier enthusiasts. Follow Lady Luck’s call to one of these premiere European gaming locations.

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