The 3 Types of Gambling Strategies

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Every gambling strategy has the same goal: earning money. How each system goes about

claiming the victory can actually differ quite a bit. While some betting strategies are

conservative, others are far more risky. Some strategies are a labyrinth of “if this then that,”

while others follow a simple model. Find which type of gambling strategy works best for you,

and how to implement it in your favorite casino games.

1. Pattern Prediction

If a coin lands on heads, is it more likely to land on tails next? The math says the odds are still a

dull 50/50, but everyone knows that the numbers eventually even out if you flip the coin enough

times. Does this mean it’s possible to predict what the coin will land on next, what the dice will

read, where the roulette wheel will stop? Pattern-predicting gambling strategies declare that

keeping track of the results can help predict the next result. Craps players bet “pass” for the first

two turns then back off and sat “don’t pass.” Roulette players note what types of spaces the

wheel has been landing on and pick the results (black, low, even, etc) that haven’t been showing

us as much. Accurately predicting the next result may not always be possible, but pattern-

predicting strategies seek to do just that.

2. All-Base Coverage

The vast majority of gambling strategies involve placing multiple bets at the same time in order

to improve the odds of winning. This is partially because there are many ways to cover all of the

bases, but it is also because making multiple bets at once does actually improve the odds of

winning. The trick is to spread out all of the bets with enough coverage without losing too much

money on said bets. The odds of winning do, in fact, improve from a variety of bets, but the

profit margin gets slimmer and slimmer with each added bet.

3. Make-Up Betting

One gambling philosophy is that money is not truly lost so long as it can be won back. The more

money that is lost, the more that must be bet to make up for it. When it comes down to bets that

pay 1 to 1, for example, it is necessary to double up every time that the bet is lost. The betting

gets pricier as the player goes longer without a win, but so long as the player can afford to stay in

the game, the money can still be earned back. Other strategies involve winning back the money

to break even rather than making a profit, and focusing on cheap games with a higher winning

payout so that following up is cheaper than doubling up.

There are hundreds of gambling strategies out there, but they all boil down to three basic

categories. Between the three, there is no wrong answer. Everyone has their own favorite

strategy which works best for them.

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