3 Warning Signs That You’re Bad At Blackjack (Part I)

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Blackjack isn’t that difficult, yet we all fall prey to the same mistakes. Whenever you’re not winning, it can certainly be chalked up to luck. However, of all the games at the casino, if there’s one game that’s based least off the concept of luck, it’s Blackjack.

There are usually a few warning signs that point directly to why you’re not winning at Blackjack. When these warning signs start flashing, it’s very easy for other people at the table to see them and for them to figure out that you’re not a very good Blackjack player.

That’s clearly the bad news. The good news? We know exactly what these warning signs are and we know how to correct them for you. After reading this article, you too will be able to pick up on these warning signs and stop yourself before you lose any more money.
1 – Use The Tried and Tested Strategy

This is not difficult and quite frankly, if you’re not going to use this strategy, I’m not sure what else you would be using.

Example – If you have 15 (8 and 7) and the dealer has a 9 showing, what is your move?

Of course it should be to hit, as you must assume that the dealer will flip a 10 and knockdown a 19. However, you’d be surprised how many times a player will get cold feet and be weary of busting, thus not take the next card and lose the hand anyway.

Do what you’re supposed to and don’t try and get cute. Every card you do and don’t take will directly impact those at the table. It’s one thing to hurt you; it’s another to kill the rest of the people at the table!

2 – Stay Off The Side Bets

Yes, it’s very cool when you hit the ‘Lucky Ladies’ or you get doubles in the pocket. Yes, you’ll win 3-1 on your bet and have enough flow to last you for another 15-20 minutes. However, next time you’re at the casino, take notice of how many times people bet the side bets and how many times they kick away their wager. The wins will always be far more exciting and you’ll hear much more about them, but for every side bet win, there are 5-6 side bet losses that nobody talks about.

If you want to keep your money, stay away from the side bets!

3 – Pay Attention To The Cards

Nobody’s asking you to keep a running count of the cards, but you do need to be roughly aware when the deck is loaded with high or low cards. This isn’t an extensive exercise, but it’s one you need to master so you can alter your bets accordingly.

If you play a few hands and you’ve seen quite a few low cards (2-7) on the table, without doing any extensive counting you know the next couple of hands are going to lean towards higher cards. This is your bet opportunity to increase your bet with the hopes of hitting two high cards in the pocket. Each time you sit down to play Blackjack, there will be a time where the deck is ‘hot’ and you need to increase your typical wager to take advantage.

Think of it this way. If you’re driving down the highway and you know there are no cops around, you’re more likely to go a little bit faster. Consider this like knowing the deck is hot with face cards. On the contrary, imagine there’s a cop who has set up shop on the side of the highway and is clocking your speed, you’re much more likely to drive conservatively. Consider this like knowing there are several low cards coming out.

You always adapt to your situation and playing a hand of Blackjack is no different.
Do you want to know about 3 more signs that you’re bad at Blackjack? Check back next week when we finish up this series with Part II! And if you wish to try your skills online, the best place around is Silver Oak Casino. 

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