3 New Years Resolutions for Gamblers

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The chance for new beginnings happens so rarely in our lives, we created a holiday tradition just

for the opportunity to start again with a clean slate. For many, the new year could very well be

the only such opportunity for a new beginning. It can be hard to choose what in life to

concentrate on, so why not the hobby which brings so much hope and so much frustration to

every gambler? You may already have an idea of what resolution to make, but nearly every

gambler can find something in this list worth resolving about.

1. I will always lend chips to keep my friends in the game.

No one wants to be left out. As human beings, we recognize this, yet when it comes to a friend

running out of chips at the table, we don’t always deliver. On one hand, betting is about seizing

the best odds and not deviating from the path to winning. Some gamblers may shake their heads

at this pledge, and that’s okay. For others, gambling is more about companionship, and it is time

to step forward and hand a few chips to a player who has run out.

2. I will have one devoted time for gambling and only gamble during that time.

Sometimes it is hard to find time for hobbies and it may seem like there is no time to relax and

gamble, but using all of your spare time gambling doesn’t solve the problem, either. Setting a

schedule can be life-changing when people find themselves spending less time with family, or

snubbing other responsibilities. Ultimately, choosing a specific time on a specific day of the

week is more fulfilling and gratifying. At least we certainly hope it’s more gratifying that way.

3. I will only bet within my means.

Everyone knows the advice to only bet within their means, to know their limit and stay within

the invisible lines. Saying is much easier than doing, and the temptation is always there to stretch

the budget a little. After all, it is much more satisfying to go home with a large wad of newly

won cash than empty pockets. A gambler who is ready to get serious about monetary safety may

choose to make this oath, and even better, name that budget out loud. The more precise the oath,

the easier it is to keep.

In every aspect of our lives, in our gambling and our hobbies, in our friendships and our

relationships, there is a goal to make and to keep. To everyone vying to make a difference this

New Years, good luck and may we suggest bringing in the New Year as Royal Ace Casino!

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